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Check the version 2 of this theme :…
Conky Theme
Theme : Infinity
Version : 1.0
Created by : Me
Depends on Conky 1.8.0
Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator
Desktop theme : Mint-X-icons
Icon Theme : Mint-X-theme

Download The File and See ReadMe.txt for Installation Instructions

Updated the .conkyrc theme as u might be getting an error "/home/Rev-Eng/Solaris" variable not identified or something like that" -> just changed the a path to "/home " in conkyrc file and everything would be working fine :)

patched conkyrc file==> modified the wlan0 problem
Launching a new website soon !!!
© 2012 - 2021 harshit1990
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hi harshit

can you please upload your theme again ? link not working
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extremely sorry for late reply

here you go
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I modified the infinity svg version, I hope you list it!
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help me to find the link of tar file
I've modified the InfinitySVG version (Original from Eric Weik), and here is the result. I hope you like it!!

And a screenshot:
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really nice work on the theme...
nose como descargarlo :(
como lo descargo nose como :(
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aquí é a ligazón para descargar -> [link]
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Thanks! This looks amazing!
I'm still trying to get it running though. Can you give me a hand?
I'm getting:

Conky: llua_do_call: function conky_clock_rings execution failed: attempt to call a nil value

Heres the conky clock ring section of the lua file:
function conky_clock_rings()
local function setup_rings(cr,pt)
local str=''
local value=0

str=string.format('${%s %s}',pt['name'],pt['arg'])

if not value then value = 0 end

Conky and Cairo both up to date.

heres my conky -v output:
Conky 1.9.0 compiled Thu Jul 19 05:11:42 UTC 2012 for Linux 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.x86_64 (x86_64)

Compiled in features:

System config file: /etc/conky/conky.conf
Package library path: /usr/lib64/conky

* Xdamage extension
* XDBE (double buffer extension)
* Xft
* ARGB visual

Music detection:
* Audacious

* math
* hddtemp
* portmon
* Curl
* wireless
* support for IBM/Lenovo notebooks
* config-output
* Imlib2
* apcupsd
* iostats
* Lua

Lua bindings:
* Cairo
* Imlib2

Any ideas??
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try installing "conky-all"
some libraries may be missing
Hi I am currently geeting the error,
Conky: /home/ptiede/.conkyrc: 66: no such configuration: 'lua_load'
Conky: /home/ptiede/.conkyrc: 67: no such configuration: 'lua_draw_hook_pre'

The nest results is the analog clock doesn't appear, I was wondering if you could help me.
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did you follow the readme file
also check for the correct paths in .conkyrc file
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I've got a little problem with this awesome theme : I've got little rectangles after each line of text ... I don't know how to fix it :/ Can you please help me ?
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its probably because file .conkyrc file was last edited in dos mode
just edit the file in linux enviroment again ... i mean save the file using linux unicoding it shall fix the error

and thanks :)
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I don't know how, but I fixed the problem !
I still have the little rectangles, but it doesn't matter, it works fine now ! Ty for your help, and sorry for the flood, it's the last post, I swear ! :p
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I'm sorry to flood like this, but I fixed the unknown variable problem by removing the text like in a previous post, and now I've got this problem :
"Conky: llua_do_call: function conky_clock_rings execution failed: attempt to call a nil value"
It's written repeatedly when I launch conky ...

Do you know why it doesn't work ?

Sorry again for the flood, but I really want to use this theme ^^" (and also for my bad english ...)
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The problem just change, I can't run it anymore ! I don't know why, but the console always says when I try to launch it :
Conky: can't open /sys/class/power_supply/BAT1/uevent: No such file or directory
Conky: can't open /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state: No such file or directory

and a lot of :
Conky: unknown variable

Do you know where the problem is ?
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I fixed the battery problem, it was because of a line in the .lua file ... but I still have the "unknown variable" problem ...

Any idea of where did it comes from ?
Hello! I love your conky theme, but i have a problem! The network area is empty! Do you know why? Also i am getting this error : can't open /proc/acpi/battery .. Can you help?
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change the network interface name in .conkyrc file
and look for the battery stat in some other folder... which is system dependent and change it in configuration file
hello i am getting the same error : can't open /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state
and i couldn`t locate the battery state line in configuration file !
can you help me ?
thank you
hi, the second hand runs slow, like it doesnt go second by second, it travels in 5 or 6 seconds at once.. how to fix this?
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