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youtube streaming help
What's the best program to use for live streaming on YouTube? I've got some options that YouTube is giving me and i don't know which ones for pc is the best.
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What is lacking in the App Store
High lack of good 'monster smashing the city' games out there. On both mobile, internet flash, and other game areas. Which sucks because I can see a bunch of great and entertaining games that don't get old, no matter how many times you play them be out there.
Especially franchises like Godzilla. There have been 2 games from the 2014 movie and nothing for the recent one (which would be PERFECT ABD AWESOME!). They were Godzilla smash 3 (don't knoewhy the 3 was in the name) and Godzilla strike zone.
Smash was taken off the App Store but it was a money magnet to me.
strike zone was a first person shooter puzzle where you played as a soldier during the events in San Francisco.
What would I want in a game that's about the recent Godzilla movie, shin Godzilla is this:
1: side scrolling action (similar to rampage series)
2: leveling up, upgrades and skill tree to increase your power
3: Godzilla mutates as he progresses in the story and mutations are permenant (but you can change back to previo
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Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle by haruau
Mature content
Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle :iconharuau:haruau 1 6
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Lucy the Lucario by AfroKid720
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Maddie Destroys a City
It was now summer vacation and 8 year old Maddie was thoroughly enjoying the freedom from school by building all kinds of fun things in her room. The latest project was a miniature city built up of six paper buildings of varying sizes with 3 each along the two sides of a single two lane street. Green grass made of green construction paper covered the rest of the square diorama that was about 4 feet long and wide.
Her brown hair in two pigtails and wearing her dark blue musical themed dress, lacy white socks and shiny black Mary Jane shoes complete with black bows on them, Maddie got down on her hands and knees and bent over the city as she glued on some billboards to the roof of the tallest building and small air conditioning units. Finally, she added the final pieces to the street; 4 toy cars, 1 toy pickup truck, and 1 toy bus. She got back up on her knees and looked over her handiwork.
"Aww, what a cute little city." Maddie said, "It really looks be
:iconmasterofra:MasterOfRa 74 102
Ship Crash by Herretik
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You know how in Trumps rally’s on tv where theirs people cheering for him? (Both behind and in front)

they’re paid to do it! I’m not kidding or joking!

if you show any kind of like shock or other responce, like an eye roll, you get removed from the room!

this makes sense, because if they weren’t paid, Trump would’ve been boo’d the whole time and should be!

just wow. It shows how much ‘loyalty’ he wants from everyone and how narsistic he is.

their are articles about this! Go read them! This is an actual thing!


You know how in Trumps rally’s on tv where theirs people cheering for him? (Both behind and in front)

they’re paid to do it! I’m not kidding or joking!

if you show any kind of like shock or other responce, like an eye roll, you get removed from the room!

this makes sense, because if they weren’t paid, Trump would’ve been boo’d the whole time and should be!

just wow. It shows how much ‘loyalty’ he wants from everyone and how narsistic he is.

their are articles about this! Go read them! This is an actual thing!
I find it stupid that you can’t search status updates especially if you accidentally delete one that you wanted to read and can’t remember who it was from!
I’m asking because how dumb the admins are here and I don’t want to suffer the same fate as many other artists where I get stuff taken off and decide to leave because they don’t accept what I make.

They often have battles and shootouts with both sides, like military against terrorists.

In my opinion, if the terrorists attacked a base they'd get butchered against heavy anti-armor and explosive weapons regardless of what they try! That's real life! No massive shootouts where the terrorists get away when they should've been put in the ground by heavy weapons, tanks, choppers, and other defenses!

God! PLEASE START MAKING IT MORE REALISTIC INSTEAD OF NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!! That's not enjoyable, that's boring and irritating because as a viewer who has a more extensive library of knowledge of weapons and military equipment where you know if it really happened a group of about 20 terrorists with trucks would get slaughtered!

And normal truck doors CAN'T BLOCK BULLETS!! They'd go right through! 5.56 AND 7.62MM rounds can go through all civilian car doors!

And a base would be chockfull of troopers so anyone trying to sneak in won't make it in even with a distraction outside. Plus anyone in the military would recognize the sound of a silencer/suppressor INSTANTLY! And alert anyone else nearby! Plus you would know someone is approaching behind you, so you'd look and instantly put them down because you know they are not an ally.

Sorry for the rant but I saw the battle scene of Tom clancy's jack Ryan near the start of the show, and it bugged me immensely!

