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The dry wind whipped sand around Cheryl as she sat waiting for Ceonne. For this recipe, they would need fire, and his Hidden Power would be the key.

"Are you done yet?" She called up. "I'm getting bored. I already have everything prepared."

"Yeah, I know," Ceonne replied, lofting beside her. "I just thought I saw something shining in the distance."

"Well, you are always seeing things," she replied tiredly. "Let's get started. I hope you have the energy for some fire after all that flying."

"Yeah, I'm ready," He began crouching to make the fire low. "Let's go."


Later, multiple Pokémon were having a nice barbecue. Several were trying Cheryl's new recipe, a sort of salad-like meal with Meatroot and Fleshcap as the main flavor. She had only thrown in those ingredients instead of a different fruit because she knew that Pokémon like Ceonne enjoyed the flavor. Of course, none of them would eat real meat, and she would avoid anyone who would. Ceonne was passing it around to anyone who hadn't tried it, whether they knew Fleshcap was in it or not. It seemed to be one of those nights where he didn't mind if he annoyed a few 'mons.

How fire played in? She had needed to cook the leaves of a certain kind of plant, to put in a bit more... spice? That's how she always thought of it, but Ceonne always said something like, "This isn't spicy at all. Are you crazy?" She had also contributed to making the Embers-in-a-Pita with that spice. No one seemed to like it as much as the original. She had tried to convince her partner to help cook Meatroot, buuut he "forgot" and flew off on another one of his little "patrols."

Ceonne started toward her, offering a bit of Desert Sweetcakes and sugared Salac Juice. She smiled to reach out to receive her Salac Juice, having a slight moment of realization that there was an extra Sweetcake before he slammed it in her face. She laughed, licking as much off as she could. They then sat down, each drinking Salac Juice and eating Desert Sweetcakes. The stars glistened brightly in the sky overhead, an old symbol to Cheryl that a good day was coming. Ceonne might not believe in omens, but she sure did.
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