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Welcome to the Equine Olympics!
Our additional disciplines for this year allow more equestrians
to show off their best talents to the world but we also hope to see many supporters to join.
This Year's Olympics are proudly presented to you by Three Stables:
:bulletyellow: Pre Registrations are now OPEN!
(Closes on 15th of August)
:bulletyellow: DEADLINE: 1st of September
Join our DISCORD SERVER to meet fellow entrants and share experiences during the event!
:bulletyellow: Information to the Classes
:bulletyellow: Information to the Extras
:bulletyellow: Resources to the Locations of the Events
:bulletyellow: Additionally: Weather Chart


Time Table


To see rules for the individual Classes look up the Class Guidelines!
  • At all times during the Olympics, be respectful to fellow entrants.
  • When featuring other's Characters, make sure to ask the owner for permission
  • Collabs are accepted for extras, as long as both parties link it to the main entry
  • Entries should be entirely drawn by the Artist who enters.(no Photo Manips or Literature Entries. Textures can be used but needs to be well blended into the image)
  • Tracing is allowed with proper credit (direct link to the image, not a general website)
  • Tracing and heavy referencing is only allowed with the use of stock or own images (Please do not use professional Photography or images not clearly stated to be stock)
  • All Entries and Extras must state if a reference was used. (if so, properly credit)
  • Any major accident during the event can lead to disqualification (Vet checks!)
  • Mistreat of the horse during any time of the event can lead to disqualification
  • Any Natural horse breed is welcome. (as well as pony, mule and zorse)
  • "Fantasy" horse breeds are welcome if the coloration can be somewhat explained by the use of dye, paint, minor modifications (Horns, split hooves, elongated tail, excess hair)
  • Equines with heavy fantasy features may not enter (scales, wings, extra limbs, paws...)
  • Equestrians and Visitors need to look believably human. (Elves, Vampires, Witches, Wizards with slight fantasy features are fine!) SOME PARTICIPANTS may need to be reviewed CASE BY CASE if they suit the requirements!
If you have any questions regarding the rules, do not hesitate to ask : )
Keep in mind that the stables that are hosting this event are having their own world building behind it and need to be able to interact/relate to everyone entering their stable grounds,
so those Equines and Equestrians with their entire team and visitors need to suit the setting.


GENERALLY Entries need to be full-body (80% of the horse showing), have a cut that adds dynamics or balance to the composition or covered half way by an object in order to show less than 80%
Comics and Animations are allowed as entries and have two options for judging. Version One: A panel or frame needs to be chosen as "single image" that will be judged according to our matrix. That makes it even to single image entries but the additional images can act as impact or story points if it is truly adding such qualities. (Nothing that a single image entry with good written story can't do)
Version Two: If no panel or frame is chosen to be judged as single entry, the entire comic or animation will be taken for judging frame by frame. With that it is possible that accuracy mistakes in tack or background add up if it's a constant mistake as well as lack of detail in some frames/panels will be counted up.
Judging is having four categories to be judged by.
  • Keeping close to the provided location references
  • Country flag and Starting Number
  • Paying attention to the Tack and Attire rules (Class Guides)
  • Depicting the respective disciplines in a recognizable way (Class Guides)
  • Drawing the right time and weather for the discipline
  • Putting the given location and setting into the most flattering scene
  • Creating an interesting, dynamic or balanced piece
  • Showing a well developed, recognizable and consistent art style
  • The image needs to meet the gallery standard but does not need to go above and beyond for a full score. Gallery standard is the maximum to reach
  • Multiple Images (Comic/Animation) may underline an impact but are not considered extra effort.
  • Extra Images count as effort, depending on the class there are a maximum of 2 or 3 Extra Images counting towards the score. More at "Extras and Resources"
  • The olympics offer a lot of ways to make the event an interesting story. The entry, optionally together with the extras, should give the feel of a story opposed to a stand alone image without any insight to the characters. While it does not need to be exciting, dramatic or offer a major plot twist, there should be some meaning for the character to go to this event. There is no minimum word count for the story, short stories, comics are valid too, if it can get the idea across!
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Extras are this year around an important part of underlining your storyline to the entry and to work as the showcase of effort since there is a cap of "effort" in the entry itself as soon as it meets the gallery standard. Therefor a couple guidelines are put into place in this journal.
To see how many extras can count to your score, check the CLASSES


Rules and Regulations:
  • It is fully up to you where you picture your entrant during the Olympics. (For example: Preparations before the ride, warm up, chatting up other entrants, cooling down, Vet check, exploring the location or relaxing, Opening Ceremony, cheering on fellow entrants. All locations have access to a large lake or the sea.)
  • It HAS to be recognizably that location, eating out elsewhere in a different nearby city does not count as activity on the olympic grounds. All three locations offer a room or Apartment to stay, Hotels can be chosen too but will also not count towards Olympic extras if that is chosen to be depicted. Meadow images of horses alone need to be drawn in a way that the location is recognizable opposed to an angle where its random.
  • It does not have to be the entire equipage, it can be only the rider, or only the horse.
  • For an Extra to reach the full score (5 points) it has to be gallery standard + full body
  • Simpler extras that are more sketchy or less than full body count as 2 points
  • Extras count towards the "Story" score of the event.
  • The accuracy rule still applies to extras and may get some points off if the weather is off in the given location or if the place is depicted entirely wrong. (Many ref images!)
  • If you have ANY question to depicting the locations, send a note to the group! We very gladly try provide reference images to the exact thing you plan to depict.


Here are some easy to find links to all resources you might need for your images!
-Guides/Rules to all disciplines are listed here: CLASSES

Dragon's Nest Stable

Stable Map: Click HERE
Around the Stable & Interior Refs: Click HERE

Imperial Stable

Stable Map: Click HERE
Arena Guide: Click HERE
Area Image Refs: Click HERE
Inspiration images: Click HERE (fits the location but may have details wrong like missing mountains etc. Check Stable Map and Area Image Refs for accuracy)

Cor De Leon

Stable Maps and Infos: @CordeLeon
Stable Journal: Click HERE
Arena Guide: Click HERE
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We would like to thank everyone who supported this event since it's planning,
especially the sponsors who contributed not only awesome Prizes, but also obstacles.




The prize pool will be soon updated, there was an error with eclipse which deleted the formatting and i ran out of time to re-type 8')
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More Journal Entries


Meet the team of HorseArt-RPG's Olympics








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