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Forbidden Cover - Second Try by HaruIchibanForbidden Forbidden Cover - Second Try by HaruIchibanForbidden
Yeah well, my former cover kinda sucks, so I decided to make a new cover. Noobie's mistakes, man. You live and learn. This is quite close to what I first envisioned as Forbidden's cover.

Sween is covering Lei's eyes, keeping him from learning the truth of what she is and the true nature of their world... But Lei could shake her off easily and open his eyes. He just doesn't appear to be willing.

Lei and Sween in the front, and you got Mayii, Midori, Rainel, Jason, Archie and Astaroth in the wings, though I purposely kept them blurry. The most trouble I had was getting Lei's six pack's lighting right... Arrrgh, that has about ten layers of paint!!! Hopefully it conveys the erotic nature of the book.

I just uploaded a trial version at Amazon, though I'm still struggling trying to come up with "professional" lettering....

I have licensed this picture under Creative Commons. You can upload it at your place as long as you don't crop it or modify it any way, nor use it for comercial use. A link would be nice, though it's not necessary. 

To read the novel, click here:  The former cover may still show up for a bit... shameful. *blushes*

To start reading the comic, click here:

Day 0: Prologue: 
Day 1: Me:
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sky99hunter Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
good drawing! only that I think the angle is lost in the lower part, but the effect of red shadows on the wings is very original, the detail on the face is so good that you can guess without falling into this kind or with danger to be wrong that the fact man is of Asiatic origin while the "demon" has traits of a European and I love the detail on her lips!
Hola desde Honduras
LOL, it's amazing you read this far! Actually, I didn't think of ethnicity when designing the characters, but I've been into anime/manga for a long time, and the anime cutie with pale skin and black hair (like Hiei and Hajime Saito) is just my type. And yes, the girl is supposed to look European since her coloring is "sunny", which isn't found in other races, and I did use a model of that ethnicity.
¡Gracias por un comentario tan adorable! ^_^
Zitruseis Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm commenting for :iconprojectcomment:. :wave:

I think what I like about this picture the most is the interplay of beauty and horror. On the one hand you have sensual elements like Lei's bare skin, Sween's touch, her undressing him and their slightly open mouths. On the other hand you have the pitch-black surroundings, the demons(?) in the wings and Sween’s expression hinting that her nature is not entirely (if at all) benevolent. I think it's interesting that you chose red as the color for the background characters, since it can be used for different kinds of symbolism. On the one hand, it's the color of love, lust and passion, but it can also symbolize anger, hate and wickedness (especially when it's combined with black). It's a nice touch to the overall mood.

I think the composition of the piece is great as well. I first clicked on it, because it stood out among the other thumbnails - it serves its purpose as a book cover. The eye is immediately drawn to the couple in the center and their expressions, which are as I mentioned some of the strongest points in the picture.

One thing that could need some work are the wings, because it honestly took me a moment of reading the description to realize they were wings and not just some shapes to make the background look more fancy. Making the dark parts inside a bit brighter might make them stand out more from the background and be more recognizable as wings. I won't go into detail about anatomy here, since the commenters before me have already said all about it and I don't have any better advice than the usual "study and practice".

I think you've created an intriguing, emotional piece, that - despite some small flaws - seems to convey the idea strongly.
Keep up the good work. :)

Wow, what a poetic critique! Thank you Zitruseis! I'm really glad it caught your attention. Hmm, interesting, I thought the wings was the weakest part of the picture as well... sadly, the paper was not wide enough to paint them whole and would need to be cropped for the cover anyway, so, well... Your idea of making them lighter is great. Oh yeah, some of the red characters are demons, others some other things. They have in common they are all supernatural. Thank you very much!
Momo-The-Unknown Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I'm from ProjectComment!
The first impression from this piece is definitely an erotic, mysterious one! I like how the spotlight is on the couple in front, while there are 
devilish-looking humanoid creatures in the back! It seems like they reside in the heat of the moment, that's the feel I get from this piece! However,
there do seems to be some flaws, mostly with the anatomy. Lei's upper body seems way too large compared to his lower, while the hip and thigh
area seems much too. However, with the upper body, the problem seems to lie more in the torso itself than the width of his shoulders, which
seem fitting for a guy with that much muscle. For one, the outline of his body between his left arm and the torso seems a bit cartoony. I'd suggest
shaving off a bit of the thickness on the top (a little bit past the section where the light falls on would be a good amount to take off), and then 
thickening his waistline and widening his hips until it more or less lines up with his pecs (doesn't have to line up just so- many people's hips 
aren't quite as thick as their upper chest, and vice versa). Even if he has bigger hips, he doesn't have to be "curvy" if you don't want him to be. 
You can avoid that effect by making them a bit squarer, and avoiding voluptuous-ness. Another way I think you could improve his anatomy is to
shorten his arms, they seem much too long. Here's a tip: Most wrists are more or less in line with the crotch when the arms are hanging down.
Even with the anatomical flaws on Lei, the woman and the devilish creatures behind him look pretty good! The only thing I'd remark on is that 
Sween's dress seems pretty short...? It seems more like a shirt that just barely covers her buttocks than a dress, unless it's meant to be that way.
That being said, I really like the faces in this piece! the creatures behind him look full of expression and personality, and you've managed to
portray all that in an extraordinarily subtle way! Lei's face also seems very well-sculpted and handsome, and you've nailed the lighting on his 
Good luck with that comic of yours, man! :D
Thank you very much, Momo! This is a lovely critique! Lei's body is depicted in the novel as 'slender but with broad shoulders and wide chest', so I probably overdid the proportions. I appreciate such a detailed critique. And yes, her dress is like that, it ends in feather-like transparent pieces and actually doesn't fully cover the butt :D (Big Grin) Thank you for the good wishes!
Momo-The-Unknown Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I hope I could help in some way! I actually didn't realize my critique got so detalied! I'm glad you appreciate it :D
Eternal-Shadow-S Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
From :iconprojectcomment:

Great picture over here. Easily the best part of the overall image is the coloring. It's very well detailed, and the shadows and lighting give a sort of dark and foreboding vibe to the whole thing. As a painting, you've blended the colors extremely well, especially the lighter areas, as they melt off into darker colors. It actually reminds me a bit of those paintings you'd see in a few stores or galleries. So color, good job.

Composition is good, with the main characters in the front, as well as the red characters in the back, give a sort of glimpse in what you could possibly expect from the story. Not much is given away, but you know what you may expect from looking at the picture.

Now, the main thing that needs to be worked on would have to be the anatomy. Judging from your work, I get the feeling that you're going for either a realistic or semi realistic style. Regardless, you need to keep mind of the anatomy. The forearms are way too long. When arms fold, the hands would at least be able to tap the shoulders. However, in this case, it looks as the hands would even go past the shoulders. I would also suggest pushing the ears a bit higher, around the level of the eyes, and that the face be pushed back a little, as it looks a bit like a mask.

Other than anatomy, this is a pretty good looking cover for what it is.
Thank you very much, Eternal Shadow! The part about the face is really useful. Yes, I tried a realistic style, with some anime artist past getting in the way. Gotta work on those anatomy issues, then! I appreciate your input!
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