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This is a small Flash movie I did some time ago as layout commisioned by a Harry Potter website (HogwartsXL)

The scenery changes in real time, depending on which moment of the day (or night) you are watching the movie. Sunrise, day, sunset and night, with the Sun and Moon moving in the sky accordingly.
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Ahhh! this is so lovely :love:
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Those are birds flying, right ?
In the magic world (muggles can't see the castle. Just a condemned building fenced off with NO TRESSPASSING signs on the fence) - forgot what I was going to say ...
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I see the quidditch court, the Anglo-Saxonish cottage of the half-giant & his boarhound.
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I just favorited this, as I wish to explore it at other times.
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oh my gosh that's amazing so peaceful! I really love how you captured the Quidditch stadium, Hagrids hut and Hogwarts in one place :3 
I love how everything moves so peacefully too. amazing job
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I find myself revisiting this a lot. This must be one of the best things on dA ever.
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This is so cool.
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this just gave me a clear view of what i want the skirt of a dress i'm making look like
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You know what would be awesome, is if it did weather changes as well. (like rain, snow, etc.) Or at least seasonal changes. But I understand that would be a lot more complicated.
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I could sit he and watch this all day...
I have a forum and I've been looking for a picture like this so I can make an Image map out of it, and I was wondering If I can use it? Please reply.
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Oooh, you should incorporate seasons too!
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This is amazing. I don't have adequate words to describe just how cool this is :D
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This is so amazing and very epic!! Love the smoke coming from Hagrids Hut. Just wow!
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I really don;t know how to describe this properly. Even saying I adore it isn't strong enough.
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5 years later, and it's still keeping perfect time.
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Ok now that is cool :3
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So fluid and clean...I love this!
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AHHH!!! WOW! AWESOME! :) I LOVE IT! It's beautiful! Great job! I would love to be there and you made it look so real! Like a moving wizard picture! :) Great! Awesome! Amazing! Pick a word or take them all!
What I would give to be there!
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