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Check the latest journal for updates!

:star: Important dates :star:

In regards to the dates below, you have the entire 24 hours of that day to complete the relevant activity.

Sign-ups are now OPEN
:bulletred: 1st December - Sign-up period ends.
:bulletgreen: 1st December to 3rd December - Assignments will be handed out via note as quickly as possible.
:bulletred: 3rd December to 5th January - create and submit your gifts.

Spread the word! If you share a link to this event you can enter the raffle to win free art! (See journal for details)

Special thanks to Kimblewick for creating the group's icon!

:santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa:


Special thanks to Kimblewick for creating the group's icon, as well as all our helpers and wonderful back-up artists who volunteer their time and creativity each year.





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Welcome to the Christmas Secret Santa art exchange for HorseArt-RPG players. Running for 10 years in a row now! All horse and equine OCs welcome.
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Welcome to the tenth annual HARPG Secret Santa!
This art exchange is for HorseArt-RPG and similar equine character communities on DeviantArt.

A few words from the group Admin

Season's greetings from the HorseArt-RPG team! oxpecker needed a volunteer to step in this year, and knowing how beloved this annual event is, we were delighted to be able to offer our assistance. We think things went well the last couple years and hope you will enjoy the event again. The process will remain the same as it always has been, don't worry! Once again, we'll also be running a gift raffle for everyone who spreads the word about this event in a journal, poll or deviation. Read below for details. You could win a free drawing! Let the sign-ups commence!

Before you decide to participateÖ

Do not join this Secret Santa unless you know that you will have time to complete your artwork within the time constraints (listed below). If you run out of time or become otherwise unable to complete your gift within the time given, you must contact me as soon as possible so that we can work something out. I try to be patient and understanding, so donít be afraid to send the group a note. In the case of illness, injury or personal crises I am very understanding. However I am disappointed by poor excuses such as "I felt uninspired", "didn't feel like drawing", "I was drawing personal art all December and ran out of time" etc. If you are prone to these kinds of spells of unproductivity, please do not participate. I apologize for seeming terse but take a moment to imagine how unfair it is for those who worked hard on their gifts and submitted them on time.


You could win a free drawing from Helsinge by sharing a link to this journal in your next deviation description, poll, status update or journal. After you have posted it, just copy the URL of the post and paste it into a comment reply below to prove that you completed this task. Please link to the actual post, not just your profile. Winner will be drawn by random number generator on December 1st.
  • The link still needs to be active when a winner is drawn - so you can't post a status, copy the link, and then delete it a day later
  • You can only enter the raffle once
  • Anyone can enter the raffle, you don't need to be participating in the Secret Santa

Important dates

In regards to the dates below, you have the entire 24 hours of that day to complete the relevant activity.
  • 23rd November: Sign-ups open
  • 1st December: Sign-up period ends.
  • 1st December- 3rd December: Assignments will be handed out via note as quickly as possible.
  • 3rd December to 5th January: Create and submit your gifts. Images need to be 1) uploaded to your gallery; 2) sent to your recipient; 3) submitted to this group's "2020" folder at some point during this time period***.
:star: It is very important that you submit your image to this group, as this is how we will be ticking off your names to check that all gifts have been given.
Note: Those who have not sent out their gift by January 1st will receive an enquiry via note. They will have the rest of the week to respond and complete the artwork, otherwise we will assign a replacement artist to complete the missing gift.

How to sign up

  1. First, read ALL of this journal entry. Take special note of the due dates, and ask questions if you donít understand something.
  2. Send this group a note titled ďSign upĒ. Inside the note you need to copy/paste and answer the following question:
    1. "My wish is a portrait of one of these horsesÖ "(Provide a link to your horseís reference sheet)
  • You can list up to three horses for your Secret Santa to choose between (any more than three will be ignored)
  • At least one of these characters must be basic in design (no complex markings, no accessories or wings/horns etc)
    • This system will ensure that every artist can choose a horse that suits their level of drawing ability
Characters permitted: Any OCs and RPG horses, zebras, donkeys, pegasus or fantasy equines. No griffins, Shedu cats, Tokotas, Fawnlings etc, MUST be an equine! Please no copyright characters from movies/TV, e.g. Spirit, My Little Pony. The character must belong to you.
Note: If you have special instructions about the character's markings, or multiple views of their body, please just include it in their reference sheet. Just send one link, we will only copy one URL per horse.
(Optional) "Do you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas?"If yes, please let your Santa know what holiday theme you would prefer, e.g. Hanukkah, New Year, Chinese New Year, secular (non-religious)
And you're all set! You will not hear back from the group until 1st - 3rd December for your assignment.

Getting your assignment

Between 1st December - 3rd December, we will be sending out notes with your secret gift recipient and their preferred characters. Choose one of these characters to draw. We will randomly match you up with your assignment. You must not swap with other players, and we wonít switch people around without a good reason. Also remember itís a secret! Donít tell anyone who your assignment is or it will ruin the surprise! We urge you to begin drawing your image immediately and have it completed well before the due date so that you donít have to worry about rushing at the last minute. The holidays are a very hectic time of year, and the New Year can creep up on you quickly.

Artwork requirements

  • No free line-arts or photomanips permitted Ė you must draw the art yourself
  • Christmas/Holiday/New Years theme is completely optional
  • Horses must be coloured (shading is optional)
  • Backgrounds can be very simple; single-colour or photo is fine
  • You have freedom of choice between a full-body or head-shot portrait
  • No rough sketches or unfinished work. Put in some effort! If you submit a sketchy headshot it really looks like you're only participating to receive a gift, and that's not cool
  • Do the right thing and credit resources/reference photos used
  • Gridding and tracing is permitted, as long as you put effort into it and the end result is high quality
  • If you run out of time, you must let us know in advance (note the group and we can work something out)

When and how to submit your gifts

You can submit your gifts and note them to your recipient at any time within the submission period (3rd December - 5th January). This gives you five weeks to create and submit your gift.
Submission period: 3rd December - 5th January.
IMPORTANT: This is a three step process! See below:
  1. Upload your gift to your gallery at any time during this period
  2. Send the link to the recipient via note or comment
  3. Submit the picture to the "2020" folder of this group (or if you're not sure how to do this please send us a note or leave it as a comment).
It's really important that you remember this third step, otherwise we will have no idea that you completed your assignment and we will be hassling you for it after the deadline. Awkward!

If you donít receive a gift

We can make no guarantee that your Secret Santa wonít unexpectedly have a life crisis, or for whatever reason be unable to complete their gift. If you have not received your gift by January 1st, please donít panic, just send a note to this group and let us know (though we will probably already be aware of it). We will check on your Secret Santa to find out what is happening. Then we will arrange for a replacement artist to whip something up for you. It might come a little later than is normally considered festive, but this way nobody misses out.

If you are not happy with your gift

I donít think itís really necessary for me to say this, but for the benefit of the doubt, please be reminded not to look a gift horse in the mouth. In other words, if you are not happy with your gift for whatever reason, please refrain from complaining. Donít view this event like a lottery or a lucky dip. The intent of a Secret Santa is to celebrate the spirit of giving, not receiving! So give selflessly, and hope to make somebodyís holiday really special.

Back-up artists

If you have lots of free time in early to mid January 2021 and wouldn't mind doing some extra art, you can volunteer to be a ďback-upĒ artist in case some Santas donít end up completing their pictures. Please send this group a note to put your name down for this important job. Iím sure youíll make somebody very grateful by ensuring that they donít miss out.
Below are all the back-up artists so far. Thank you so much for your generosity!
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! If you have any questions please leave a comment.
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