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My Bio
Super-fast FAQ.

Are you a Metalhead? YES! A Furry? NO! The ears are a joke.

How do you work?
Painting in layers with photoshop and Krita. Over the recent years, I've based Palaeontological work carefully on scientific studies and reputable skeleton reconstructions (eg Scott Hartman), and using a custom ruler tool scaled to meters and measured against individual bones or segments. Also of course, lots of scientific articles, often directly testing for size. My older Palaeo art is just eyeballed (with surprising precision I am proud to say) but lacking scientific research.

I noticed something incorrect- mind if I let you know?
Please do! That said, the source you use makes a world of difference.. like the difference between Siverson getting upset I wasn't convinced his top-secret 20 meter Megalodon skeleton existed, all the way up to Ovleg convincing me to make a new 18m Megalodon size chart based on his scientific study (Leder, Perez and Badaut, 2016).

Image usage? Can I link-to/use your images?
Feel free to ask- my answer will probably be "yes"!
I've actually had my images published in books by Penguin, and taken commissions for Ken Derby in the past too (and this is back when I was strapped for time).

Favourite Visual Artist
Brom, Keith Thompson
Favourite Movies
Star Trek 2009, The Thing, Inception, Hellraiser, TotalRecall (old), Dark Knight, StarWars series, the first TMNT movie,
Favourite TV Shows
Big,Bigger,Biggest; Samurai7, Samurai Champloo, Gundam00, Avatar, Zoids, Community, NGEO/BBC Docos
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dimmu Borgir, Mechina, Project Hate, Xerath,
Favourite Books
THE GAP SAGA, RiftWars, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, Psycho Bums,
Favourite Writers
Stephen Donaldson! Raymond E Feist, Anthony Horowitz, Rick Riordan, Andy Griffiths
Favourite Games
FAR CRY 3!!!, Team Fortress 2, Red Alert 2, Capsized, Defense Grid, Half-Life, Portal(s), Prey, StarTrek EliteForce1, and QUAAKEEE!
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PC biatches
Tools of the Trade
Digitablet, pencil- also sculpey for modeling
Other Interests
Art, Metal, Scifi, Fantasy, beach, forests, anime (obviously)
Hello everyone! As you likely already know, an excellent and extremely thorough study on Elasmotherium has been published by Titov, Baigusheva and.... Roman Uchytel himself! This study describes the external and internal anatomy in amazing detail. https://zmmu.msu.ru/rjt/articles/ther20_2_173-182.pdf Some extremely underappreciated observations and theorized explanations of the anatomy include the potential for a short pseudo-horn on the nasal- which if true could mean this animal isn't a "unicorn" at all. Also is the high chance that the enlarged bulbous nasal dome is the product of an enlarged resonating chamber inside the nasal cavity! Now, one of the main points gaining the widest circulation is the possibility that the dome is NOT actually the base of a large horn, but a more conservative hardened integumentary surface. One very important argument they raise is that the Elasmotherium probably diverged from other rhinos a very long time ago, and very likely BEFORE the latter
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What to expect next? -More Red Alert Zero renders -A very large predatory mammal beginning with "D" -Inching closer to getting the last pieces of the Alamosaurus puzzle together -will be dong some major improvements to existing works, building on what I learned with Carch and Spino. First on the list is Giganotosaurus.
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Don't worry Red Alert Zero fans, I'll be adding some WIP renders later today!
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Hey, it looks like S.popularis is getting an update. This discovery makes sense in light of the suction feeding hypothesis getting debunked.


Finally managed to get some time to read the article- DAMN that's amazing! I'll definitely be eagerly searching for the latest skeletal elements now to give it the reconstruction it deserves!

PS just wanted to say your article is excellent (and anyone reading this comment, seriously READ IT)! Very well researched and checked, even down to extensively clarifying the consistency of samples to demonstrate the validity of the respective estimated sizes! Also work on the formula and identification of specific niches and feeding strategies, which honestly are so heavily overlooked.

PS reading your Shin Godzilla article now- it's nice to see epigenetics mentioned in evolutionary theory and interesting learning about "junk" DNA.

Thank you for reading. I really wanted to emphasize the importance of feeding strategy because most people when discussing the size-limits of animals get caught up in bones, water vs land, and metabolism (sauropods vs Cenozoic herbivores) without taking into consideration how all these things are downstream to the efficiency of a feeding niche. Please feel free to share the article around, as I imagine the post will still be super-useful for folks trying to find sources. I was also glad I went through Sigurd Risting's data in April and added his findings to the article in an April update. BTW, it was nice that you just now got to my article as I've just updated the article with my newer homemade models of the fin whale , right whale, and bowhead. I will eventually upload photos on this site. I already did on my twitter and animaltoyforum accounts.

Are you planning to do one on Shonisaurus or something?