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Hey y'all!  I've received a few inquiries about making donations and wanted to let you all have the info in one fell swoop!  Just follow this Link
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I just wanted to update you all and answer a very common question - that begin my Terms of Use.  They are listed in each file in .txt document.  To make it simpler for you - you may ONLY use my work for Personal Use and not at all by means of gaining profit off of them, from them, with them and repackaging for Commercial Use. 

If you have any inquiries please E-mail:
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Hey everyone! WOW!  I can't begin to believe all of your support, kindness, encouragement, love, etc.  You all are legit damn rock stars!  In case you weren't aware, I am now on Etsy where you can purchase numerous products of mine for use!  You should definitely check it out and my Facebook page, as well as my blog!

Hugs, Harper
Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to check out, download, use and support my designs so far!  I can't begin to tell y'all how much I appreciate it and look forward to any and all feedback.  For those of you interested, I've created a Blogger account as a platform for sharing to non-deviants.  The link is: and it will contain all of the latest updates and news about new deviations as well as direct access to downloads.
Thanks again!

Alas, I have arrived among my fellow Deviants!  Wait, what?  Okay, okay, I'm Harper Finch and graphic design is my hobby/creative outlet.  Terming what I do as graphic design makes me feel like a hack - because I'm nowhere even remotely close to the zion of digital artist greats who inspire us all with their quixotic visions and innovative technique.  So, to scrape away all of the high-falutin verbiage - I like to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create unique and original vectors, patterns, tools and the like.  
For me, Photoshop is a phenomenal extension of my creative mind and enables me to formulate designs of my own creation within the guided structure of the program.  
I have a keen eye for aesthetics - visually from furniture design to color palettes to typography and lines, to begin.  The human mind is infinitely fascinating to me, which has made my career what it is and what I love, and nothing is more voluble, emotive, honest and pure as what one creates by transferring their creative thought through a platform to create and display what is part of them.  That's art and that's the most beautiful human experience that is so profoundly negated.
Again, I'm Harper Finch, these are my thoughts and these are creations - I can't wait to share them and become apart of this commune of creativity!