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Innocent Blood - Page 2

By Harseik
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Can you tell my favorite color is orange?. Might've been too subtle before. *Facepalm.* My filter addiction is palpable.

There were many days since page 1 where I wasn't chipping away at this page. Might've been due to all the last-minute schedule changes at my work, but I've also been getting super focused on the six main cast members of Firesiders. Was spending a lot of time on OneNote brainstorming and ironing details. Ideas are flying at me a mile a minute, whoo! I really gotta focus on this current project though. I'll be eighty by the time I get this thing done if I don't.

Panel 1: Awkwardly drawn perspective shot on Lupe, but frankly, I love the background painting. 

Panel 2: New color for Noah's jacket. This is why. I honestly really like the light gray more, but as a result, Lupe's colors had to be changed to compensate (original ref here). I omitted the Terrifier graphic from her tank-top after realizing she's gonna be wearing her backpack virtually the whole time anyway. / SO MANY SPEEDLINES. I got really carried away - my bad. Again, no sound effects. I'm still wussing out over utilizing them because I often come up with really dumb-looking onomatopoeias. 

Panel 3/4: I drew the trajectory of the spray can in a weird way where it almost looks like it's hitting Lupe in the head. HA. As for why the two look like they have a Hercules glow around them, I'm not sure how that happened.

Panel 5: Djarum Blacks. You ain't goth unless you smoke these. The internet would never lie to me. Drawing him coughing on the smoke after being startled would've looked better. I only just thought of that, aww.

Panel 6: The light's flooding out poor Marcus, nooo! I hope the speech bubbles help guide the eye to where he is. / I didn't get the intended result when I rendered the ladder and lights here. My aim was to make them painterly like the background for that screenshot look I'm always going for, but it didn't work out. They just turned out looking all traced and out of place. Curses!

Hope the upcoming pages come out MUCH quicker.

Dust mask:…
Industrial light:…
Diesel generator:…

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I wouldn't think graffiti artists would be so well equipped.

Liking what I see: again, very detailed and realistic environments, and the name Lupe intrigues me, as her companion looks rather vampiric...

Wonder where that be headin'.

You know what's the worst part about all this: landed right on their keys, the both of them.

Well done! Thanks for making and sharing!

Harseik's avatar

... She IS weirdly overprepared. It was hard figuring out how she was gonna have light to write on the wall at dusk. There's no power or anything. And the art's kinda huge, so industrial lights plugged to a diesel generator was what I came up with. She's also got a respirator and a glove. I mean dang, she thought of everything. And as much as I'd like to say that she's been working on that area for a while, hence all the equipment, I didn't put any additional graffiti on the wall to sell that idea. xD I'll have to incorporate the deliberateness on display into her personality somehow.


Key stabs are the most painful of everyday object betrayals. Especially new keys. Like little katanas.

No no no, thank YOU for being willing to take the time to let me know what you think. I always love to hear it. <3

RedStarryNight's avatar

That's a lot of heavy stuff--she must not be expecting any police attention.

And Noah's hat says "Howlers." How did I not notice all this!?

Harseik's avatar

Yes. For... some reason. No tagging on the wall, and it's the first abandoned place I've seen with the front door still attached to its hinges. I feel like this all indicates high surveillance. She's either the cockiest graffiti artist in town, or the script writer is a goof. ... I vote the former.

You think "Howlers" stands for something as majestic and as beloved as a wolf? Please. It's something way stupider.

Howler monkeys. xD BUT THEY'RE COOL I PROMISE.

RedStarryNight's avatar

I stand corrected!

RelwarcTheMighty's avatar

Aww, poor graffiti artist!

Harseik's avatar
I would say she had it coming putting a ladder in front of a door, but she honestly wasn't expecting company. xP
kmbmace's avatar
Trying to imagine this with some music.
Harseik's avatar

You mean besides the Benny Hill Show tune?? / Honestly had to let this comment stew for a bit because you basically brought up my favorite thing ever.

Bear McCreary's Eli, Cloverfield Paradox, and 10 Cloverfield Lane have them vibes that I often draw to. Gotta also mention Gothic Storm's Disturbia , the Dark Deception OSTs (1 and 2), and Jo Blankenburg's Sacrosanct. There are like 12 more albums but I don't aim to waste your time, haha. As for the next few pages or so, this track fits, imho~

kmbmace's avatar
Yeah I sampled a few of the songs and they do create an atmosphere of tension in the story.
mr-redx's avatar


LOL Seriously though, this is off to a good start!

Harseik's avatar
Thanks for sticking around - hope you dig the upcoming story. :)
mr-redx's avatar

I'm sure I will. :)

Goopsprite's avatar

I dont know why his expression in panel 5 is actually my favorite. not even on a "haha is funny!" way but like, i just really enjoy how you made that expression look!! its got a real feeling to it, like thats the exact expression i've imagined characters with, yknow?

Harseik's avatar
:O Wow, that's absolutely great. A good decision made on that panel then. I always love knowing what you think - thank you~
NRGComics's avatar

Damn! I hope that wasn't fatal!

Harseik's avatar
*Credits immediately start playing.*
CinnaMonroe's avatar

Noah's on his way to be the very best--at awkward introduction and bad first impressions!

The grey looks nice though!

The nice thing about comics too is you can always go back and reupload a touched up page if you do tweaks, adding in sound effects, tweaking poses/colors, etc! Never be afraid of revisiting and replacing! :D

Harseik's avatar
Just wait until you see the next pages. The awkward is aaaall on him. / Thankfully I've only gotten to page 2. Retouches will be a breeze~
Sage-Nicholson's avatar

Goddamnit if this comic isn't one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Only two pages in, I have no idea what's happening, I'm already hooked!

Harseik's avatar

Seriously?! I'm floored - I really appreciate hearing that! Helps with the nervousness. <3

Sage-Nicholson's avatar

If that isn't proof of Imposter Syndrome's existence, I don't know what is. Seriously, you're so good! I found your page through a Young Justice art community and have been utterly floored ever since!

Harseik's avatar

Aaaah, Young Justice. Those were the days, man. Bless you for sticking with me through my hiatuses. This is a story that's 100% from my own brain. I can't help but fret that it'll suck, but I'm gonna pour my soul into it and make it as entertaining as possible for you guys. o7

Sage-Nicholson's avatar

Ach, I'm afraid my account isn't that old. I've only been on this site for about a year xD.

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