(my parents are watching it and I just briefly saw that scene.)
Get the beer I’m now legal! :D


This is a list of ideas that I want to see done. Please note that some of these may be biased to fans who may have certain views of the lore of characters, events and other stuff, so please be aware that I don’t know everything about the Naruto-verse.


Challenge 1:


Minato survives the Kyuubi attack and declares martial law on the village or eviction of all civilian property.


This is obviously done out of parental rage because having your own people call your child a murderer out of grief and stupidity, and since he’s Hokage, he’d most likely do either of those options in response to his people’s reaction (military execution of all civilians or eviction). Since most of the shinobi villages are dictatorships they’d have the power to do that. So, either by death or force, all civilians (minus the clans, the ramen stand owners, and ninja forces) leave Konoha rendering it a ghost town and economically ruined since civilians make the most net worth in money. There would be some money from missions, but that would cause things like the academy to go through a fast transformation to increase effective production of Shinobi, mainly tougher regulations, active target practice (meaning using live targets, like prisoners/criminals, basically a ninja version of the modern military training and strictness.

No civilian council, there never existed one so they aren’t here!

Note: Kushina would’ve gone on a rampage from her motherly instincts to protect her child, so she would’ve finished the village off in her way.

Challenge 2:


Minato adds a special defense to Naruto’s seal


This is a Self-insert story idea. What if Minato knew that the people of his village would want to harm Naruto out of anger since they have no other way to vent it (which I know is stupid if you look at it from our society’s perspective). What he adds is a mod to the seal that makes the Kyuubi take over, except he’s heavily depowered to Chunin in strength for controllable damage. The self-insert part comes in where the seal replaces Kyuubi’s mind with a different person, that person is you (this is also permeant). So, ever wanted to go full Anti-riot or military on the angry mob’s collective asses? Then this is for you! (death, for the random civilians, is recommended if you’re going to do this since seriously they are too stupid to live by our standards) (and the seal does extent to non-combat, mainly if you want to say something, like pointing something out that doesn’t work in your mind. For example: Talking to Sarutobi about the ineffectiveness of the Academy and showing him your ideas on how to make it more effective.

Example of that: You have the students in a target practice lesson, except you have prisoners on the dummies so that the students get used to the idea of killing someone, can’t have them freeze up in their first combat mission, huh?

Another example: change mission priority.

D class missions are academy only, C class is Genin and so on. In my eyes class rankings are this:


D class: Academy student level of difficulty (I’m doing this change since you’re having trained ninjas do civilian required jobs, WTF!! You don’t see army guys doing that stuff on civilian property!)

C class: Genin. (They want war and combat, they’re getting it!)


You can add other changes to the story.


Challenge 3:


What do you do when you see a monkey throwing darts at balloons?


If it isn’t obvious, this is a Bloons tower defense crossover, more specifically version 6 that came out recently.


Here are the ways I can see the Monkey’s being in Naruto’s world be/end up:


1: being a mercenary group for hire (considering their technology and knowledge they’d easily be one)

2: being their own village (building elements from Monkey city, and towers from Bloons 6)

(and the most likely option since they’d be on the coast for their navy, have enough land for the air force, and lots of money trading weaponry, also assisting the rebels in the Kiri civil war. Hell, they got more than enough power to win it in a week!)

How are they found by our characters?

Or 3: a summoning contract that Naruto finds in the scroll of seals


This I can see being very interesting and pretty chaotic in a hilarious way.


Meeting in 1: They are hired by Gato, except even they have standards and are disgusted by his treatment of the people of the Wave, so they rebel and kill him while giving the money and other resources to the people, this is right after Team 7 gets there.


I can see the meeting in number 2 like this: Naruto runs out of the village escaping a mob, and is found by a monkey patrol who take him in. After finding out who he is and where he’s from, they decide to send a squad of monkeys (one of each type and path) to Konoha as a show of force, expansion, and influence in the younger generation, Naruto would be with the squad returning after spending several years in the Monkey village. (expect lots of funny stuff and character development, some on Naruto, but mostly the Monkey’s since they aren’t really that developed.)


Also, I can see some of the Monkey stuff being really powerful (not too powerful, but balanced)


Challenge 4:


How did Naruto turn into a 15-meter-tall giant!?


Obviously, it’s an attack on Titan and Naruto crossover, except without any characters from AoT in it except for references and Naruto’s new form in this.


