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To join, just click the "Join Our Group" button at the top of the page and you'll be approved as soon as possible. If you cannot find the button, just send us a message and we will invite you. Don't feel silly if you can't find it. It likes to hide.

Group Rules:
- Follow the submission rules and submit to the correct folders.
- You should be a fan of Harry Potter cosplay/costuming or perhaps take part in the hobby yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason, for being a member and not contributing, because you're more of a fan and not a cosplayer, then just watch the group instead (and vice versa).
- Be kind to everyone in the group, of course. Rude users will be banned/blocked.
- If you discover an issue please comment or send us a note (not really a rule, but preferred. We want to make sure this group is enjoyed to the fullest).
- And, most importantly, have fun!

As far as submission go, I would like to have a little qualitative standard, so please understand that I want no photos:
- Being out of focus
- Having the date anywhere in the photo
- Photos that are overexposed or underexposed
- Fuzzy or blurry photos
- No characters from other series
- Photos not having to do with cosplay





Gallery Folders

Sev Lily - Way back when by Sheeris-Jemima
- Harry Potter - Character Exploration - Study by Niniel-23
Emarb eutel amosi vout linon ortsom by Niniel-23
Gryffindor Papercut Template Harry Potter Hogwarts by ParthKothekar
Lily Evans by Son-So-Hyun
Nymphadora Tonks cosplay by Selenium79
Helga Hufflepuff and the Cup. Moving. by Aquamirral
Helga Hufflepuff - bright and golden by Aquamirral
Helga Hufflepuf's warm magic by Aquamirral
Little Rowena Ravenclaw. Backstage. by Aquamirral
Rowena Ravenclaw: child and adult by Aquamirral
Tree Climbing Ravenclaw Student by Selenium79
Rowena and Helena Ravenclaw. Precious daughter. by Aquamirral
Tom Riddle Cosplay by arijancosplay
Patronus. by LordMillenIrisGreen
Tied tight. by LordMillenIrisGreen
Snape's debts. by LordMillenIrisGreen
Teachers and Other Adults
Death of Quirinus Quirrell by Akitozz6
Never Alone by Akitozz6
Professor Quirrell by Akitozz6
HP: Quirinus Quirrell by Akitozz6
Other Schools
queenie goldstein made from 100% pure sugar by sauronushka
Goldstein sisters mocon2019 by sauronushka
Goldstein sisters by sauronushka
A Novel about a Wizard School in Germany! by SRG-Wands
Other Eras
Rowena Ravenclaw's Mother (backstage) by Aquamirral
Salazar Slytherin. Cunning. by Aquamirral
Young Salazar and his Parents by Aquamirral
Ravenclaw family and filming backstage by Aquamirral
The Four Founders of Hogwarts by Aquamirral
#Founders4 - Rumble! by Aquamirral
Hands of Four Founders by Aquamirral
The Four Founders. Reunion. by Aquamirral
Pairings, Couple, Two Persons
Salazar and Rowena: Apple of temptation. by Aquamirral
Salazar and Rowena: you are mine by Aquamirral
Salazar and Rowena: take my breath away by Aquamirral
Salazar and Rowena: like in a sweet dream by Aquamirral
Duels or Conflicts
Harry Potter And Bellatrix Lestrange - Crucio! III by DashingTonyDrake
Magic wand by CrafterFold
Accessories, Make Up, WIP Photos
Rowena's family. Backstage. by Aquamirral
Anchor 'n' Bats Wand by SRG-Wands

Attention All Students: Please Read

Gallery Folders

Featured: You cannot submit here. We will be choosing photos for this folder.

Gryffindor: Please only submit current era Gryffindor themed photos into this folder. This means Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, etc. Groups are welcome. Can include OC's or yourself, so long as you are in Gryffindor attire.

Hufflepuff: Please only submit current era Hufflepuff themed photos into this folder. This means Cedric Diggory, etc. Groups are welcome. Can include OC's or yourself, so long as you are in Hufflepuff attire.

Ravenclaw: Please only submit current era Ravenclaw themed photos into this folder. This means Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, etc. Groups are welcome. Can include OC's or yourself, so long as you are in Ravenclaw attire.

Slytherin: Please only submit current era Slytherin themed photos into this folder. This means Draco Malfoy, etc. Groups are welcome. Can include OC's or yourself, so long as you are in Slytherin attire.

Teachers and Other Adults: Please only submit Hogwarts teachers and other adults (such as Bellatrix and Sirius) to this folder. Other school teachers belong in the Other Schools folder. Groups are welcome.

Other Schools: Please only submit Durmstrang and Beauxbatons photos into this folder. This includes teachers. Groups are welcome.

Past Era: Please only submit characters from past and future eras into this folder. Groups are welcome.

Please note that when we say "Groups are welcome" that we mean all group photos have to be associated with the folder in question. For instance: The Gryffindor folder should only have group photos containing Gryffindors. Photos depicting groups from more than one house go into the Groups folder, etc.

Groups: This is for groups of three or more characters. They must be mixed. For example, if it's just Slytherin characters, then it does not go here. If it's Death Eaters with the students, then it goes here.

Pairings, Couples, Two Persons: For photos depicting two characters, whether in love or not. Preferably characters that are romantically entangled, but family photos and mixed houses are welcome.

Duels or Conflicts: For photos that express conflict or show a duel. Can be in groups of two, three, or more.

Creatures: For creatures in the Harry Potter world. Can be in groups of two, three, or more.

Accessories, Make Up, WIP Photos: This folder is for pictures of make up, baked treats, accessories, tattoos, work in progress photos, etc.

Other: This folder is for convention, movie premier, gathering photos, worded photos, comic strips, and photos that don't fit into any of the other categories.



If you would like to Affiliate with our group, feel free to send a request! If you're having trouble submitting a request, just comment below and we will send you one. Affiliated groups do not have to be HP related.



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