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Shastasaurus sikanniensis size
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My Bio
Super-fast FAQ.

Are you a Metalhead? YES! A Furry? NO! The ears are a joke.

How do you work?
Painting in layers with photoshop and Krita. Over the recent years, I've based Palaeontological work carefully on scientific studies and reputable skeleton reconstructions (eg Scott Hartman), and using a custom ruler tool scaled to meters and measured against individual bones or segments. Also of course, lots of scientific articles, often directly testing for size. My older Palaeo art is just eyeballed (with surprising precision I am proud to say) but lacking scientific research.

I noticed something incorrect- mind if I let you know?
Please do! That said, the source you use makes a world of difference.. like the difference between Siverson getting upset I wasn't convinced his top-secret 20 meter Megalodon skeleton existed, all the way up to Ovleg convincing me to make a new 18m Megalodon size chart based on his scientific study (Leder, Perez and Badaut, 2016).

Image usage? Can I link-to/use your images?
Feel free to ask- my answer will probably be "yes"!
I've actually had my images published in books by Penguin, and taken commissions for Ken Derby in the past too (and this is back when I was strapped for time).

Favourite Visual Artist
Brom, Keith Thompson
Favourite Movies
Star Trek 2009, The Thing, Inception, Hellraiser, TotalRecall (old), Dark Knight, StarWars series, the first TMNT movie,
Favourite TV Shows
Big,Bigger,Biggest; Samurai7, Samurai Champloo, Gundam00, Avatar, Zoids, Community, NGEO/BBC Docos
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dimmu Borgir, Mechina, Project Hate, Xerath,
Favourite Books
THE GAP SAGA, RiftWars, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, Psycho Bums,
Favourite Writers
Stephen Donaldson! Raymond E Feist, Anthony Horowitz, Rick Riordan, Andy Griffiths
Favourite Games
FAR CRY 3!!!, Team Fortress 2, Red Alert 2, Capsized, Defense Grid, Half-Life, Portal(s), Prey, StarTrek EliteForce1, and QUAAKEEE!
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC biatches
Tools of the Trade
Digitablet, pencil- also sculpey for modeling
Other Interests
Art, Metal, Scifi, Fantasy, beach, forests, anime (obviously)
It just occurred to me that my recent journal entry was on April 1st. Alas, this year my April Fools prank is "no updates just yet". That said, I'm still working on some, and feel I may as well give an update: 1- Alamosaurus; powered ahead with the Osteoderm investigation, and I have an idea as to what they could be based on a recent sauropod fetus mummy. 2- NEW Giganotosaurus based on more recent updates of the skeleton (including Meraxes). 3- Something new- Australia's super bird, Dromornis stirtoni!! 4- Also working on that new Australian giant Eagle too. 5- Research into Megistotherium is also proving interesting- found a lot of post-cranial Megistotherium AND Hyainailouros parts. Thanks for your patience, alas a busy schedule and awkward logistics of accessing my primary (art) computer has proven quite a bother.
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As you've probably heard, there's a new study testing theropod lips, and this time, it actually makes a fairly compelling case. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abo7877 Skipping over the assumptions about aquatic adaptations, tooth length and erosion-based tooth breakage (which IMO, weren't so definitively settled, including by cited sources) there WAS actually a very interesting test result: -that the theropod tooth they tested (specifically, a Daspletosaurus) had a fairly symmetrical amount of wear on the 'inner' side of the teeth (facing the tongue and inside of the mouth) and the 'outer' side (facing where the elements would be exposed). Now, there could be potential alternative explanations (friction against other surfaces, corrosion from water sources, etc), but it stands to reason that it's still a distinguishing dissimilarity from at least two exposed-tooth animals (alligators and boars) on a tooth that remained in the mouth for an extended period of time. Time to
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I've got three main points. 1- Minor I've done some minor updates on all of my Megalodon works to match the latest research about its size- I do mean to double-check fin shape as well though I'm fairly confident my current versions are already close. I've also updated the Sperm Whale based on more extensive photographic morphologies. 2- MAJOR I've finally gained some time to create a proper bottom-up reconstruction of Shonisaurus/Shastasaurus sikanniensis! This of course means creating my own skeletal! The good news is the skeletal (built directly from charts from Nichols and Manabe (as well as Manabe's skull reconstruction) and Ichthyosaur articulated/mummified fossils).... did the trick in identifying what is very likely the true bodyshape of the animal. The bad news is, the actual skeletal itself is ugly as sin, so I'm skipping straight to the completed animal (which is almost done- just needs prettying up). I'll be publishing this as a new image and probably deleting the old
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Jeez look at this this asshole is mental


Damn something set this guy off- I feel like there's an interesting backstory for this screencap.

Ikr, and he literary spammed trash words to me and made fun of my artwork

like seriously that’s just ridiculous what did I ever do to him 😐

Hmmm, I reckon something you said must have set him off. It could have been as simple as a statement or one of the animals you depicted didn't line up to his expectations maybe? I wouldn't sweat it to be honest.

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:dummy::hug::happybounce::hug:so good to see you my dear dude buddy.

Hey, letting you know that I'm nearly done with my new manuscript on the size variation for other cetaceans. Probably gonna submit it by mid-November if you have any questions, let me know.

I'm very excited to see what you come up with. Which cetaceans in particular will it be covering? And any hints about patterns you've been able to notice in these trends? (or lack therof? This in itself will be a very interesting point, as you've done an excellent job of getting me to rethink my "Antarctic Bergman Rule")