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Creativity Quotes

I made this design in December 2004 with the intent to motivate creativity by bringing together many inspirational quotes. It's a bit soppy, I suppose, but I quite like the design. I put it on a poster and journal too (linky).
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Absolutely love it; thanks man! :D
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Oh I love having these all together! I want to do something more creative with some of them now that I see so many of them though *grin*
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amazing, very different to i normally see with quotes, :+fav: :heart:
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This pretty amazing. The way its put together its like there's always a new quote I haven't seen yet.
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Really awesome! I have saved it to take home. You should make one that can be used as a desktop background :)
these are some pretty epic quotes dude :]
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Absolutely *adore* this! :)
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Oh. My. Gawd.
I fucking love it
excuse my language
but it's great
i love this one. nice piece!
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this is amazing - the quotes were good - though i just skimmed though them .... :D good work !
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Brilliant quotes, nicely laid out too. Something to refer back to when I need to, I think. :)
nice quotes where did u get that??
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I can't really remember, I'm afraid, apart from 'the Internet'. I think I just searched for things like "creativity quotes" and "creative quotes".
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This is great. I featured you in my blog [link] . I hope you like it.
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Hey, thanks. I read your blog post too, it's an interesting read. I agree with a lot of what you said about creativity. I'm in the middle of writing a fairly ambitious (for me anyway) piece of music at the moment, so I'm wrestling with creativity more than usual.
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well good luck. Creativity comes and goes so respect it when its here and appreciate it always.
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Okay, I have read them all now. Nice job! :)
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