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Outside influences project Fashion edition 2

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Published: July 23, 2014
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Ok, so not everyone is going to like these..

The idea of the outside influences project is to play on the stereotypes about how the media effects children..some of them are..touchy subjects..
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pfeffer-mediaStudent General Artist
So sad but true, wish we could change it.
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CalebPerkinsArt Digital Artist
How moving! :D
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isyliaProfessional General Artist
so strong! so powerful! so true!
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MichelleLeRainbowHobbyist General Artist
It's a sad but horrible truth, children learn from film and mass media what is "right", "wrong" or "acceptable" in life. Parents don't educate their children anymore. They grow up thinking life is a magazine picture and a TV show... They learn about love, sex, social behaviour from Hollywood make-believe films and think women look like those you see in the glamour magazines. Men expect to find a girlfriend like that. They don't realize that it's all fake, well most of it. Women don't have perfect skin like that, or look like that in real life. You don't lose weight over night by drinking a pill, or build a body of athletic proportion by watching the TV or drinking a few milkshakes.
People, and specially children today, are totally out of touch with what is real. They want everything for nothing, don't want to work for something and everything is INSTANT GRATIFICATION.
This is a very powerful message...scary yes, because it is TRUE.
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DAGAIZMHobbyist General Artist
I understand what is the meaning of this image,still is difficult for me to imagen asking little girl to do this pic!
The images of models sipposed to inspire,not only to wear new trend,but to be healthy, and that is reflected in the image of the body...
I know the real meaning behind it, is that it took too far,and girls are not doing healthy just to look better,so it got out of the hand...
But honestly,obesity in childchod is almost always fault of the parents!... If they would look little bit them selfs at those images,maby they would spare them child unhappy thoughts! Some fat families dont even know how to cook veges!
So I stand for both sides and both sides I criticized...
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There's also a difference between obese and overweight.

Being slightly overweight, especially for girls as puberty kicks in, is not that unusual and they often they will simply grow out of it. Unfortunately this is also the time they are most sensitive to outside influences.

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DAGAIZMHobbyist General Artist
Yes, I noticed that as a teenager mysekf, that aroun 16 years face of girls get bit rounder and by 19 get thin and can see cheekbones.
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Eric-S-HuffmanProfessional Traditional Artist
re-requesting for my groups.
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GwangelinhaelHobbyist Photographer
great picture, very strong
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Nice but take care with this little girl for her dont cute herself alone at home
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Nice, amazing work
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CassiusTainHobbyist General Artist
Very grim and powerful image. great work
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Wildphoenix22Professional Traditional Artist
Very powerful image! Beautifully done! 
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Applause Applause 1 Timon -  Applause Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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(Rabbit tho) I agreeeeee
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Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] 
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VALEOONEProfessional Traditional Artist
cool idea !
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Akyura44Student General Artist
Holy crap, very powerful! 
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RainbowAsylum-RS8JStudent General Artist
This hurts me
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Sapphire-industriesHobbyist Interface Designer
that's depressing 
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esalazioneHgHobbyist General Artist
nice work
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LothrianProfessional Digital Artist
I have to commend you on this image:  it is immensely powerful; probably one of the most powerful images I've seen on deviantART in the four and a half years I've been on here.  It is hard to look at, because the truth of it is so simple; there is absolutely no mistaking the message the image is trying to convey.
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