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Joining and Submissions


Please state what house it is that you would like to join in the box that appears when you click "Join Our Group". You will be accepted as a member once you are placed into a house.

To join, please click "Join Our Group" that appears in the large blue bar right under the Group Name.

If you do not know what house you belong in, you can try out this Sorting Quiz:…

If you do not state what house you would like to be when joining, you will be randomly sorted into a house and sent a note saying what house you are in.

Once you have joined, you can talk to your Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress about ideas for the club or any problems that you have.

Headmistress: Tniiyl


YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THIS GROUP TO SUBMIT ARTWORK. We do not accept submissions into the Featured Folder.

To submit art to this group, click on the 'Submit Art' at the top of the page and then post to your house folder that you have been sorted into from the drop down menu on the submission page. PLEASE BE SURE TO UPLOAD ALL YOUR ARTWORK, REGARDLESS OF THE CHARACTER YOU DRAW, INTO YOUR HOUSE FOLDER. This is how the points are accumulated for your houses.

Submission Guidelines:
:bulletred: All submissions are sent to be approved.
:bulletgreen: Submissions must be somehow related to the Harry Potter series.
:bulletblue: This is not a hate group, so please don't submit any hate art towards the Harry Potter series.
:bulletyellow: You MUST make your art yours. Art theft and copyright infringement will not be accepted into our group's gallery.
:bulletorange: It is against the rules of DA to sell fanart as prints, so you MUST remove the print option on any fanart you draw if you want it to be accepted into our group's gallery.




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This is a group for everyone who loves the "Potter world"! :w00t:
Founded 13 Years ago
Nov 26, 2009


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Art Creation

11,605 Members
10,018 Watchers
201,393 Pageviews
Hello all. I'm very sorry to say that I no longer have the time to moderate this club. I've been struggling for awhile now to keep up with everything here, and with my job at the hospital, I just can't give the club the time it deserves. However, I will not be removing Harry Potter Fans. I will keep everything open and the only changes are that membership and gallery submissions will be automatically approved. Also there will no longer be updates for house points.
I should be able to check in from time to time to remove any images that don't fall into the Harry Potter Fandom and to make sure that there's no issues with people joining and posting, but that will be about it for now. In the future, hopefully things will settle down pandemic wise and I'll be able to get back to being more active on DA and have more time for the club.
Until then, thank you all for being such great supporters of this club. Stay safe and take care<3
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IMMayes Featured By Owner May 4, 2022   Writer
You may find Harry Potter artwork in my collection you may like, if not no bother 😀👍
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Millennials are truly the most autistic, manchild generation that ever had the misfortune of sliding out of a pussy like a sticky shit. They had an entire decade or two to change things for themselves yet they didn't do shit. They just huddled into their safe spaces like little bitches and trapped themselves in a perpetual state of childishness.

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And if you don't have the millennialoid females acting like perpetual 8 year olds over shitty ass british kid's books, you have the "males" gaping their mouths like 8 year olds over fucking superheroes and shit. God you millennials are a pathetic waste of a generation. What else can we expect from the generation that came up with "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings"?

Best example: the COVID pandemic. This was their chance to stick it to the boomers. The same boomers they spent the entire 2010's railing against. Come 2020? "NOOO WE HAVE TO SAVE GRANDPA NOOOO WE HAVE TO LIVE IN THE POD AND WEAR THE MUZZLE!11" The fuckers ACTUALLY FELL IN LINE and ruined things for the next two generations. Zoomers should have spent their final days in High School having prom, goofing around with friends, graduating in front of a live audience, but no. They didn't get this chance because of you overgrown children and your inaction.

"Awww but I don't have the SPOOOOONS like I literally can't even..."

Shut the fuck up you worthless excuse of a generation. You had your chance and you fucked it up. You want to do something right? Fuck off. Seriously. Fuck off and slip into irrelevance. Slip into irrelevance and let the zoomers fix things. You were a waste of sperm and nobody will remember you. You're worse than Gen X. Hell, at least Gen X made Grunge and Punk.

Millennials were a mistake.

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You have no idea what you're talking about! Hopefully, all that irrational hatred of yours will shorten your lifespan.
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I hope Myrtle ended up going to the afterlife.
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i'm sorry i forgot to say i'm a slytherin when i submitted a join request
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