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Ab9d73e1-e7e9-448f-b7fd-2f649484eab0 by haruau Ab9d73e1-e7e9-448f-b7fd-2f649484eab0 :iconharuau:haruau 2 0 B344ed58-7616-40c5-89ef-dac181d8865b by haruau B344ed58-7616-40c5-89ef-dac181d8865b :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 641b9fa4-9f6b-44a7-8f00-cd6f347c409a by haruau 641b9fa4-9f6b-44a7-8f00-cd6f347c409a :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 1aa4f8ec-bff0-4e5f-8147-9870aeef9890 by haruau 1aa4f8ec-bff0-4e5f-8147-9870aeef9890 :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 Anti child pornographers law (US VERSION) by haruau Anti child pornographers law (US VERSION) :iconharuau:haruau 0 0 *laughing!* by haruau *laughing!* :iconharuau:haruau 1 0
youtube streaming help
What's the best program to use for live streaming on YouTube? I've got some options that YouTube is giving me and i don't know which ones for pc is the best.
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What is lacking in the App Store
High lack of good 'monster smashing the city' games out there. On both mobile, internet flash, and other game areas. Which sucks because I can see a bunch of great and entertaining games that don't get old, no matter how many times you play them be out there.
Especially franchises like Godzilla. There have been 2 games from the 2014 movie and nothing for the recent one (which would be PERFECT ABD AWESOME!). They were Godzilla smash 3 (don't knoewhy the 3 was in the name) and Godzilla strike zone.
Smash was taken off the App Store but it was a money magnet to me.
strike zone was a first person shooter puzzle where you played as a soldier during the events in San Francisco.
What would I want in a game that's about the recent Godzilla movie, shin Godzilla is this:
1: side scrolling action (similar to rampage series)
2: leveling up, upgrades and skill tree to increase your power
3: Godzilla mutates as he progresses in the story and mutations are permenant (but you can change back to previo
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Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle by haruau
Mature content
Meet Emma, she's a 3 month old golden doodle :iconharuau:haruau 1 6
New Microphone by haruau New Microphone :iconharuau:haruau 1 0 metalstorm: Aces Phoenix by haruau metalstorm: Aces Phoenix :iconharuau:haruau 1 3 Pic From Giantesscity by haruau Pic From Giantesscity :iconharuau:haruau 1 0 Amorous- angry Skye by haruau Amorous- angry Skye :iconharuau:haruau 10 9 My OC by haruau
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My OC :iconharuau:haruau 2 15
New puppy! by haruau New puppy! :iconharuau:haruau 5 7 Belle And Me by haruau Belle And Me :iconharuau:haruau 1 5


Vue 285: This canyon used to be bigger than this! by nyom87 Vue 285: This canyon used to be bigger than this! :iconnyom87:nyom87 249 49 GFT-MOM!!! by dantiscus GFT-MOM!!! :icondantiscus:dantiscus 117 7 [Commission] Portal App by GamefreakDX [Commission] Portal App :icongamefreakdx:GamefreakDX 236 44 Nice view by Neckroo27
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Nice view :iconneckroo27:Neckroo27 20 4
Amaterasu X Renamon by playfurry
Mature content
Amaterasu X Renamon :iconplayfurry:playfurry 279 10
A Ninja Snowball Fight ~ by Sandy--Apples A Ninja Snowball Fight ~ :iconsandy--apples:Sandy--Apples 167 45 Christmas Outfits ~ by Sandy--Apples Christmas Outfits ~ :iconsandy--apples:Sandy--Apples 126 30 COLO : Gaara vs Tanuki by luciol-sunaki COLO : Gaara vs Tanuki :iconluciol-sunaki:luciol-sunaki 109 69 We Could Have Had it All by Sandy--Apples We Could Have Had it All :iconsandy--apples:Sandy--Apples 236 49 Hospital Beds by darkness333 Hospital Beds :icondarkness333:darkness333 113 12 NaruGaa- Hand in Hand (Page2) by lilacerise NaruGaa- Hand in Hand (Page2) :iconlilacerise:lilacerise 189 7 kadzekage's children by ananovik kadzekage's children :iconananovik:ananovik 334 33 Bustling breakfast by F-E-Clair Bustling breakfast :iconf-e-clair:F-E-Clair 453 107 Duties of a Kazekage by Katakiari Duties of a Kazekage :iconkatakiari:Katakiari 456 83 Sand Sibs Bed Time by Celadoria Sand Sibs Bed Time :iconceladoria:Celadoria 145 182 Little Brothers Are Evil by Celadoria Little Brothers Are Evil :iconceladoria:Celadoria 117 43
This isn’t a serious situation, I just have a question:

