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Recently I've come to something like an artist's block. Not in the form of ideas, but in the way those ideas would be implemented. Simply put, I've come to hate my current skills. It can't be that I actually drew better when I was much younger. Instead of evolving, I feel I've devolved. I'd currently rate my artistic ability as a 6/10 or maybe 6.5/10. I can hit 8.5/10 if I really try, like in Forbidden's cover. But that's like giving my 120% and it takes me a lot of time and makes me tired.

Sooo... I've read over and over again that to improve, you should practice as often as you can, preferably every day. That's a bit too taxing, I'd say, and it looks more like a chore than pleasure. But like Steve Pavlina says, why not try it for 30 days? I did that trial once, and I'm still going on (it was about eating sugar only once a day. I felt so much better that I'm still doing it).

So, I think I'll start the trial tomorrow. I have plenty of ideas, but I freak out at the way they'll turn out. I also wonder if I'll be able to do one pic a day... but like it says, it's a trial. I gotta combat my perfectionist tendencies, and just do things.

For starters, I gotta finish the pin-up series (finish? I only have one pic of Lei) and start an Angel Power Compendium. In Forbidden, though there are angels flying everywhere and showing off their powers, I never really specified everything they are capable of, and who is (of course, a Dominion is capable of more things than a quartarian--even if Astaroth doesn't seem to think that way). Sure thing, we only saw four distinct kinds of angels in the first book (black-winged, red-winged, quartarians and Dominions, though gray-winged and blue-winged make a short appearance), and there are so many more books in the future that will have plenty of time to explain more of the universe, but I think it will be nice. If anything, I will add more pages to the Compendium when the time is right.

Okay then, I'll start tomorrow! Hope this kicks me out of this artistic plateau.
“I would like to make love to you every day, Sween. Several times. To take time to indulge in long foreplays, from playing games to cover each other in food and lick it away, and then on to long sessions of lovemaking… In the morning… In the afternoon… At night… Soft, intense, loving, lustful, kinky… Everything. I want us to try everything."
-Lei Synge-Sturmmond, Forbidden:Supernatural Erotic Romance, Haru Ichiban
And since I want everyone to enjoy it, you can download it for FREE today!
Welcome to the world of Forbidden!
Nothing more to say that I'm setting up shop today!  27 submissions and some scorched eyelashes, but it's all good!
I just wish to know how do you do to put a link on a word so it doesn't look so messy in the comics.

Until Forbidden is published, we'll have some fun with the comic. And I will be uploading a bunch of illustrations very soon too!