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Who's chasing who now?

[in progress]

Fast drawing for fun xD Always wanted draw my favorite q3a girl - Hunter. I got my copy of the game at my 15th bday? [ yey girls love to get bloody games] ._. I actually loved her skull head and shoes. Hm.. now when i think about it, were all the chicks there so slutty? o.O

Part of my 'remake' collection :'D gonna show later what was my first drawing of her.

Hunter and Quake 3 Arena belongs to id Software
Art by me

Edit: Covered her more, before my gallery turns into p0rn
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Ficaria melhor com a pele mais escura,  mas ta bom !!
SpoonManZero's avatar
Need more porn! Maybe another variation of her!
Tarmo-Flake's avatar
Impressive. Hunter was always my favorite Q3 character. =) :+fav:
tattered420's avatar
fan fucking tastic! :heart:
Harpiya's avatar
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Darnit!!!! This piece is so freaking irresistible to me ; ___ ;
err.. I mean in the way that I feel like drawing the same Dx .. Collab with me someday @___________@
Harpiya's avatar
haha sure i like collabs ^-^ loved to draw this meat here and there
ooosvn's avatar
:dummy: Ima send yew a notez OwO
Harpiya's avatar
*o* ima send ou back a notewz
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:o like her too. Would love to see the original :p
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Thank You, the original from game or my oldie drawing? x3
seeethe's avatar
the oldie ofc :D
Eledhwen-Arts's avatar
:D :D I don't think it's porn, personnally :D. I really love this one, I didn't see it before ! I like the fact she's not too thin, the fact she's blinded and all these beautiful feathers !

I'm sincerely happy to have discovered your gallery, I'm totally fan ! :iconchibiusalaplz:
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thank you ^-^
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Cudowne kształty. *p*
Uwielbiam ten styl kolorowania, prześliczny.
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Awesome concept, I really loved the skull helmet. =)
Harpiya's avatar
thanks, the skull was the hardest .-. is a bit off still.
Raulzito2112's avatar
Nah, it's good. =}
Kakumei-Tifa's avatar
This is awesome!
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