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Blank Character Sheet
Blank Character Sheet
(Just For You)
Character Basics
Social Status:
Group Status:
Marital Status:
Political Status:
Character Physicality
Hair Color:
Hair Length
Hair Type:
Hair History:
Face Shape:
Eye Color:
Eye Size:
Eye Shape:
Special Eye Traits:
Breast Size:
Body Type:
Scar Size:  
Birthmark Size:
Broken Bones:
Fractured Bones:
Missing Body Parts:
Character Personality
Feelings towards Religion:
Feelings towards Politics:
Feelings towards Family:
Feelings towards Friends:
Likes About Self:
Dislikes About Self:
Types of Food Likes:
Types of Food Dislikes:
Major Traits:
Minor Traits:
Habitual Expressions:
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You Are Not Needed No More!
B.B: You are not need no more! I'm tired your evil attitude and mean bossiness! You are not needed no more! I'll rule the world in your place while you're sinking in the Loch Ness. You are not needed no more! You'll soon join your friends in my machine, The Backyardigans Eliminator! You are not needed no more! These robots are my family while I am just your servant. You are not needed no more! Your home is mine so you just go get stuck inside the air vent! You are not needed no more! Soon you and your friends will be destroyed, for the world. All of this and more! Bug Bot will rule the town, will rule the state, will rule the country. Bug Bot will get rid of you by throwing you outside of a tree!
(Musical Interlude)
Robots: You aren't needed no more.
B.B: These robots are my bestest friends, and you are just a poster.
Robots: You aren't needed no more.
B.B: In fact, I'm just as smart you, so you're dumb like a toaster! I'm now future dictator of all robots in Mega City! This includes m
:iconfortuneteller102:Fortuneteller102 3 0
'Face Down'
I've been dating my abusive boyfriend Alvin for three years and my best friend Austin has been telling me to break up with him. I tell him "I can't because I love him and he always tells me he'll never hurt me again"
"Uniqua if he loves you then how come he yells at you" he asked
"I-I don't know" I lied
"Uniqua I know-"I got cut off by Alvin Uniqua's abusive boyfriend
"Bye Austin"I said
After we got into the car Alvin slapped me across the face and it didn't even hurt because he's done it lots of time and he asked me why I was talking to Austin.
"Why were you talking to Austin when I told you not to be anywhere near him"he said while he was mad.
"I know and I'm sorry"I replied
"I'm sorry for slapping you in the face like I always do and I promise I won't do that again"he replied.
"It's ok"even though he always says that and I want to get mad at him but I can't because he's so good-looking and I love him very much even though he abuses me. When Alvin dropped me off at my house I got a t
:iconauniqua101:Auniqua101 5 3
Those Were The Days
Hooves pounded the gravel relentlessly. Thunder raged in the stormy skies above as Austin the Knight, dressed in gleaming armour and riding his trusty horse headed through the forest.
He was almost there. In any moment, he would reach the castle where the Princess was being held captive by a fire breathing dragon. She had been held there for years, but no more. He would free her from the dragon's clutches!
Beep...Beep... Beep... Beep...
What was that...distant noise? Austin thought to himself, as he was riding towards the castle ahead to rescue the princess.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Austin narrowed his eyes in confusion. As he drew nearer to the castle, he looked down at the bubbling lava on either side of the bridge he was going over.
No, it wasn't the lava.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Wait. Austin paused, as the memories came rushing back to him.
That...was his alarm.
As he came to this realization, the scenery around him dissolved into a white light.
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Childs From My Headcanon
Sonic The Hedgehog:
Sonic and Amy:
Speed Rose The Hedgehog
Tails and Cosmo:
Flora Prower
Alex Prower
Knuckles and Tikal:
Locke The Echidna II
Pachacamac The Echidna II
Shadow and Rouge:
Rutan The Echidna (Adoptive)
Silver The Hedgehog
Jewel The Bat
Vector and Vanilla:
Cream The Rabbit (Only Vanilla's Daughter)
Nick The Crocodile (Cream's Half Brother)
King Espio and Queen Sonia:
Prince Erick The Hedgehog
Princess Camilla The Hedgemeleon
Charmy and Cream:
Lorraine The Rabbit
Manic and Mina:
Melody The Hedgehog
King Monkey Khan and Queen Sally:
Princess Casey Khan Acorn
Prince John Khan Acorn
Princess Susan Khan Acorn
Prince Scott Khan Acorn
Ralph and Julie-Su
Henry The Echidna
Antoine and Bunnie
Jacques D'Coolette
Belle D'Coolette
Pierre D'Coolette
Rotor and Nicole:
Stella The Lynx
Boomer Walrus
Gadget The Walynx
Scourge and Fiona:
Dash The Hedgehog
King Elias and Queen Megan:
Alexis Acorn (Only Megan's Daughter)
Princess Helen Acorn (Alexis Half Sister)
Jet and Wave:
:iconameth18:ameth18 15 34
Five More Fun Backyardigans Facts
1. You can tell how much the animation has improved just by comparing the Season One theme song to that of later seasons. The most notable changes (other than the voices and fantasies) are:
- Austin's head and eyes becoming rounder, making him look cuddlier. In Season One, his long head and eyes made him look odd, and almost creepy.
