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Clone alert!! by haruau Clone alert!! :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 OH GOD MY EYES!!!! by haruau OH GOD MY EYES!!!! :iconharuau:haruau 3 0 Ab9d73e1-e7e9-448f-b7fd-2f649484eab0 by haruau Ab9d73e1-e7e9-448f-b7fd-2f649484eab0 :iconharuau:haruau 2 0 B344ed58-7616-40c5-89ef-dac181d8865b by haruau B344ed58-7616-40c5-89ef-dac181d8865b :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 641b9fa4-9f6b-44a7-8f00-cd6f347c409a by haruau 641b9fa4-9f6b-44a7-8f00-cd6f347c409a :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 1aa4f8ec-bff0-4e5f-8147-9870aeef9890 by haruau 1aa4f8ec-bff0-4e5f-8147-9870aeef9890 :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 Anti child pornographers law (US VERSION) by haruau Anti child pornographers law (US VERSION) :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 *laughing!* by haruau *laughing!* :iconharuau:haruau 2 0
youtube streaming help
What's the best program to use for live streaming on YouTube? I've got some options that YouTube is giving me and i don't know which ones for pc is the best.
:iconharuau:haruau 0 0
What is lacking in the App Store
High lack of good 'monster smashing the city' games out there. On both mobile, internet flash, and other game areas. Which sucks because I can see a bunch of great and entertaining games that don't get old, no matter how many times you play them be out there.
Especially franchises like Godzilla. There have been 2 games from the 2014 movie and nothing for the recent one (which would be PERFECT ABD AWESOME!). They were Godzilla smash 3 (don't knoewhy the 3 was in the name) and Godzilla strike zone.
Smash was taken off the App Store but it was a money magnet to me.
strike zone was a first person shooter puzzle where you played as a soldier during the events in San Francisco.
What would I want in a game that's about the recent Godzilla movie, shin Godzilla is this:
1: side scrolling action (similar to rampage series)
2: leveling up, upgrades and skill tree to increase your power
3: Godzilla mutates as he progresses in the story and mutations are permenant (but you can change back to previo
:iconharuau:haruau 1 0
Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle by haruau
Mature content
Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle :iconharuau:haruau 1 6
New Microphone by haruau New Microphone :iconharuau:haruau 1 0 metalstorm: Aces Phoenix by haruau metalstorm: Aces Phoenix :iconharuau:haruau 2 3 Pic From Giantesscity by haruau Pic From Giantesscity :iconharuau:haruau 1 0 Amorous- angry Skye by haruau Amorous- angry Skye :iconharuau:haruau 10 9 My OC by haruau
Mature content
My OC :iconharuau:haruau 2 15
Redacted muller report. (When it shouldn’t have!)…

im asking since I haven’t noticed much of a response from the news about it and no cries for justice. Though if there are people doing that more power to you.


Redacted muller report. (When it shouldn’t have!)…

im asking since I haven’t noticed much of a response from the news about it and no cries for justice. Though if there are people doing that more power to you.
Scavengerfox on Furaffinity and twitter (including character accounts on there) for no reason. I’ve been supportive of him for a good while, so for him to do this is an awful stabbing in the back. Can you guys ask why he did it?
Come and visit me, my fellow heroes!

Here’s a video for Star Wars fans!…

Its really interesting! :)
Ugh I suck at remembering deadlines for school!

and I feel terrible about it! :(
I remember a gif I saw where the wife or someone for DBZ said the Kids aren’t home and wanted some fun. Which one was that!? I can’t remmeber the name of anything significant outside of the look!
Repost if you have a heart.

Dear bullies,
The boy you punched in the hall today? Committed suicide a few minutes ago.
That girl you called a slut in class today? She's a virgin.
The boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day? She is already being abused at home.
You think you know them. Guess what, you don't!

Re-post this if you are against bullying, but I bet 99% of you won't. Re-post this if you're that 1% with a heart.

edit: here my REAL opinion on bullying

STOP PUNISHING THE VICTIM!! The system doesn’t need to punish the victim even though they defended themselves from the bully! That’s why their are shootings and attacks because the system is broken and needs to get fixed or it’s just another rotting pillar of society till the time the government and society flushes all the problems and shit out of it through force. It’ll happen, just depending on when it happens. History has shown it happen many times and we always seem to forget it!
Clone alert!!
Love struck us a carbon copy of Twilight just with different colors and a different cutie mark.

MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

My Little pony Magic Princess belongs to Gameloft and Hasbro.
I don’t want to know HOW pinkie knows that ungodly pony head! O.O

Season 3 episode 3.

Yes I had to do a screenshot because I felt like talking about THIS!!

My little pony belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
I’m playing Lego city undercover and I’ve gotten everything execpt ONE CHARACTER TO WIN! I’ve searched the whole city, I’ve looked at guides and nothing worked! How do I get the secret character?!

I’m at 99.9 percent compete!

If it helps I’m playing a Nintendo Selects version on my Wii U.
Whenever I fly on a jet I always fear it breaking apart and me plummeting to my death from thousands of feet up.

Link doesn’t expire!
You know how in Trumps rally’s on tv where theirs people cheering for him? (Both behind and in front)

they’re paid to do it! I’m not kidding or joking!

if you show any kind of like shock or other responce, like an eye roll, you get removed from the room!

this makes sense, because if they weren’t paid, Trump would’ve been boo’d the whole time and should be!

just wow. It shows how much ‘loyalty’ he wants from everyone and how narsistic he is.

their are articles about this! Go read them! This is an actual thing!
I find it stupid that you can’t search status updates especially if you accidentally delete one that you wanted to read and can’t remember who it was from!
I’m asking because how dumb the admins are here and I don’t want to suffer the same fate as many other artists where I get stuff taken off and decide to leave because they don’t accept what I make.


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