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The two Harpy Eagles of genus Harpia

American Harpy Eagle - .•Harpia Harpija•.

Grasp force: 6500 lb psi

-Indigenous to south America, the American harpy eagle is

the heaviest and most powerful living bird of prey

reaching wingspans of seven feet with broad, close

spaced feathers with many primaries. however, this is a

relatively short length compared to it's body and is needed

to maneuver through trees of the forest. These enormous

eagles grow over 20 pounds. They are endangered in

most states of south America. They have extremely strong

beaks and even stronger breasts needed to power heavy

wings to carry them 40 to 55 miles per hour across

the skies.

:star: Great news people! The South American Harpy Eagle has now been taken off the endangered list!:star:
though It is still killed for its feathers by the native tribesmen there for ceremonial purposes, there are enough eagles to handle that stress!
this is a program that contributed to their comeback, along with many others too.…

BUT, don't forget about the New Guinea Harpy Eagle. it is still ranked threatened, and the population trend is said declining. you may help by donating to the very successful peregrine fund here:…
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with talons the size of a polar bear's, the harpy eagle is the largest and most powerful bird of prey

the harpy is the most powerful bird of prey, and one of the least known birds of prey :(
support this endangered species by joining, or even watching this group!

As some of you may know, harpy eagles are an endangered species of eagle and need help. there is no group on d.a for these special birds of prey so please support the largest raptor known today with your art!

Its the largest bird of prey with a wingspan of 7 feet and weighing up to 20 pounds. it's wingspan is short compared to it's body, and this is needed to maneuver at over 50 mph across the rainforest skies. it is fast for such a large bird.

it's claws are larger than any bird of prey today, reaching eight inches. Harpys' feet can deliver a bone-crushing 7000 pounds per square inch grip that kill's it's prey in seconds.

you can recognize a harpy eagle by it's black or dark blue collar, thick feather crest, blue or black and even brown coloration

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