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The Fault in Our Stars

What will they say? After I’m gone? Is there something wrong with just being me? Why must I make a legacy that only leaves a scar? I want the grace to believe there’s no fault in our stars.

Right so. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. A lot of feelings. Lots and lots of feelings.

Glass case of emotion feelings.

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters are property of John Green
Art's by me
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This is my favorite piece of Fault In Our Stars fanart by far
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Me: "Why can't you just buy me a fake ID, so that way I can sneak into bars and take pot like a regular teenager?"
Mom: "Well, you don't take pot, for starters."
Me: "SEE! That's the kind of thing I'd know if you got me a fake ID!"
There is no fault in our stars, just in ourselves.
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No, no, no.
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/But in our selves."
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Best movie ever and saddest.
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Seen this movie yesterday and cried a lot Cry run 
I love how yew drew this and how Gus and Hazel are looking each other! 
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TFIOS ;-; I cried at the movie Crying Mako , you're art is really good Squee Bounce  
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Love the style
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This is amazing :)
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I really love your style. Lovely. 
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LOVE this drawing of them!
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OMG I love your style, it's just that appealing simple style and love this pic. I know what you mean by a glass case of emotion feelings
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Love the style, and colours.
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This is beautiful :')
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Love it! Heart Heart Heart 
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The pipe detail is just perfect. Well done, I love it 
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;A; it's amazing
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absolutley cant wait for the movie in june, im gonna cry, great art really good bdw:happy: 

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My lit teacher made us all read this book and I'm very thankful for that. It is one of few books I'm glad I was forced to read.
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