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The boy who survived by Pasoslargos The boy who survived :iconpasoslargos:Pasoslargos 15 17
James Phelps and the Lovely Girl 5
"Alright so how were you in school?" Alley asked as she couldn't wait til the last,which was the last.
"Um A's and B's. Hey who asks something like that?!"
"The freaks you call your fans," Alley said mad enough that he canceled the date,but now he was trying to be funny!
"Alley are we done cause I want to tell um y you som-" she quickly interrupted him.
"Let me guess I'm not good enough I'm not famous all that crap huh!"
"That's not what I was going to say and you know it!"
"Whatever I know you want to get this interview done,but James for God's sake we have a week!"
"Yeah yeah sure a whole week of you crying about your dad!" James quickly regretted the words and tried to reach out for her. Alley ran to the room along with James running behind her. He could hear her crying,"Babe wait I didn't mean it baby!" Alley hurled herself on the bed crying desperately into her pillow. James layed down beside her and tried to pull her a little more closer,but she kept her fists on his chest and st
:iconaudreyxoncie:AudreyxOncie 2 0
James Phelps and The Lovely Girl 4
James was in the room trying to get the buttons right. Oliver picked this shirt out for him so he probably knew he'd have trouble with it. "You want me to help ya James?" Alley said clearly amused. He turned around for his answer but when he saw her he was speechless. She had jeans on and black high heels,that didn't really make her look tall at all, and her shirt was thin and navy blue with small pink flowers. Her hair was curled and wavy. "Uh yeah well um," he was so embaressed on his behavior.
"Alright so what are we gonna see,love?" Alley said mockingly while buttoning his white dress shirt.
"I don't know um how bout Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2?"
She gave him a look but it faded when she said,"Alright love there's a movie theater that play's old movies so how bout "The Notebook" love."
"I don't say love a lot and your British accent is horrible," James said with a chuckle. She finally got done,but when she got done buttoning his shirt she didn't realize until then t
:iconaudreyxoncie:AudreyxOncie 2 0
James Phelps and The Lovely Girl 3
James was sleeping actually quite well considering he was sleeping with a pain in the rear. But James nearly jumped when he heard someone crying,her crying......Alley. She was weeping hard it was actually pitifull to see her like this. He didn't wanna grab her by her shoulders so he gently lifted her up by the wrists. James shook her more than a dozen times he didn't know what more to do than yell at her for not stopping,but stopped when he heard her whimper something,"Don't let him die!"
"Princess.......wake up!" Still she cried harder pounding her small fists at him.
"Stop it princess!" James said getting worried enough that he wanted to embrace the poor girl,but what would she say or do. Probably shoot him or make the interview look bad.
"Alley for God's sake stop it," said James while pulling her close to his chest he felt the tears roll down him,almost like rain,"Please stop Alley I can't take seeing you like this!"
Alley stopped and for a while she sat there in his arms breathing
:iconaudreyxoncie:AudreyxOncie 3 1
James Phelps and The Lovely Girl 2
While they were driving to the hotel she was asking him stupid questions. Questions that she was just asking to annoy him and he knew it too. He clenched the steering wheel trying to not yell at her or to kill her.
"And your "fans" wants to know what you spend your time doing." Alley said sitting her notepad down on the armrest.
"Why did you sit your notepad down when your suppose to right this junk down?" James asked starting to turn the tables. Which he did cause she was getting annoyed.
"I don't feel like writing it down!"
"You know what lets just play the quiet game alright?!" she didn't say anything after that smart remark he made cause she knew if she got fired by arguing with this sorry excuse of a man than her dad will also pay the consequences. She started to remember her father laying on the couch every morning with his oxygen tank trying to speak and she having to listen extra carefully. Her mother was a celebrity but retired and left for some rich guy when her husband neede
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James Phelps and the lovely girl
James was going through the office eager to get the interview. Oliver had been away for the month to do his own interview,and he missed him terribly. "Yes, we have agreed to give you this interview,but if you don't mind we want our reporter um well in training Miss Alley to spend the week with you even sleep with you if she has to we want this to be an excellent interview for you," said the head reporter.
"Wait did you say Miss Alley and she is in training so she is young,right?" James said already getting the idea of romance.
"Oh yes she is 25 and a splendid young lady."
He called her on the phone but James heard him mumble something it almost sounded like "Be nice!" James didn't care he was hoping she would play hard to get anyways. They sat there for a moment when a young lady stepped in her hair was like gold and curled (obviously not natural) and had a white summer dress on with a denim short jacket on. She had a leather bag and took a camera out along with a notepad. She put the
:iconaudreyxoncie:AudreyxOncie 2 0
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Hey guys, the group was recently messaged by :iconperedhil-fair: asking if we could write a blog asking people to go to one of her favorite fanfics and ask the writer to not give up on it. I am going to tell you know that it is Yaoi and if you don't like it then don't read it but it would mean the world to her if we could. Here is the note for further details , I hope we can help !! harrypotternation.deviantart.c…
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