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Luna Lovegood artnuevo by LeksaArt
Hermione + Drago | Signature by N0xentra
Silver Trio by N0xentra
Une annee Moldue | Wattpad by N0xentra
Our Queen by RowlingFan12
J.K. ROWLING by peculiar-artist
Digital Painting with a Mouse - The Queen by Aty-S-Behsam
'The Dark Knight and The Chosen One' by Aty-S-Behsam
Hogwarts and The Golden Snitch
Hogwarts - The End ~ Fanart by AStoKo
Hogwarts Crest by Maintje
Une Place a Poudlard by N0xentra
Magical Little thing by CWood5678
Harry Potter
Hogwarts yearbook photo Harry Potter by theaven
Inktober - Day XIV by Gytrash01
Triwizard Tournament Poster Hogwarts by theaven
Lil Harry's Adventures by LilHarrySeries
Ron Weasley
Hogwarts Yearbook photo  Ron Weasley by theaven
Ron in (love potion) love by LoonaLucy
Dress Robes... by Pasoslargos
Hogwarts Generations: the Best Mate by theaven
Hermione Granger
WarnerBros Multiverse of Madness by HeroesInYou
Emma Watson as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark by HeroesInYou
Emma Watson Woman of Steel by HeroesInYou
Hermione Granger Slytherin by HeroesInYou
Voldemort and Death Eaters
Narcissa's Affair by theaven
Inktober - Day XXVIII by Gytrash01
Tom Riddle - Day 2 (7 Day art challenge) by YukiRichan
Tom Riddle - Day 3 (7 Day art challenge) by YukiRichan
The Weasley Family
Bill Weasley by LoonaLucy
What is the function of a rubber duck by LilHarrySeries
Are you sure you're not a weasley by LilHarrySeries
Un autre Univers Le notre by N0xentra
The Marauders
Wanna hang out? by TheSleepingFoxy
Sirius Black by LilHarrySeries
THE MAP NEVER LIES by LilHarrySeries
Remus Lupin by IonaMuir
The Malfoy Family
Inktober - Day XXXI by Gytrash01
Lucius Malfoy drawing by AStoKo
Lucius Malfoy PASTELL traditional by AStoKo
Malfoy by SoManyPencils
James and Lily Potter
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy by sharadaprincess
Luna Lovegood
Top 11 Witches Meme by theaven
Neville Longbottom
Neville and Hannah by theaven
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weassley by N0xentra
Fred and George Weasley
Fred and George by Pasoslargos
Hogwarts Professors
Albus Dumbledore by LoonaLucy
kiki quidditch  by scorpnell
The Trio and Always Be Together
Les potterheads Une communaute magique by N0xentra
Creatures and Animals
+Acromantula+ Fantastic Beasts by KaworuN
Harry and Ginny
Harry and Ginny by x8xdanix6x
Ron and Hermione
Goblet of fire book cover by theaven
Dumbledore's Army
Top 10 Half Breeds by theaven
Harry Potter Fanfics and Literature
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 4.3To say that she liked Lynn’s cooking was an understatement. Hermione was mightily impressed with her friend’s prowess in the kitchen and a tad bit jealous, if she were to admit it. But either way, she thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dishes.As she bit into the crispy skin of the chicken leg, she moaned in pleasure. “This is really too good, Lynn.”Lynn giggled. “Eat here more often and you’ll put on weight,” she teased.“Draco, you’re lucky to have Lynn cook for you everyday,” Hermione said, her voice slightly muffled by the food in her mouth. She grinned at the man, fully expecting him to agree and voice his contentment. But when he returned her smile, she caught a flicker of anger in his eyes that brought on a chill in her bones.“Today’s dinner is considered special actually.” Draco tossed a side glance at his wife. “Normally we have leftovers or sometimes, she doesn’t even cook.”Hermione noted the undercurrent of tension in his voice and the unpleasant look that Lynn shot him at his remark. She swallowed heavily and quickly reached for the glass of water, downing it in one gulp.Her eyes darted around the table, from Draco’s stern look to Lynn’s dark expression, and then to Tom. She couldn’t see his reaction from across the table given his bowed head. Perhaps fights like this between the couple were common enough to elicit such a response from him.Deadly silence fell over the room like a blanket. Hermione shrank into her seat. Her chest tightened as she recalled the same feeling of being small and invisible in a stifling cold war. Desperate to escape the encroaching walls of nostalgia, she let out an unnatural and shrill laugh.