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[MAL Profile] Mystic Messenger: 707

Umm.. okay after a couple of years I finally made a layout. Ehh, I was so desperate to add a gif but eh it really is out of place so if someone could help me out how to blend it in, I'd be so thankful. (The gif is on the upper right of the page... 707 yes.) Ehmm yeah. Also, I wanted to say that this layout is like the quickest one I made so far like wow, I can't believe I finished it in like 1 day and a half. This layout is not impressive, I know. Ahhh! It's so messy! Anyway, I just wanted to make one for the heck of it because I haven't made one for aaaaaages. Also, it is because of the fact that I just recently played this game and I just finished Zen's route. I loved it. Though, I hope I'm not so out of date with this game. Because I started playing it pretty late.

I might be making a Jumin profile later on or just a whole Mystic Messenger tagwall. (But that's after I finish the tagwalls I'm supposed to finish.) ahhh! Don't hit me, Kashuuren-san! 
707 emote 8 707 emote 8 707 emote 8  

P.S. For some reason, Google Chrome reduces its saturation. I cri. It's especially obvious when I post it on MAL. T~T

All resources used belong to their respective owners. I don't own anything. The resources I used can all be found in my resources section. Thank you. 707 Mystic Messenger 5 707 Mystic Messenger 5 707 Mystic Messenger 5 
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Just so you know --- This is definitely nowehere near half-assed.  Zen Mystic Messenger 4 
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 Hahaha. Thank you... I guess?? 707 Mystic Messenger 4 707 Mystic Messenger 4 707 Mystic Messenger 4   
Though I was referring to my (sad) life in general when I said half-assed hehe

But, I honestly thought it was a bit bad in terms of positioning stuff since it's my first time after a long time creating another layout and I'm kinda inexperienced since I haven't created tons of them. Also, it's because when I look at your works and the others, the positioning is always on point. Can't help but compare and feel bad haha. 707 Mystic Messenger 6 
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I don't think they are bad though? It's a really good one consider how long you haven't been making a new profile so please be more confident on your work as well! Then again I guess people who is into GFX usually don't find their own work satisfying...
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Oh, thank you~! I really appreciate it. 707 Mystic Messenger 9 
and I must agree on that last note you made... It is actually true now that I think about it.  707 Mystic Messenger 3 Lots of GFX people I know are in these kind of thoughts.