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Cradle by Balthier-Cock Cradle :iconbalthier-cock:Balthier-Cock 2 0
It's Christmas Break..
Ok..Christmas break started yesterday
and weee a 3-week-break away from Calculations :iconlinklaplz:
well ChE ain't that easy you know :iconimseriousplz:
now enough of SCHOOL thing..
it's kinda boring cuz I'm still here at the dormitories
so I lock up myself here in my room doing STUFFS
as you can see, I submitted numerous deviations just in 2 days OMG
well that's the work of boredom :]
and im starting to practice how to draw Kaito Kid and Akako
well i really think there are awesome pair :D
im open again for drawing request..^_^
well some of them are trade :U
:iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 1 0
it's raining :O by neko-palyn it's raining :O :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 3 3 Kudo Shinichi [practiced] by neko-palyn Kudo Shinichi [practiced] :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 4 5 Ruffles by neko-palyn Ruffles :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 6 0 Unfinished Project: Red Scarf by neko-palyn Unfinished Project: Red Scarf :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 20 8 Best Buddies by neko-palyn Best Buddies :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 15 9 neko-palyn by neko-palyn neko-palyn :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 4 2 'I'm In Love With An idiot' by neko-palyn 'I'm In Love With An idiot' :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 30 19 Hair Evolution by neko-palyn Hair Evolution :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 3 4 A Short Rainy Leisurely Walk. by neko-palyn A Short Rainy Leisurely Walk. :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 42 15 Ash of mine :D by neko-palyn Ash of mine :D :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 2 7 Pine Love by neko-palyn Pine Love :iconneko-palyn:neko-palyn 5 4
Gathering of the Two-Part 9
Ash: Catherine, Riku, and Drew, you guys have to stay here...
May: Yeah, have we have to come a lone, or otherwise he will....
Catherine: We understand.
Riku: Yeah, but be careful. You never know what will happend there.
Ash: Don't worry we'll be alright.
May: And besides I got my Ash-y Boy to protect me.
*Ash blushes*
* Drew runs back into the cave and continues hwere he left off.*
Ash: Lets go, wish us luck.
Riku: You two have to stick together!
May: We will never seperate.*huggles Ash*              
   Ash and May follow the Map back to the Woods where the Ursaring attacked. Inside the woods they saw a battle Arena. They walked forward then somebody said something.
???: So you have arrived...
May: X, is that you? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BROTHER???
X: Battle my Clones and I will release your brother. Come on out.
   Then suddenly clones of Ash and May come out .
X: These are my Evil C
:iconmayxash-win:MayxAsh-Win 13 6
Gathering of the Two-Part 6
Ash: May your going a little crazy...
May: Why are you so.... , Ash Ketchum, you have become a je.......I never want to speak to you again!
*Ash was so hurt by what she said he almost dropped her*
   Ash then puts her down, then he just ran towards the back of the cave.  May stands up and looks around. Thinking about what she just did.
May: I'm so stupid.... Ash was only trying to help me out... but I went ballistic on him. Now What? I can barely walk?
Ash: How could she say that?
*Ash began to cry slightly*
Ash: Well if she doesn't want to speak with me, then be it.
*Ash then stopped crying and started walking to the front of the cave, passing by May....*
May: Ash I'm...
Ash: Sorry i though you hated me!
  He passed by her angerly
Ash: Go Sceptile.
Sceptile: SCEPTILE! *Looks at Ash* Scep?
Ash: Just please take me over the cliff again...
Sceptile: Scep.[translation]Ok.
Ash: Come on Sceptile lets go help break open the passage with your Leaf Bl
:iconmayxash-win:MayxAsh-Win 12 0
Gathering of the Two-Part 4
Ash: Thank you for the medicine Catherine.
Catherine: No problem Ash.
May: Well come on and eat Ash.
   15 minutes later....
Ash: Finally i got to eat something!
May: Heh im surprised you were able to even walk over here, since you hadn't eaten since yesterday's breakfest.
Ash: Hah, you know me so well May....
May: Very funny.
Max: So what do we do no---------
*The ground began shaking wildly*
Brock: ITS AN EARTHQUAKE! Get out of the cave!
Max: Hurry May!!
   All of a sudden she tripped and fell on the ground.
Ash: May hold on, I'll be right there!!!
*he then began running back towards her*
May: Ash go back! You will be trapped in here too!!
Ash: Im not leaving you!
   He then ran up to her and picked her up, and tried carrying her past the entrance, but it was way too late.... The cave entranced was blocked before they got out of there.
Brock: Ash, May! Are you two ok??
   But Ash and May could barely hear him through the roc
:iconmayxash-win:MayxAsh-Win 14 15



sakura...tajihara .....real name
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Favourite genre of music: HILLSONG
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Wallpaper of choice: MANY !!
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Favourite cartoon character: ODIE AND GARFIELD ?!
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this new account ....
starts my new adventure of .....nothing ...


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