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Classic Shell Skin: Metro - Black Pearl

By HarpyHag
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Metro - Black Pearl skin for a customized Windows 7 style Start Menu.

If you like to use Classic Shell Start Menu as much as I do on Windows, especially on Windows 10, I bet you'll really like this skin.

Based on the classic Metro skin, Black Pearl has a subtle and yet dramatic flavor to it. It mainly features a black background and also colored highlights based on your desktop color theme. Let's not forget the new and improved jump list/sub-menu arrows that look like the ones that are newly presented on Windows 10. I must add that the skin works best with a black taskbar, but of course the choice is yours :) If you do choose a black arrangement, I suggest you try with 75% taskbar and 0% menu opacity or 85% taskbar and 40% menu opacity. These will make the start menu and the taskbar transition to be seamless (like on the preview image).

In order to install the skin, just extract the .skin7 file in the zipped archive to where the Classic Shell Skins folder is. Most likely it is the "..\Program Files\Classic Shell\Skins" folder.

Note: This skin is for Classic Shell Start Menu - Windows 7 style only.

Update: Now the sub-menu borders are also affected by your desktop color theme.

Update: Now the sub-menus are also glass-transparent as default and there is a new option to turn this transparency on/off. Also, a few color adjustments have been made here and there (e.g. the little search icon is colored now).
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amazing! Thanks a bunch!

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This Is An Awesome Skin, It Makes My Transparent Taskbar Mod Look Real Good!
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Thanks for sharing.  Very nice.  How did you get the red selection bar?  Mine is blue.
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Double post - sorry
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Very nice. You could also post this in the Classic Shell forum so more people discover it.  :)
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Great that the submenus are also transparent!
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great skin. although i'd love a 2-column version, i need the right column customization of it
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deviantART Star! thanks for the share, :)
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Thank HarpyHag very much for this awesome skin. I have been using Void by neiio theme for windows 10 and from the look of your taskbar skin, I would like to say it makes my desktop become perfect. Clap 
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