- Tasha's muzzle becoming rounder. In Season One, she had pretty much the same head as Tyrone, except with different ears and no hair or antlers.
- Pablo being a slightly lighter shade of blue. In Season One, he was royal blue, later he became more ocean blue.
- Tyrone's ears becoming less floppy. In Season One, they could have counted as a sixth dancer.
- The characters eyes become focused. In Season One, they were looking all over the place.
2. There are two versions of the Season Two intro. As mentioned in the previous list, Tyrone's first speaking VA, Reginald Davis Jr., stuck around for the first few episodes of Season Two. In those episodes, they recy
:iconnoonborykedabory:NoonboryKedabory 2 3
(Requested) Horror - AuStIn by tanarathedragon
Mature content
(Requested) Horror - AuStIn :icontanarathedragon:tanarathedragon 2 0
Austin and Pablo by PickledCandyPants07 Austin and Pablo :iconpickledcandypants07:PickledCandyPants07 44 14 pablo by quick2004 pablo :iconquick2004:quick2004 114 14
Mature content
Piggy :iconzewhatcher:zewhatcher 129 24
inflation characters for stories or rp
Thomas: he is a tall and slim man that has short black hair with a slight curl on the left, Blue eyes and has a British accent.
He mostly dresses in suits and formal clothing. Causal clothing consists of comfortable white and blue shirts and green sweaters and sweat pants.
He is a professional but rather shy man. He is very kind and sweet.
He is an inflatee because of his submissive nature, and also even though he absolutely hates being inflated and stuffed, a part of him loves it.
Sarah: she is a short normal sized woman that has curly shoulder length blonde hair, aquamarine eyes and a southern accent
She mostly dresses in pastel pink dresses with frills and bows. Causal clothing consists of light blue shirts and white and pink pants.
She is sweet and bubbly but can be aggressive if pushed.
She is a witch and also an inflator because she likes to inflate people and have them as her personal balloons. She uses it as a form of punishment.
:icondarkrainbow10:darkrainbow10 3 0
Chibi Maker 1.1 by gen8 Chibi Maker 1.1 :icongen8:gen8 51,920 13,467
Elementary Grows
Does summer fly, everyone kid was disappointed about one thing...going back to school. It wasn't a total waste, well, in the opinons of two kids who had to spend the summer alone together while their friends were off to summer camp. Before it ended, Austin and Uniqua spend countless times during the entire summer being with each other, through the emotionl and physical responses of their respective traits, their kind, concern and well-being for each other, and a growing tummy from a certain kangaroo.
Along with their kind nature, Uniqua had grown to admire Austin's soft belly ever since the first time they notice it. Even Austin usually felt concern but really enjoyed it thanks to Uniqua. During the time, the two would play with each other in the backyard, and every time Austin would get hungry, he would have a quick snack, Uniqua even enjoyed watching him eat, his belly getting a filling. Austin would either sleep over at Uniqua's house or in his own bed, not without Uniqua holding hi
:iconjon825lazery7:Jon825lazery7 1 1
.:Random:. Austin the Kangaroo by Sparkle-the-cat-13 .:Random:. Austin the Kangaroo :iconsparkle-the-cat-13:Sparkle-the-cat-13 10 33 = Austin = by piss-party = Austin = :iconpiss-party:piss-party 13 3 Excited marsupial by porkcow Excited marsupial :iconporkcow:porkcow 20 7


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Alexis smelled delicious breakfast foods in her sleep. She was hoping for a breakfast in bed.
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Tea Time by Choscaa



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