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Well California is on fire yet again. The sky is yellow and the sun is orange. Can't wait to see the sunset.

*cough...not couch.

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Raka’s Button

By Harryasaboy


“Man and Woman Stand!” Commanded the Sky God.

The two stood up silently as the gods and goddesses crowded about to admire their work. The man was tall and broad shouldered with powerful limbs and a dick thick and long. The woman had breasts round with pointed nipples.  Her figure was like an hourglass, her skin smooth and lips full. The God of War gave her ass a sharp slap and watched as it jiggled.

“They are ready for our world.” The Sky God pronounced.

“So how will they multiply? We can’t be there to pull them from the stuff of the heavens, did you think of that?” The God of Rhetoric asked.

“Of course I did. Stand back and watch.” The Sky God hid his annoyance.

The couple turned to face each other. She played with her hair and stood with her weight on one foot. The man watched her, his eyes going up and down. He then walked behind her, she turned her head and smiled at him as he looked at her ass. She tossed her hair and the man stepped up to her. He put his hand on her breasts and kneaded them as he rubbed his growing erection on her ass crack. She turned her head and their lips met. As he kissed her passionately, his cock became completely erect and he tried to stick it in. She said “No! Wrong place!” Some of the gods chuckled. Her knees bent and she fell to her hands leaving the man to hump the air with a puzzled and frustrated look. She arched her back causing her ass to stick up. The Goddess of Fertility Raka stepped forward and pointed at the woman’s asshole. “Not here. Down here is where you put it.” The woman wiggled her ass invitingly as the man got up behind her. He placed the tip in her slit and began to push. The woman screamed in pain but the man kept pushing. Tears streamed down her face as she cried. The man paid little heed as he pushed on. She tried to pull away but his powerful hands held her hips in place. There was a murmuring among the goddesses as the woman continued to cry out. The man suddenly stopped and his face contorted as his seed filled her womb.

“Is this how they will multiply?” The Goddess of the Home cried out.

The Sky God looked puzzled at the Goddesses’ reaction. The Goddess of Mercy cradled the woman’s head and sang a calming song.

“Why worry? It’s a quick process.” The Sky God said.

“Does it hurt the man?” The Goddess of the Home asked.

“No of course not, if it did, he wouldn’t want to multiply.” The Sky God.

“So why would she want to do it if it hurts?” The Home Goddess asked.

“It doesn’t matter what she thinks. It’s reproduction. She should be motivated by that alone. The War God interjected.

The Gods and Goddesses debated and argued except for Raka who retreated to her home instead.

“What is it mistress?” Her servant asked.

“I can’t let the gods do that.” She quickly drew a sketch of male and female genitals on the wall.

“How does it work?” The servant asked.

“The man looks at the woman and it makes his penis erect. He then sticks in into this hole here and moves it in and out like this. There was a crude animation of intercourse playing on the wall.

“So how does the seed move from him to her?”

“It’s complicated. Simply said, it feels really good and the better it feels the more he moves it back and forth until it triggers the seed to come out.” Raka explained.

“How does it feel good?” the servant asked.

“The tip of his cock is very sensitive. When rubbed the right way, a pleasurable sensation radiates through the body. Without that good feeling, many men wouldn’t care about reproduction.”

“So do women experience the same feeling?”

“No, quite the opposite. Her skin inside is very thin and the friction hurts real bad.”

“So we need some kind of fluid to make it more comfortable?”

“Yes that would be good, but we can’t have the constant flow. It’s annoying enough she has to deal with the monthly womb maintenance.”

“So maybe some kind of switch or faucet?”

The Goddess looked her servant and a smile crept across her face. She ran out back to the commotion that was still going strong. It was hard to tell who was winning but the humans were watching with fascination. Raka darted into the crowd and looked about until she found the Goddess of Love who was having a discussion with the God of Deceit. He was staring at her with a faraway look and a smile on his face indicating that her powers were in full effect.

“Come with me Seri.” She beckoned.

“Of course my partner. How may I help you?”

“I want you to talk to the male human.”

“About what?”

“The importance of love.”

“Of course, I see what you are thinking sister.” She strutted over to the man and fluttered her eyes at him.

“Hey!” Woman yelled at Man but his attention was on the Goddess.

“Don’t pay attention to that. Look at me. Raka said as she stepped between them.

“Why do I feel like slapping that Goddess?” Woman asked.

“It’s a normal feeling. Don’t worry, it’s…it’s a test. Just pay attention to me.”

“He’s smiling at her and has a stupid look on his face.” Woman said angrily. Raka grabbed both sides of Woman’s face. “PAY ATTENTION TO ME. IT’S IMPORTANT!”

“Why? Woman asked.

“I’m going to give you a gift. Something that will make you enjoy sex.”


“If you enjoy it you will do it more.”


Raka reached down to the area just above the pubic mound and touched the skin. At first nothing, then a roll of skin began to form. The Goddess’ hands worked the fold as if it were bread dough, shaping it and elongating it until it resembled a penis like what Man had.

“There. Go ahead and try it.” Raka stood back and admired her work.


“Touch the tip.”

“Oh…OHHHHH that feels good.” Woman smiled.

