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A group founded by a young girl. I was thinking of making with because I have many Harry Potter fan friends. So please join today!!
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Rowena Ravenclaw's Family. Childhood and parents. by Aquamirral
Hermione's Red Dress by LolaScheving
Severus Snape by LolaScheving
Ginny's Slug Party Dress by LolaScheving
Welcome Back to Hogwarts! by Aquamirral
Auction open. Ravenclaw student. by Ana1415956
If Brian Was A Ravenclaw In The Harry Potter World by IrishBecky
Salazar and Rowena: Apple of temptation. by Aquamirral
If Ryan Was A Hufflepuff In The Harry Potter World by IrishBecky
If Jack Was A Hufflepuff In Harry Potter by IrishBecky
Godmother Sprout by mistressmariko
Gisele, the Magical Creatures Lover by mistressmariko
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-FanArt 08 by VladislavPantic
Hogwarts Express by ElizabethHolmes
Professor Remus John Lupin-FanArt by VladislavPantic
heroic selfie by pettingqueen
The deep of mind - Severus Snapes reflected mind by Smagodrag
swiiiing by pettingqueen
[Non-Commercial Stock] Tom Riddle School Uniform by DeathEaterStock
Lord Voldemort by DeathEaterRed
next generation
Scamander Family by PatPaige
Not Slytherin? by AnastasiaMantihora
New explorers of Hogwarts by Rukiaoceanspirit1
Little niffler amigurumi by AmigurumiEilex
[Non-Commercial Stock] Quidditch leg protection by DeathEaterStock
[Non-Commercial Stock] Slytherin Quidditch Robe by DeathEaterStock
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker IX by DashingTonyDrake
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker X by DashingTonyDrake
Old school harry potter
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-FanArt-05 by VladislavPantic
Argus Filch-FanArt-Inktober2020 by VladislavPantic
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-FanArt-07 by VladislavPantic
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-FanArt-03 by VladislavPantic
INKTOBER DAY 11: Potion | Hermione by MissWeasleyJB
day 4 - spell by turtletrashworld
Tenderness by Frava8
Ron and Hermione by Frava8
The Girl Who Waited (Ginny Weasley) by thalle-my-honey
Harry y Ginny by salma17
Harry and Ginny by the-winter-girl
Changing times? Nah! by HetteMaudit
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 4.2Hermione scrutinized her reflection in the car’s rear-view mirror, checking her makeup and hair. She bit her lip and exhaled softly. It was just a dinner, she reminded herself. Yet her heart thumped ferociously in her chest, betraying her inner feelings. She took one more look in the mirror, smoothed the wrinkles in her flowery skirt, and killed the car engine. Dumping the car keys into her clutch bag, she got out of the car and crossed the road to the quaint little yellow house at the corner of the small neighborhood. The gate was open in anticipation of her arrival, so she strolled right through, admiring the vibrant flowers in the garden as she did. She came to a stop at the front door, taking a deep breath as she tugged on the long sleeves of her colorful blouse. Feeling much like a young girl on her first date, she puffed out her cheeks before assuming her practiced smile.Her hand reached out and pressed the doorbell once. She heard the melody reverberate through the house and shortly after, the door opened to reveal a tall, slim boy dressed in a checkered shirt and jeans.“Tom,” she exclaimed. “Wow all dressed up to impress, are you?”The teen blushed, his eyes flitting away as he beckoned her in. “Come in, Ms Hermione.”Chuckling, she entered the house, taking in the simplicity of the decor and the multiple owl figurines. Looks like Lynn still liked collecting owl-related decorations. Down the hallway traveled sounds of cutlery and banging appliances. “My mum’s in the kitchen,” Tom said. “You can head right down if you want.”Hermione smiled at the teen who averted her gaze. “Thank you, Tom.”She headed down the hallway after hanging her bag on the rack, and popped her head into the kitchen. Minding the stove was a petite woman, hair swept back with a cloth, an apron covering her sweat pants. “Lynn!” Hermione called out.The woman turned, a spatula in hand. Upon seeing Hermione, her lips parted into a wide smile and she placed the spatula down. She rushed towards her and the two women embraced.“Oh Hermione, it’s so nice to see you again after all these years,” Lynn exclaimed. As they broke the embrace, Lynn cupped Hermione’s cheeks in her hands, her eyes taking in all the details and contours of her childhood friend’s face. “You’re still so beautiful, Hermione. I’ve missed you.”Hermione ran a hand through Lynn’s hair and removed the cloth, letting her friend’s shoulder-length hair tumble down over her face. “So are you, Lynn. Look at you, cooking and all!”“Yeah, can you imagine?” Lynn laughed as she turned back to the stove and switched it off. “We were delinquents before and now, you’re a teacher and I’m cooking!”Leaning on the island counter, Hermione tossed her head back and chuckled. “Anything can happen in this world. Want my help?”“Nope.” Lynn busied herself as she scooped out food onto the plates. “But you can help me set the table in the dining room.”Hermione looked around, finding a set of plates and cutlery already laid on the counter. “Sure, where’s the dining room?”“Through that door.” Lynn pointed towards the white door at the other end of the kitchen and grinned. “Thanks for the help.”“Don’t count on it,” Hermione teased. She picked up the dishes and headed for the door. Her friend’s laughter echoed in the room as she left the kitchen.The dining room was small, with a round table that seated four and a long landscape mirror behind it. Hermione laid the plates and cutlery down, humming as she did. A warm feeling engulfed her the moment she laid eyes on Lynn and she berated herself for not getting in touch with her best friend sooner.It was nice seeing Lynn after so long. Yes, her friend’s dressing had gotten frumpier but that probably came with being a mother. She was still the same bubbly, energetic girl Hermione knew and that was enough for her.“Hermione?”Freezing at the sound of the familiar voice, Hermione’s heart skipped a beat. She gulped and moistened her lips. Turning around, her eyes settled on a well-built man in a simple white t-shirt and black jeans, his eyes sharp and intense. Just like the first time she laid eyes on him, he took her breath away. She had to remind herself that she hadn’t answered him yet. Breaking into a smile, she replied, “Draco! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”His lips twitched upward in a smile and she found herself yet again entranced by his looks. “Yeah, we were pleasantly surprised to hear you were back. Glad to have you home again.”Draco’s warm expression made her melt and she gave a little sigh. “I missed you.” Realizing her mistake, she quickly added, “Both you and Lynn.”A rumble of laughter came from Draco and he grinned. “Just like old times.”Hermione relaxed and she echoed his words. “Just like old times.”

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