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Hogwarts Student ID base.

**EDIT** Woah. 400+ Faves and 12,000+ Views!? That's awesome guys! Haha, when I made this, I wasn't even expecting one fave XD I should make more things when I'm bored then, huh? :P

*EDIT* This now has an *official* Facebook page :) Check it out? It's called Hogwarts Heroes, and it's run by me and my friends! [link]

Name: Obvious
Gender: Also obvious
DOB: Date of Birth
Hair: Colour
Eyes: Colour
Species: Witch? Wizard? Werewolf? etc
Blood status: Half/pure-blood/muggleborn
Registered: Are you an animagus? Or a metamorphmagus? Are you actually registered!?
House: What where you in Hogwarts?
Wand: What is your wand made of?
Patronus: Is yours corporeal? What is its form?
Boggart: Have you encountered one yet? What did it become?
Pet: Do you have a pet? What's its name?
Clubs: Are you in any clubs at Hogwarts?
Extra: Anything else we should know?

:bulletblack:You edit it by saving and opening it in a paint program/copypasting into a paint program and using text to write your answer
:bulletblack: You can use [link] or [link] for the picture

Feel free to use this, but please link back to me, and show me your finished ID's!

Hogwarts © J.K.Rowling
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Hi. So, if I understood correctly, I am allowed to use this for scrapbooking purposes (personal only, not commercial)? Thanks in advance
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it is not working with me
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Used for my oc
Hogwarts student card: Evelyn Roshaug (o.c.) by 0stb
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Hi! :) I loved using your Hogwarts ID Card for an OC of mine :)

Here it is : Blaanid Hogwarts ID
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What does DOB mean
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Yeh ik what it mean now sorry when I put that I was tired and not thinking
lol brain farts are stupid
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Are OC's the only requirement?
I made it in paint but i cant attach it here :(
IamYuutsu's avatar…

I use it again XD I just love this ID
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