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God of War 4

This is my latest piece of fan art for God of War, the game is amazing, can't remember the last time I actually finished a game. It's that good!

Been learning a lot about composition lately and wanted to tackle a larger painting to learn. Hope you like it :)
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This is absolutely outstanding! You captured the raw violence of the recent God of War beautifully in this. 
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Wow, soo many details Oo
Awesome :D

I'd love a more focused lighting on the ... focus of the image :3
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Great stuff man! Love the BOI grabbing the Jotunn's lips! haha so tight.
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That's an ogre's lips. Jotunns in the lore of God of War are said to be an enlightened race whom Thor slaughtered. One among them, the Guardian known as Laufey the Just, survived and settled as the beloved of a certain god in exile from a faraway land who took the name "Farbauti". And if you finished the game, we all know what's really going on.
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amazing details, what type of painting is this?
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