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Sims addiction

By Harpyqueen
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Sims 3 is very addictive......
after a while you start feeling like one

oh...if anyone wants too...give me some gifts of items on my wishlist....*hint hint* my username is amberlymae
I should do more sims comics

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I got sims 4, and this soooo applies to me, except for some things. heres mine:
step 1: open game
step 2: make sim
step 3: download gallery house
step 4: have sim eventually get married
step 5: have sim have up to 3 kids
step 6: age kids
step 7: move kids out without making parents get old
step 8: begin at step 3
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THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER LEL! I have the sims 3 and I have mods and stuff, But this just made me giggle so much I cried, ( I am 9 years old i got my sims 3 physically. )  I showed this to my mom and she laughed too.
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lol ^_^ I am glad I could make you guys laugh
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I secretly have the Sims Freeplay game on my IPod. Secretly as my mother doesn't want me to have a Sims game (even thought I'm old enough to have one one)
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She thinks it's not appropriate even though the games censors things.
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I grew up playing Sims and I loved it! It is very easy to get addicted to the game. The concept of micromanagement in the game play has similarities to the "God Complex." The visual with the plumbob over the Sims 3 player in the art makes me ponder on any external influences on the decisions we make in our lives. The art is very relatable, well constructed, and creative. GREAT JOB!!
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thank you so much =D I agree
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I <3 the Sims 3!
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ah! I love the Sims 3. I always go back to it because the Sims 4 was so boring!
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I wanna try some of the expansions like the future one, the beach one, where you can be a mermaid...and the university life
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I feel like a god too when i play this game, and this art is kewl. (cool)
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Honestly, this looks like the start of a great fanfic.
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I LOVE the Sims 3. It's fun if you know a cheat or two.
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I love this game.
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And the sims 4 is EXTREMELY addictive
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I wish I could afford it -_-
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