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[Concept] Nexus P3

By Harry-Joe
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This is a concept of a dreamed Nexus. Interchangeable modules are the key of this smartphone and allow the owner to choose between three modes: qwerty (office) / gamepad (gamer) / extended battery (traveller). 
The Nexus P³ took about 1 month to be completed. It has been modelled by Giuseppe Avanzato ( ) using Rhinoceros and rendered by Enrico Vicari ( ) using Blender Cycles Engine.
We think this might be the Nexus we all want. Who doesn't want a smartphone that fit his needs? ;)
Feel free to share and comment ...and, most of all, spread this all around the world! (more sharing, more cookies)

P.S.: Game used in 2nd slide - Xonotic (

All rights for Nexus™ Trademark goes to Google.
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WE TRIED TOO AND NOTHING HAPPENED! There could be a problem within the system... We don't know.
P.S.: Thanks you so much :)
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This is really cool. I think this would be better as a case rather then a phone because you could create a case for every device in the market and the keyboards would all be the same. Something to think about, worth trying to get a kickstater or something together.
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No bad idea at all, I miss the Keyboards... the old Windows Mobile Phones had them. 
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Yeah we miss it too!
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Great job!  Shared this out to my friends who run several major Android sites.  

What I would do...since keyboards/gamepads don't take up much depth....would be to make those extended batteries too.  Less capacity than the battery only pop-ins of course.  Both the phone and the extended batteries should be wireless charging ready.  To reduce the connectors needed for the pop-ins, the only ones really needed would be for the battery power into the phone.  The keyboard functions could use NFC.

You should start a KickStarter campaign for this.  Maybe pitch it to Cyogenomod since they are getting into the game now.
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Wow, thank you so much for sharing this to your friends and for the nice words! 

The idea about making QWERTY and GamePad modules with an integrated battery and a NFC bridge, is wonderful and it truly could work! We'll definitely think about that, thanks!

Since this is our first concept and it was more like a "let's try to make a new smartphone", we didn't think about making this.. real. But now, we are seeing how much people want it and, yes, if things will go on like this, we could really start thinking about a KickStarter campaign and about a link with CyanogenMod. This, this whole thing, is just awsome! So thank you again to support us! We hope you'll hear about the Nexus P3 soon later ;)
STUNNING! Great job, I'd definitely buy this dream phone :3
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YES YES YES...:icongrinfaceplz: this is the phone I want.. the is the best thing ever... i want the key bored.. i miss it i NEED it......

I wish this will be true..... coman GOOGLE DO IT :iconilltellonyouplz: PLZ
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Thank you for your feedback my friend :D
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