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Painting I made to commemorate Games Workshop's, 'Space Marines' 30th Birthday!

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Windows)
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Absolutely love this!!!!
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LvnnkartistriesHobbyist General Artist
awesome tribute!
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commanderjonasHobbyist Digital Artist
This deserves a spot on my epics collection. Simply because of how well made it is.

The details, the scenery and the simple fact that this is 40K.

Good work :D:D
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they looked more like raven guard until I saw the fist
WH40Klover29's avatar
Man. Do i love thet 90's MK.6 armor.
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ecogmediaHobbyist General Artist
Love it and the layout, very well done.
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V1lianHobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks like the cover of something that would be featured in 2000 A.D.
Excellent work.
HarryOsborn-Art's avatar
HarryOsborn-ArtProfessional Digital Artist
Omg...one day, so want to paint Judge Dredd stuff...thanks, V1lian!
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Great job on the old Armor .
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F**king awesome! this takes me back to when i first started collecting.
Sergios117's avatar
Awesome! Made mine Raven Guard.
thatsnozaku's avatar
It was stellar to run across this looking for related material, and I can't put enough praise behind the amount of effort you put into bringing out my favorite era of the game with such talent and style. The quality of the armor details - especially the iconic armor cables that helped define that mark of power armor - and the efficacy of of the various marines' poses (especially the battle brother priming the frag grenade) are fantastic.

Yet again, the Crimson Fists make a last stand look the best it could, and your art makes for some of the best birthday praise the franchise could ask for! :)
oODark-DawnOo's avatar
BEAKIES! Awesomeness squared!
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ZauberlichHobbyist Digital Artist
Bloody awesome! Crimson Fists forever!
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conscript900Student General Artist
Sadly GW doesnt seem to get that by raising their prices continuously they are just gonna keep losing people to 3d printing. They pretty much have the monopoly in the market which makes it very hard for anyone to enjoy what is nearly unaforadable
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Oh, now that is badass. Over 30 years and the Space Marines have not lessened in how much awesomeness they exude.
HarryOsborn-Art's avatar
HarryOsborn-ArtProfessional Digital Artist
Space Marines and Snake Plissken - still hold up as total badasses! Thanks, Nightbringer!
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Looks great! :) (Smile)  Clap 
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TheBolivianSniperHobbyist Writer
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akaArsenyStudent Digital Artist
Yeah! very cool!
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PostApoc-Gear42Student Traditional Artist
Oh my.... emperor *-*
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wow totally badass :) gee brings back memories of buying my first wh40k space marine compedium :) good old crimson fists..
HarryOsborn-Art's avatar
HarryOsborn-ArtProfessional Digital Artist
Hold that memory tight fellow Aussie!
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