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Moderate Rainmeter 1.1

By HarryAwanda
.: Moderate v1.1 Update :.

Changelog : 

06/02/2019 :

- Major bug fixed on Settings.ini that causing you can't add App, Game shortcut, and can't change music player; I forgot to change folder path bcause it based on my previous project, Keep Minimal.
    If you don't wanna re-download full skin, i'll give a patch >> Download . Extract it and put Settings.ini file to Folder \Moderate\Settings\

Thanks to xXMoonRayX for reporting this big issue.

02/02/2019 :
- Adding Home ( Inc. :
    - Home Button Toggle to Open/Close App and Game Launcher, RMB to Open Explorer
    - App (
24 shortcuts) and Game (24 shortcuts) Launcer
    - Music Player, 
RMB to open music player
    - Recycle Bin
    - Date
    - Weather
    - Power Control
    - Volume Control
    - Settings Button )
- Adding Clock ( Inc. 12 Hr | 12 Hr with AMPM | 24 Hr )
- Settings Menu ( Inc. App, Game picker, Music Player config, Theme with 32 colors, and Weather config.)

Wallpapper : 
- Pick it from here

Note : Moderate is based on my previous work, Keep Minimal. If you find anything wrong, just give your feedback here. And i will update it later. Cheers Wink/Razz 

Credits : 

-  Rainmter Forum - Shared Knowlege & Sources
-  theAzack9 - FrostedGlass Plugin
-  Socks the Fox - Chameleon Plugin
- - most the icons used
-  craftAA - Spotify Plugin
© 2019 - 2021 HarryAwanda
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I got all my games set up and everything but when i go to open the games tab ity lags my computer a crap ton. its not a computer problem i have a very high end computer (Geforce 1660s amd ryzen 9 3600). ity only happens with the games tab. any way to fix?

looks amazing but i get anything to show up pls help

Truly magneficient.

How does this work? I did all settings and in rainmeter i activated everything, but the buttons etc. dont work. I need some help..pls:cries:

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now this is really nice but it could use some tiny improvements. I think it would be better if our mouse could hover over stuff and it pops up, and that red highlight around the home button should move to the item where our mouse is over. Also being able to resize the height would be nice

These would make the experience much smoother

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Here's a layout to make it thinner
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16x16 icons are pixelated and blurry
awesome work, i like it so much. But i don't know why my 6th app never work while the others working quite well, can you help me out ! <3 
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This is a dream *-*
So clean. Great work!

I tried your skin but can't configure apps, games or change the music player. I don't know why :(
I want this so bad ^^
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New update coming with bug fixed. Check on description Sweating a little... 
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Uhh thanks :)

Love your work!
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Very Welcome, glad you love that! 
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You are very welcome 
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