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Modern Sidebar v2.1

By HarryAwanda
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 .: Modern Sidebar :.


V2.1 - 27/04/2017

- Fixed Minor Bug

V2.0 - 12/04/2017

- Sidebar -
New - Menu Applications, Games, Internet Shortcut on Sidebar
Optimization - Sidebar Layout

- Settings - 
Optimization - Settings Menu
New - Edit Application, Games, Internet Shortcut on Settings
New - Adding 2 Colors ( Gray & Black )

- Music Player -
Optimization - You can increase volume by click Left-Mouse & decrease volume by click Right-Mouse or Scrolling Mouse up/down to Increase/decrease volume level.
Optimization - Foobar2000 now fully support by installing foobar compotent.

- Skin -
Fixed bug.

V1.0 - 4/03/2017
- New - Sidebar with document, download, video, music shortcut
- New - Clock (12h / 24h) & Weather (Celcius & Fahrenheit)
- New - Music Player Layout
- New - Power Control
- New - Themes with 32 Colors
- New - Settings Menu

- Foobar component is available on ...\Resources\Foobar Component\ . Just install that component, and you can use media player for Foobar.

Fully Supported Players
- AIMP (Tested).
- Foobar2000 
- iTunes. 
(Not Tested).

Partially Supported Player
- Spotify (Tested). - Play/Pause, Next, Previous Button Only.
More -…

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how to get that wallpaper

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does not work with MusiBee it refuses to work at all even though i added the exe path

Can You Help me? I'm using Windows Media Player, but i put the music it dont play on the media player skin. :shakefist:

I have tried to add more entries to the games tab but it only shows my first addition and I can't click on it. Can you tell me how to do it?
Never Mind got it working. I changed it a little and implemented it in my current setup: Modern Clean Desktop [Rainmeter skin]
could you explain better how to use Spotify in the player? Please :)
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how do i get my user picture on top
can you help me
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It basically taken from windows user pic. if it not showing as your profile pic, try to rename your account name from control panel. sorry being late respond 'cause m so busy
Hey, I can not get the music player to work. Can anyone help me out??
P/s: I am using foobar2000
Is there a way to add more apps in application section and others
How to use Media Player after installing Foobar component?
Not working for me.
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After installing Foobar component, open Modern sidebar General Settings, Change music player name to CAD.
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Windows 10 Groove Music
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I play by foobar2000. It works well when I click repeat. But when I click repeat again to turn off repead mode. It doesn't work. Pls help?
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Super nice sidebar. The only minor thing i changed was the size of the font for the minutes and seconds on the watch because they were totally messed up at first. I now have set font size for minutes at 59 and seconds at 35.
Well done on making the skin, it is awesome!  

Created a synthwave style desktop :)
Screenshot Desktop Synth
Just wanted to let you know that when using iTunes as the set music player, there is a gap between the circle and the progress bar as the song progresses. The actual bar shows and allows the user to manually progress, but the circle icon does nothing upon clicking (possibly due to screen resolution? mine is 1920x1080)…

As usual though, great coding with everything else, functionality and design are both great!
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Thanks for replying. I'm sorry about that, that's happen 'cause my screen resolution is 1336 x 768, so i created based on my screen resolution. :( (Sad)  Maybe sometime i'll used secondary monitor that the resolution is 1920x1080 to fix this problem. Thank you. :D (Big Grin) 
one quick fix i made (although i have no idea if this will work the same way as the original)
Formula= (370 + (MeasureProgress * (655/100)))                     (changed 655 to 1200)

W= (#SCREENAREAWIDTH# / 2) - 25                     (changed -25 to +250)

lastly, is the progress bar made to be dragged around? or is it limited to clicking  directly on where you want the song playing. After a bit of use, I've noticed its been slightly inconvenient to accurately click where you want the song every time, with it being only a few pixels high
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