“Put your hand around it and move it back and forth.”

“Oh. Ahhhh Ahhhh it feels good. Hey it’s getting bigger. Will it spit seed?”

“No, put your finger in your pussy.”

Woman did so and pulled it out sticky wet with her cum.

“See? If you do this not only will there be no pain, but you’ll feel pleasure too. Keep doing it and your whole body will feel it.”

“Hahahahahaha! Look at this!” She waved her dick about.

Suddenly Raka felt guilty.  The Sky God had pronounced the work done. If he saw this he would rip it off.

“HEY BABY DO YOU LIKE THIS? Woman used a deep male voice while she stroked and pointed her erection at Raka.

If she could somehow conceal it from the other gods until Man and Woman left heaven, then it would be permanent. “Hide it.” She told herself.

“I’M GONNA SHOOT IT ALL OVER YOU BITCH!” Woman continued. Raka kneeled down in front of Woman’s thrusting crotch and touched the penis causing it to shrink into nothing.

“What?” Woman looked frustrated.

“I’m just making some modifications.”

“What went on there? Is this how men think? Woman asked. Raka’s fingers moved down to just above her urethral opening and she started kneading the skin again.

“Do you make men think that way?”

“I designed the dick and balls but the interface between that and the male mind was a collaboration between the Sky God and War God. There, much better. She spread Woman’s pussy to admire her work.

“What did you do down there?” Woman asked.

“Just made it smaller. Go ahead and touch it.”

“Oh yes…Oh yes…” Woman frigged herself.

“Glad to see you like it, but you’ll have to leave it alone until you move to the new world. Don’t tell anyone or else you’ll lose it.” Raka said standing up.

“Oh no.” Woman drew her fingers back allowing her new friend to retreat inside.

“Now the Goddess of love is done programming the male. Just remember he is stronger than you even with this new toy of yours he can still hurt you. Use his interest in your pussy as a way of counteracting his advantage.” Raka instructed Woman as she stepped aside. The Goddess of Love suddenly vanished and man shook the mental cobwebs from his head. Raka retreated out of their sight. Man walked over to Woman looking contrite.

“Well?” Woman asked.

“What?” Man answered.

“How could you do that?” Woman asked.

“Do what? Man answered. Tears welled up in Woman’s eyes and trickled down her cheeks. Man felt awful even though he couldn’t figure out why. All he wanted was for her to stop crying.

“I…I…I’m sorry.” Man stuttered. Woman stepped forward and looked at him straight in the eyes. Man felt very strange.

“I…I…I…love you.” Man said.

“You do?” Woman said as her tears began to clear. She embraced him and they kissed. Man wasn’t sure what had happened, but was happy that she was happy. Her body against his made him even happier.


And I have no idea where it is other than the fact it will be over in an hour. We had a day advance notice not taking into account that many of us are at work or asleep or just don't log in that often.
  Today they were creating clay tablets and writing their names in cuneiform. The last period I ran out of clay and there were 5 students left without. I apologized and said they could practice with pencil and paper. Without being asked, the rest of the class donated a small piece of their clay to the others and all was saved.
Yes I know you were just curious and wanted to say hello to those black cats with the white stripes down their backs, but Jesus H Christ did you have to rub your stink drenched face all over the furniture?
Dateline Halloween 1989 at the university of Illinois anime club. My first exposure to anime was a showing of Vampire Hunter D and Dirty Pair Halloween Special. I was instantly hooked. I bought a VCR and a load of blank tapes and immediately started bugging people for copies. From there I discovered rec.arts.anime on usnet and a whole world of otaku I could trade with. It didn't seem to matter that I was a college graduate working a series of minimum wage jobs, all that mattered was my little world that most of my friends and family didn't understand. I attended cons, cursed Carl Macek (Robotech), spent money that I really couldn't afford to spend and even made a god awful fan dub of Otaku Generation X. To add to the drain of money and time I also started collecting comic books buying at least 4-10 issues per week of mostly manga translations.

This phase of my life lasted around 4 years. it didn't just suddenly end but I remember the events that led to it more clearly that anything I did during that time. First came the disillusionment with the fan scene. The great "Ah My Goddess" schism in which violent arguments broke out over a single letter of the alphabet showed just how petty my fellow fans could be. The second was watching other mega otaku suddenly give up their 1000 tape collections saying they were no longer interested. I was beginning to feel the same way. The third was a nearly crippling depression brought about by a bitter end to a relationship and the realization that many people my age had good jobs, were buying their first houses and having their first children. I just couldn't bear watching anime anymore and threw out my 400+ tapes.

1995 I was 30 years old with a mountain of debt and had only a shitty part time job. At the time I was bitter and looked back at the previous years and wondered why I had been so foolish. What had I accomplished? Now in retrospect the hobby wasn't responsible for my predicament- I probably would have wasted my time and money on something else. The good thing was that I gained an appreciation for Japan and when I saw an ad for teaching English, I did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

My spawn needs to use my laptop so I'll just say "To Be Continued..."


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United States
51 year old male currently residing on the left coast of America. Lived in Australia 6 years and Japan 4.5 years. Recovering otaku but always a nerd looking at stupid/cool things.



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