name one mobile anime girl game that shows actual nudity of the characters/girls. I’m open to any suggestions. :)


This isn’t a serious situation, I just have a question:

name one mobile anime girl game that shows actual nudity of the characters/girls. I’m open to any suggestions. :)
And my god, I’m SOOO getting the blu ray of this movie!! It was definatly worth the wait of 14 years!! :D
Ok, let’s be positive about things.

So here’s my idea:

Orouchimaru finds the DNA of Shin Godzilla and sees it as the perfect way to become immortal, but he doesn’t want to test it on himself. That’s why he’s got Naruto captured and ready to be his test subject. (I’m fine if Sasuke is the subject instead, man Itachi would be FUCKED!!)

Naruto does transform into Shin Godzilla but there are a number of differences:

1: he’s still sentient, though half feral like due to the transformation
2: Shin and kurama murged because Shin saw Kurama as a threat and something to evolve from
3: he’d correct the errors of the body, like longer and stronger arms, a more agile like body, less scary ness in the face, and blond like spikes on his head resembling hair
4: Naruto doesn’t breakout immediately, he’s still kept a prisoner with the transformation to see the extent of his abilities, so he would learn how to split his body, morph it into anything he can imagine, and regenation after taking damage. (I can see Hinata get gangbanged by a horde of human sized Shin-naruto’s all with big cocks and balls. ;)) (Note: before he would do that he would ask her if she wants to have sex with him, regardless of what his body would be.)
5: Naruto does destroy the Sound village during his breakout, though he stays there so that he can calm down and focus on morphing back into a human form, or close enough anyway then he leaves it.
Screw your ability to seal a case for x number of years to hell!!!

All that does is letting the people involved die without justice being given to them when they deserve it while they're still breathing among us!! Basically, you're letting the people who were involved suffer in hell for that crime yet they never received justice in their lifetime for it, which is HIGHLY FUCKED UP!! Punish them now damn it! (By involved I mean those who are on both sides, both innocent and guilty.)

Take the Kennedy assassination case! That's got 20 years left of its 75-year seal and yet you'd think someone would've cracked the government and published that file to the public, which I don't care how damaging it is, it still needs to be opened, hell all sealed cases need to be opened! JUSTICE HAS NO RIGHT OR REASON TO BE DENIED A PROPER SENTENCE OF THE CURRENT TIME IT'S BEING MADE!!

Seriously, I hope the future generations look at that and say "fuck it, that flaw in the system is getting properly fixed and we're not gonna do that shit anymore!"

Now I can understand sealing a case because of proper technology not found yet in the case, but when that isn't part of an investigation and is instead a level of corruption or something similar, then it's unforgivable!

This is a vent journal about problems in our society that you'd think would've been stopped long ago, or at least hope to stop soon.
The storm that we've had in Arizona made our trash and recycle bins go flying and we can't find them. The wind made them go and we didn't retrieve them during the storm, so yes it was my fault for not getting them. *sigh* :(
Like the movie Planet 51, but with a character that obeys the laws of common sense of what a person would actually do in those situations. (and no aliens other than us 50's people thinking that future would be the alien.) Because seriously anyone from today would go back there and say the future sucks and it's not what you think it would be, it's hell. Plus if I did, I would've brought the proper equipment to show what the future would be without any complications, which would mean showing some of the technology that we would have in the future, on civilian level and some of the military, not to mention some of the advances in fields like Medicine and others. However, then I would also talk about the issues of the modern day, from politicians to racial issues to social, etc. The biggest issue that I would tell them about is the endless warfare that is constantly happening and probably will continue to happen for centuries to come. This also includes showing, for example, trailers for This War Of Mine, mainly of the one that's side-scrolling, as a way to show the reality of war that the movies and veterans don't tell you about from a realistic perspective if you were actually there.

