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The Red Menace Is REAL

By Hartter
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more art for the Prometheus Project LARP, which I have been named art director of. I will provide more info as it comes along.
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Remember to report all cases of Communists to your local Troubleshooter or to the Friend Computer! Stay safe, citizens, and have a wonderful Daycycle!

This has the perfect Paranoia feel! Classic Paranoia anyways, the reboot is the main fear is mutant traitor terrorists instead of mutant traitor commies. You should look it up! It's pretty neat!
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:D LOL! Sean, this is brilliant! It so reminds me of corporate mainstream media-of-communication when I was kid, during the 1950s. *clears throat and taps microphone*

"We must arrest more Russian spies! Bring back the Cold War! Where's Joseph Raymond McCarthy when we need him? [Clue: He's been dead for 53 years.] Capitalism is the zenith of ethics and morality; and weapons manufacturers need more money, for electrified barbed wire and landmines around their residential enclaves, so require every citizen to buy a firearm and carry it - loaded - at all times! Report all communist activities of your acquaintances, friends, neighbors and relatives to authorities! Re-convene the United States House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities! Make every citizen affirm or swear they are not now nor have ever been members of, or supportive of, the Communist Party! Execute by firing squad and without public trial all who refuse to take such an oath! Remember, shoot first and ask questions later - much, much later!"



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hahaha thanks!
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Thanks I guess they are gonna post these all over
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yey! communism!!
a dictatorship of the party governed by the people ! HA!
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