“Maybe I should come over more often then,” she joked in an effort to dispel the heavy atmosphere.It took a second before Lynn recovered her cheery look first. “Yes, you should! We would love to have you over. Wouldn’t we, Draco?”Shooting one last glare at Lynn, Draco turned his attention back to Hermione. He broke into a forced smile. “Yes, we would.”Hermione returned his smile with one of her own, relieved that the silence was broken. Eager to continue conversation, she added, “Looks like Tom will have to see me at school and at home too. Hope you don’t mind, Tom.”The teen barely even looked up at her words and Hermione wondered whether he had fallen asleep at the table. She laughed awkwardly. “I guess he doesn’t mind then.”But Draco certainly minded. He fixed his son in a stern glare and rapped his fist on the table. Tom’s head shot up and his eyes widened upon seeing the look on Draco’s face.“How many times must I tell you?! Put your phone away at the dining table!” Draco hollered as he wagged his finger at the teen.Meeting Hermione’s gaze out of the corner of his eyes, Tom looked away hurriedly. Red splotches colored his cheeks as he glowered at his father. The fury that blazed in his eyes startled Hermione but then again, he inherited that from Draco. Guilty about pulling Tom into the conversation, she hurried to appease the situation. “It’s really okay, Draco. He’s still young-”“That’s no excuse for such behavior,” Draco said sharply. “Especially in front of a guest.”“You don’t need to scold him in front of a guest either,” Lynn cut in, her eyes narrowed at Draco. She reached over to place her hand over Tom’s clenched fist and spoke softly to her son.Hermione couldn’t catch what she said but Tom simmered silently in rage before getting up and leaving the table. She felt bad for the young teen, especially since she had gotten him in trouble. But she felt helpless to do anything.After she watched the teen stalk off to his room, she turned to Lynn with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble.”Lynn squeezed her hand in understanding and broke into a tired smile. “You don’t need to apologize, Hermione. It’s not your fault.”Her lips curving downwards into a snarl, Lynn spat in Draco’s direction. “It’s his.”Draco fumed and his lips parted to hurl accusatory words but when he caught Hermione’s anxious gaze, he took a deep breath. “Let’s… discuss this later, Lynn.”The fight now temporarily halted, Hermione made quick haste to finish the dinner and leave their house. Lynn and Draco never exchanged a word, only speaking and throwing polite glances to Hermione until she left. Once she was out the door, Hermione heaved a sigh of relief. She had no doubt they would continue their heated conversation right now but she thanked God she wasn’t there to hear it. As she walked the short distance to her car, she reflected on the disastrous night. It had started off so well with Lynn and Draco - separately, she noted. But cracks had formed in their relationship and it had obviously taken a toll on their son too. Tom had always seemed like a docile kid to her but the intensity of his glare tonight had shown that he could be volatile too. It scared her, and it intrigued her as well. Much like how Draco’s rebellious attitude had attracted her to him. Catching herself before her old feelings took over, she reminded herself that her best friend was married to him and that their marriage was on the rocks. She was worried for Lynn and for Draco. As a friend, she should try to help them or at least, offer some comfort.Yet deep down and buried in her heart, was a niggling feeling of happiness. A gleeful delight that the breaking marriage might present an opportunity for her.Was it wrong of her to fantasize about that?
Harry Potter New Generation
Potter Family photo by theaven
19 Years Later
Une Place a Poudlard by N0xentra
Gryffindor House
Snapes potion riddle by theaven
Ravenclaw house
Ravenclaw Nerdbook by sylvieniki
Hufflepuff House
KILL THE SPARE by LilHarrySeries
Slytherin House
Theo and Milli by Alomoria
Harry Potter characters
Changed Allegiance by Alomoria
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Potterheads Always by N0xentra
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Cheer is Contagious by Alomoria
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Potterheads Always by N0xentra
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Top 10 Favorite Eternal Enemies by theaven
Different Parings
Salamander Eyes by LoonaLucy
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker XI by DashingTonyDrake
Harry And Draco - Hobbs And Shaw Parody by GiantessStudios101
Matured Content for Harry Potter Fan Fictions
Matured Content for Harry Potter Artworks
Harry Potter Comics


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