Also, I'd probably make a show where I talk about monster movies and stuff from an artistic viewpoint, instead of saying that they're terrible, which I will admit some of them are and I would say that, but not in the way of saying that they're using outdated techniques for movie making. That's stupid. I also think that I'd talk about sci-fi alien movies from a realistic view, mainly on the topic of this:

Ok let's be serious about this, do you really think that aliens would care about us and if they really did invade, they would've bombed us from orbit with no resistance. And besides, they would know way more about us then we do ourselves, they'd know our full history while we have problems of people altering it for stupid reasons, and the fact that there are no alien encounters because it's impossible to know since there are so many fakers out there who claim it but have no proof and if there is proof it's impossible to be sure it really is proof. Plus the only way to really know is if there was a fleet that entered the airspace of a major city, like New York and requested an audience for diplomatic meetings between both species, and having similar ships show up EVERYWHERE around the world to show everyone that this isn't fake!

Ahem, anyway this is something that I think would be interesting if someone decided to make a movie of this idea. Since it's something that does come up in my head when I see representations of the past in video games and movies.

A fight of Doomguy (2016/Eternal) vs Akatsuki from Naruto.

That I think would be awesome!

heres the premis: The Akatsuki have gathered all the biju containers and tried to awaken the 10 tailed beast, but what they summon instead is Doomguy and he’s not happy with what they’ve done. So then the fight starts.

Heres my thoughts on the fight and how each kill would be per member: (And no I’m not being hateful on the characters, this is just my opinion)

1: Konan, most likely rocket launcher with lock on attachment, since she can fly so it’d be like locking on a Revenant.

2: Sasori, Gauss cannon considering he’ll try to use his most damaging jutsu’s and realize that while he’s doing that he’s an open and easy target for someone like Doomguy who’s got guns.

3: Kisame, chainsaw since he’d try to either swing his sword at Doomguy or try to block the chainsaw but is horrified to see the sword get sawed in half right in front of his eyes.

4: Itachi, most likely he tried to do a clan jutsu that would’ve stunned Doomguy but because of the anger and memory’s of endless years of constant fighting in hell would’ve developed a mental sheild of sorts and also given itachi some of those memories, so he’d be behind cover somewhere trying to sort out the memories of Hell itself. He’ll die when the fights over when Doomguy checks for any survivors, from melee attacks.

5: Hidan, BFG no question.

6: Deidara, try to do a dragon clay attack and get snipped by assault rifle with scope attachment, or blows up with mini rockets.

7: Pain (Chikushodo), tried to use summons execpt they only acted as meat shields that died in seconds of concentrated fire, most likely shotgun with 3-shot attachment.

8: Pain (tendo), dead from double barrel shotgun.

9: Tobi, same as Tendo. (They we’re the first people to see Doomguy after the summoning and so they were the first to die, sorry it’s out of order)

10: Zetsu, plasma rifle stuns him then fries his chest.

11: kakuzu, dead from Gatling/minigun with triple barrel turret mode (which is always fun to use!)

Mainly with the latest installment: Bloons td 6.

Its an idea that I think would be interesting: A fanfic of the Naruto universe encountering the wacky Bloons TD monkeys. :) That I can see being interesting because of the difference in culture, history and military (especially military power).

here are my versions of a first encounter:

Wow, this one actually looks scary because it’s an actual threat! You don’t go on the dark web because there’s a lot of illegal activity that you don’t want to know!
It’s more of a social issue where I have difficulty trying to start a conversation with someone when I know nothing about them while being in the same room with them.
Check my FA for pictures.

You shall be missed Totalbiscuit. :(
I'm done with my second semester of College! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! :D


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