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Keep Minimal 1.1

 .: Keep Minimal v1.1 released :.

Preview : Keep Minimal

Features : 

- At a Glance (Date & Weather)
- StatusBar Slider, contains (Clock, SSID, Battery Status, 10 App Shortcuts, 10 Game Shortcuts, 10 Web Shortcuts)
- Music Player/Now Playing (Slidable)
- Date/Day (Slidable)
- Power Control (Slidable)
- Volume Control
- Weather (Slidable)

The following players are fully supported:

- Foobar | Fully supported. The foo_cad plugin (download) needs to be installed.
- iTunes
- Winamp

Credits : 

-  Rainmter Forum - Shared Knowlege & Sources
-  Socks the Fox - Chameleon Plugin
- - most the icons used
© 2018 - 2021 HarryAwanda
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Keep Minimal 1.3 just Update, check this out!
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how do i change the colors? is it rgb? im not able to change to the colors i want
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Oh fuck im dumb, it is rgb indeed, but i was changing the opacity
how to start the added games ? :D nevermind i found it but why the bar can go to the top ?
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i didnt get it, can you attach a screenshot or gif?
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Thanks mate :) (Smile)   
Would have loved it if the music worked with the webplugin for spicetify (Spotify skin)
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But i have no idea how to make it work No, I disagree! 
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Nice skins +fav +fav +fav :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Rage Nod Giggle Oops! I am a dummy! Love La la la la Clap 
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Thanks bruh :D (Big Grin) 
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