Here’s the premise: During the seal scroll event, Naruto finds something else than the shadow clones, a powerful transformation into a giant with powerful regeneration and near invulnerability. Naruto uses it instead of the shadow clones (he knows the shadow clone technique but decides to save it for later) and scares the hell out of Mizuki. The transformation turns out to be permanent, so imagine a version of Titan!eren except it’s Naruto’s personality, hair, eyes, voice (though deeper because it’s bigger), has lips, normal ears, face, and still having Kyuubi in him.


Which I can see a funny moment of arrival, him looking through a window at Sasuke (who doesn’t know he’s there and doesn’t know about the change), Which he then looks out the window and comes face to eye with a giant blue eyeball, and does something unexpected from someone like him, screams in terror! However, there would be shaking, Kiba smelling something weird, Hinata seeing a massive being of chakra (a titan’s gotta have a lot I’d imagine.), and Shino’s bugs acting weird. Then the scare in the window when Naruto peaks in and shows his presence and that he passed. (also, no on the roof, they’d have to be outside for Naruto.)


Also, I’d imagine Hinata having wet dreams when she sees Naruto’s new sexy and ripped body. ;)

Challenge 5:


Why has no one done a crossover fanfic where Madara ends up in MLP?!?!?

Seriously! That is potential being wasted!


Here’s the premise: Right after he does the Kyuubi attack (you can have this happen before it if you want to, it’s fine. :)) he finds a relic that supposedly has the power to rival a god, what happens is that he gets teleported to Equestria. So, he spends time there, learns the errors of his ways, realizing that some things are not actually something you want, like immortality/long life like the royal sisters for example.


The other things he learns is the side of politics that are never told about, though thankfully they help him deal with them in mixed ways, like Shadow clones for paperwork, and how to properly train soldiers/ninja after watching the Royal guard train.


Challenge 6:


Kaguya chooses a mortal from our world to be her successor.


OP I know but this is also a What-if fanfic. Since you’re imprisoned in the moon for how long and you don’t see the good of humanity that’s STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU!? Bad writing and not realistic!


Premise: Kaguya learned long ago the error of her ways and had been waiting to see the good of human triumph, she see’s this in Naruto and tells Zetsu to begin changing the goal of capturing the Biju to freeing her to help assist the good of the world. However, she's decided that someone else with a more developed mind would be more suited for this, a human spaceship from another planet came into orbit around the moon, where she found the pilot’s consciousness and had a long detailed one on one conversation with him. After agreeing to be her successor, she gives him her powers and he goes down to earth to help those who need it. (note: I’m sure a normal human from our world would not be adapted to chakra and would reject it, so illusions or stuff that would be directed at chakra would not work the same and instead go after the brain and similar organs)

The guy’s name is Chris



1: meeting Naruto early in his life (around I’d say 2), stops a mob and engages a village-wide illusion of Fall of Cybertron Level 2. Everyone would be going through the shock of seeing a planet-wide full-scale war with high technology. The Shinobi and clans would try to participate only to see just how powerless they’d be if they were invaded. Though they’d quickly learn who the good guys are (Autobots) and who the bad guys are (Decepticons). And I can see Sarutobi and several other characters get horrified at how enthusiastic Chris is when it comes to being in the middle of combat. (basic gamer reactions at massacring the enemies like clockwork while being careful to not die or run out of ammo)


Note: Chris would already have experienced the weapon system that Cybertronians use for their guns, ammo, ability’s and ammo (as in if you had a weapon like that for the first time, picking it up and activating the systems as it merges with your arm would be PAINFUL, same as ammo integration since they don’t really show how it works when you pick up ammo, reloading and switching weapons). Since it’s one of my favorite games, I’d have tested said stuff out in the first hour of having the powers.

(though it’ll be tougher than normal illusions since it’s from a god, so it’d be very stronger then what experts would be able to do)



Attack on Titan


Challenge 1:


Modern military meet titans, aka Explosion filled no man’s land outside the walls.


It’d be the equivalent of the future war (though it’s all human aircraft with modern tech and their firing on the titans like it’s simple target practice.) in terminator if it was around the walls, mainly the heavy use of aircraft raining bombs, missiles, and bullets on the titan’s collective asses!


That would be one hell of a show! >:D


Note: the air force and navy would be mostly active at night since titans got into a sort of immobile stasis or paralyzed, they’d be EASY targets for any aircraft. Copters, jets, bombers, gunships, naval bombardments, you name it they’re gonna use it!


And let’s see how bulletproof the Armored is when over 50,000 armor-piercing bullets and missiles PUNCTURE YOUR ASS!!


Challenge 2:


Armored Titan? More like GUN TITAN!


