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steampunk gal

By Harpyqueen
I wanted to draw a steampunk themed dress and this is what I came up with =D
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© 2012 - 2021 Harpyqueen
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Just wanted to let you know that I featured this piece here
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thank you so much
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You're most welcome :)
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Oh my gosh this is beautiful :D love the dress ^^
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Mind if i draw this on paper, im probely not gonna post it, but if i do i can give you credit?:3
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sure but I wanna see it when its done
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You are most certainly welcome!! Your girl rocks!! I just looked at your album and well all your stuff is mega cool! I like most of what I saw. I put you on my watch list, ok? Rock on! Hehe :-)
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I love her! The outfit is to kill for!
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Great image! She looks like my kind of woman--smart and beautiful! Does she have a name and/or phone number?
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lol thanks, and sadly no
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She looks like an intellectual, perhaps an explorer or archaeologist. Perhaps she's just realized how she can get a millionaire or king to finance her next expedition. She's pacing her office when she had an idea.

"I have it!" Professor Le Roux cried. "I won't make the presentation. You will!"

"Me?!" Rodney yelped. "But..."

"No buts! Mrs. Vanderbilt hates me. Oooo, her husband would become infatuated with me. Tomorrow's audience is female, Mr. Fenton. Mrs. Vanderbilt, Lady Bracenel, the Duchess of would be perfect."

"Well, ah, why?" her assistant stammered.

"You know the rumors flying about me. Well, instead of me, they will meet you--a young gentleman explorer, and a hero." The professor smiled. "You did keep those bandits from kidnapping me."

Rodney blushed. He still remembered waking to hear the professor's muffled cries as she was being carried from the compound. One burst in the air from his Romanian V-47 was enough to send them scurrying. The weapon wasn't dubbed "Dracula's Saw" for nothing.

Le Roux took her bashful assistant by the arm. "There's still time! We must get you a haircut! A new coat will do the job. Oh, and be sure to take your automatic pistol and bowie knife!"

"You want me to go to Mrs. Vanderbilt armed?!"

"Of course! Let us hope one of them notices. Then act like you forgot about packing heat. They'll love it!"
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oooh you should write a whole story like that that would be awesome!
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I'd be happy to do so! It would be a 'test bed' for a steampunk universe I'm contemplating, with a touch of H.P. Lovecraft. The "Dracula's Saw" Rodney used to save the professor was a product of the Eastern European Alliance, also known as the Romanian Empire. The premise is that the historic Dracula, Vlad Tepes, founded an empire. He retakes Constantinople and dies at a ripe old age as Emperor Vlad I.

Your steampunk lady reminds me of a character I created, an eccentric modern day archaeologist. I've envisioned her having a fondness for steampunk, so your outfit is what she would wear for a party, etc. She happens to be a redhead, too. I can picture Professor Le Roux wearing a fetching Indiana Jones style steampunk outfit when she's out in the field.

I'll start typing away. It won't be a long story. Perhaps the lovely professor, faithful Rodney and some other students are aboard a borrowed airship that is approaching their goal.
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Well, I spent much of the day--an enjoyable day-- typing out a story inspired by Steampunk Gal. It needs proofing, but I'll post it soon.
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send me a link of it when you do
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its pretty, i like it!
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Oh, awesome!
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