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Hello and welcome to HaRPG-Equestrians where ALL equestrians are welcome to join. Anyone is welcome to join whether they be human or not, part of HARPG or not, you are welcome here!

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August 24th, 2019

Hello everyone! Sorry for the group silence/inactivty, I'm back again and trying to get it active! But like last years update, a group is only as active as it's members! Which I'm trying to get active again and have been posting to the group all my stable's staff interactions and such. I've also updated the monthly prompts in hopes of getting a few entrants to that!
Once again would like to say thank you to those whom have stayed through the inactivity and continue to submit your works into the group! And I would like to welcome the new members whom come to the group! Thank you for keeping us active!
If you have any suggestions for this group, please comment them below!
I'm also open to having admins if anyone would like to help the group out in a more hands on way! :D

November 15th, 2018

Woah, haven't updated this journal in literally a year, well a year and a month, but anyways. I'm back to trying to get this group active again! Which, a group is only as active as it's members, and I'm sorry for not being very active. I am doing my best to come back to HARPG and stay active! Thank you to those who have stayed though the inactivity and continued to submit your works into the group!
The member raffle is ending today at 11:59pm Central Time, so you've still got half the day to enter if you'd like!
I've also posted the Secret Santa event and hope you all plan to participate! :D
I'm also hoping to host a Christmas/New Year/Holiday type show and at the beginning of the new year we will be holding our second Equestrian Conference and I hope you guys bring out your horses and riders to both events! :D
If you have any suggestions as to how to get the group back to activity then please let me know!

October 22nd, 2017 - Would anyone be interested in a Secret Santa type event where you sign up and list 2 equestrians and 2 equines, that way if someone would prefer to draw one or the other, they can, or they could draw a rider and horse pair. Either way, it'll be open for pre-registration for awhile and then everyone will be RNGed into matches and will be noted privately for the event. You will be drawing art for another member, so it's like an art trade event.
Secondly would anyone be interested in an Equestrian Gift Exchange. This event will be more like a show and will have prizes and whatnot. For this event you will pre-register with your equestrian or equestrians and once that is over, your equestrians will be RNGed into matches(kind of like secret santa as well), and then you could depict your equestrian either wrapping the gift, giving it to the other person, or even opening their own gifts!
Lastly, HARPG-Equestrians is sponsoring a little Halloween event that I am hosting, geared towards the Equestrians! 31 Nights of Halloween is a Costume show, where people can come and show off their costumes. Singles and Couples are allowed, as well as all ages. If enough entries it may be split into Children and Adults! Come check it out and maybe enter!
October 18th, 2017 The skype group link is and our Discord group
link is
You are welcome to come join and chat or write suggestions and improvements you'd like to see in the group. You can advertise your shows and show off your art as well!
March 14th, 2017 - HaRPG Equestrians now has their own skype group! -
Please enter/participate in our Monthly Prompts, 2017 Equestrian Spring Conference and 2017 Equestrian Spring Event!
Hey everyone! I've been working to keep this group active, and I'm sorry it became active, but hopefully it won't again. I'm trying to be more active this time and keep my groups active.
I also want to remind everyone that just because this group is for the equestrians of the HARPG world,  it doesn't mean you can't submit works featuring just your equestrians. It is totally fine if horses are not included in the image, as this group is geared more towards the staff side of HARPG.
I love reading literature/seeing art of staff doing stuff other than their stable life. It's awesome to be able to see into their life outside of the stable and horses. It is greatly encouraged in fact! ^.^
I'm going through and updating the folders. If your image gets removed it was probably put in the wrong place or it wasn't an allowed image. Sorry again for being so inactive. I'm trying to get this group active again though.
Hey guys! Sky here, sorry for being so inactive with this group! I'm thinking about hosting a show or something fun for the equestrians! If you have any suggestions please comment below! Thanks!
I added three new folders, Stable Journals, Advertising and Looking For. In the Stable Journals folder you can put anything that pertains to your stable like the basic journal, a journal of horses living there, affiliates journal, a journal with your equestrians listed ect. In the Advertising folder you can advertise things that aren't shows or events, like a horse that is for sale, commissions, jobs your equestrian will do for others ect. In the Looking For folder you can put that you're looking for a horse, or someone to draw your horse, or if your equestrian is looking for work ext.
If you have any suggestions or anything, just let me know! You can either comment on this journal, note the group or note me personally at SkyWolfSpirit.
ShowZone has quite a few shows open! I'm still in the process of adding more shows!
Sorry for not being a very good admin and stuff. What would everyone like to see next? I'm extending the Ground Work Show. Would you guys like to see any other shows or something else? I'm open for all kinds of ideas, just let me know!
Images with half of the Equestrians are accepted as long as in the story or description you say who the handler is. They will receive the same amount of points as a picture with the whole equestrian shown.

Would you guys like me to host another show? If so what should the main focus be? Western, English, ect.. Please let me know if you have any ideas or anything you'd like done/changed.

Also I made a new account, ShowZone where all my personal shows will be held and the favorites section is filled is various shows, so if you are ever having trouble finding a show, I'm sure you can find one there.
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I submitted two deviations to the group today, both of female HARPG staff members for my Farm. I'm pretty sure I was submitting them into the Female folder, but after refreshing a few times and double checking when they didn't show up, I realised they've ended up in the Featured folder.

If they're not meant to be there, would someone mind shuffling them in the right direction for me? Thanks for any help :)
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Hi there. I am having a staff member design contest as seen here: And I was wandering if you could please feature it in your group. I am hoping to get some new staff members in...and I suck at coming up with things. If not, I understand. Thank you for your time.
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