A self-insert titan whose mutation is having a literal gun barrel in his arm, think Transformers Fall of Cybertron style, except instead of metal it’s way more flesh and bone like, but still works similarly.

So, you ever wanted to be like Doomguy and slaughter titans left and right by blasting them to pieces? This is for you.



Challenge 3:


Talking anthro planes that can be any gender?! And they’re military!? Now I’ve seen everything!


This is seriously one of the big ones that I’ve always wanted to see, so yes this is a sort of Furry challenge, but you can take it as something else if you want to. :)

Anyway, humanoid anthro military planes get time traveled back to the time and place where AoT is. After being discovered by the Scouting Legion, I can see them go full drill sergeant on the academy, the commanders, and politicians on how to do handle the Titans from the perspective of a modern day 21st-century manner.

(Ohhhhh, I can just see the academy get FMJ’d*, That would be funny!) (Full metal jacket, training scenes. XD)

Not to mention everyone having to cope with machines who have been sexualized, they know it very well, and deal with the hard frustrations of it, ranging from wanting to have sex, or wanting to cloth them for public decency, or trying to maintain a straight face when theirs a 10 or so foot wide ass above you.



Challenge 4:


It’s Shin-Eren! We’re fucked!


Shin Godzilla and AoT crossover



Eren, instead of being injected with titan DNA (or however he had it), is instead injected with Shin-Godzilla’s DNA. The result is an unstable shifter with kaiju powers (the unstable part is the DNA itself and the constant evolution programmed into the DNA), so it would cause him to change into at least a semi-humanoid shape to combat the Titans and considering the urge to destroy all titans would cause him to split into multiple forms.


(You can go wild with this idea and change how the mutations would happen.)


(It’s like the Fanfic Rogue, which is a fantastic Titan!Eren story, except with more kaiju elements and Eren being a kaiju.)


My little pony


Challenge one:


Tell that to a species that never knew peace, unlike you!


Now I know how the Autobot’s felt when they left Cybertron.


Note: he’d be in a stasis pod for centuries, so that’s plenty of time to think, like REALLY think about yourself and things.

Realistic human in Equestria that lost his home world to his races hands, so he’s heavily scarred by the trauma and memory of it. His ship, the one that carried the last human, contains all human history, ALL of it, including secrets and other stuff that was required to be saved.

Any religious or political views are pretty much non-existent because of this and thus has led to a hatred of political and religious figures, including the High classes in society. So, I can imagine him going into full rant mode when in the same room with Celestia, and the main 6, venting his frustrations about his species and the stuff about it that pisses him off.

Dreams, most likely are gonna be of the last moments of seeing earth, and how, even if Luna tries to help, he’d reject it out of denial.

He’d have a thousand or so page journal about his review of humanity from his perspective.


And I can see the ponies horrified faces after seeing the entirety of human history, how many atrocities were committed, and no one knew about them. There are some good things, but sadly the bad far outweighs the good when it comes to us. So, I can see twilight have a completely horrified expression after reading all of it.

Challenge 2:


MLP and Godzilla crossover

Celestia is bored with how peaceful everything is so she teleports Godzilla into a rampage.


It’s a Furry like story where Celestia is intentionally evil in this by allowing Godzilla to rampage to his heart's content and she join’s in on the fun in her own kaiju form.




Challenge 1:


Shin-Godzilla’s global rampage


Why is there a lack of fanfics that use him!? He’s got so much potential and yet he’s not even his own character!

You can submit your own ideas in the comments and i will add them to the list. :)

Seriously I’m just sick of my government, ‘thoughts and prays’ AINT DOING SHIT!! Words are useless, actions are much more worth doing then running your mouth!

im surprised no one has raided congress during a meeting and showed them that they can be just as vulnerable inside their own buildings as outside. Give them true fear, and make them actually compassionate instead of having a mask of it yet not truly having it behind said mask.

id rather live in MLP then this!
 I’m sick of them always piping up especially when I’m using a link so someone’s favorites like a bookmark in my browser yet it’s SOMEHOW IT’S GIVING ME AN ERROR MESSAGE EVEN WHEN THE LINK IS CORRECT!!!

FIX THIS!!!!!!!
This isn’t a serious situation, I just have a question:

name one mobile anime girl game that shows actual nudity of the characters/girls. I’m open to any suggestions. :)
And my god, I’m SOOO getting the blu ray of this movie!! It was definatly worth the wait of 14 years!! :D
Ok, let’s be positive about things.

So here’s my idea:

Orouchimaru finds the DNA of Shin Godzilla and sees it as the perfect way to become immortal, but he doesn’t want to test it on himself. That’s why he’s got Naruto captured and ready to be his test subject. (I’m fine if Sasuke is the subject instead, man Itachi would be FUCKED!!)

Naruto does transform into Shin Godzilla but there are a number of differences:

1: he’s still sentient, though half feral like due to the transformation
2: Shin and kurama murged because Shin saw Kurama as a threat and something to evolve from
3: he’d correct the errors of the body, like longer and stronger arms, a more agile like body, less scary ness in the face, and blond like spikes on his head resembling hair
4: Naruto doesn’t breakout immediately, he’s still kept a prisoner with the transformation to see the extent of his abilities, so he would learn how to split his body, morph it into anything he can imagine, and regenation after taking damage. (I can see Hinata get gangbanged by a horde of human sized Shin-naruto’s all with big cocks and balls. ;)) (Note: before he would do that he would ask her if she wants to have sex with him, regardless of what his body would be.)
5: Naruto does destroy the Sound village during his breakout, though he stays there so that he can calm down and focus on morphing back into a human form, or close enough anyway then he leaves it.
Screw your ability to seal a case for x number of years to hell!!!

All that does is letting the people involved die without justice being given to them when they deserve it while they're still breathing among us!! Basically, you're letting the people who were involved suffer in hell for that crime yet they never received justice in their lifetime for it, which is HIGHLY FUCKED UP!! Punish them now damn it! (By involved I mean those who are on both sides, both innocent and guilty.)

Take the Kennedy assassination case! That's got 20 years left of its 75-year seal and yet you'd think someone would've cracked the government and published that file to the public, which I don't care how damaging it is, it still needs to be opened, hell all sealed cases need to be opened! JUSTICE HAS NO RIGHT OR REASON TO BE DENIED A PROPER SENTENCE OF THE CURRENT TIME IT'S BEING MADE!!

Seriously, I hope the future generations look at that and say "fuck it, that flaw in the system is getting properly fixed and we're not gonna do that shit anymore!"

Now I can understand sealing a case because of proper technology not found yet in the case, but when that isn't part of an investigation and is instead a level of corruption or something similar, then it's unforgivable!

This is a vent journal about problems in our society that you'd think would've been stopped long ago, or at least hope to stop soon.
The storm that we've had in Arizona made our trash and recycle bins go flying and we can't find them. The wind made them go and we didn't retrieve them during the storm, so yes it was my fault for not getting them. *sigh* :(
Like the movie Planet 51, but with a character that obeys the laws of common sense of what a person would actually do in those situations. (and no aliens other than us 50's people thinking that future would be the alien.) Because seriously anyone from today would go back there and say the future sucks and it's not what you think it would be, it's hell. Plus if I did, I would've brought the proper equipment to show what the future would be without any complications, which would mean showing some of the technology that we would have in the future, on civilian level and some of the military, not to mention some of the advances in fields like Medicine and others. However, then I would also talk about the issues of the modern day, from politicians to racial issues to social, etc. The biggest issue that I would tell them about is the endless warfare that is constantly happening and probably will continue to happen for centuries to come. This also includes showing, for example, trailers for This War Of Mine, mainly of the one that's side-scrolling, as a way to show the reality of war that the movies and veterans don't tell you about from a realistic perspective if you were actually there.

Also, I'd probably make a show where I talk about monster movies and stuff from an artistic viewpoint, instead of saying that they're terrible, which I will admit some of them are and I would say that, but not in the way of saying that they're using outdated techniques for movie making. That's stupid. I also think that I'd talk about sci-fi alien movies from a realistic view, mainly on the topic of this:

Ok let's be serious about this, do you really think that aliens would care about us and if they really did invade, they would've bombed us from orbit with no resistance. And besides, they would know way more about us then we do ourselves, they'd know our full history while we have problems of people altering it for stupid reasons, and the fact that there are no alien encounters because it's impossible to know since there are so many fakers out there who claim it but have no proof and if there is proof it's impossible to be sure it really is proof. Plus the only way to really know is if there was a fleet that entered the airspace of a major city, like New York and requested an audience for diplomatic meetings between both species, and having similar ships show up EVERYWHERE around the world to show everyone that this isn't fake!

Ahem, anyway this is something that I think would be interesting if someone decided to make a movie of this idea. Since it's something that does come up in my head when I see representations of the past in video games and movies.



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