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[CLOSED] 500 watchers Raffle!
Ok I don't have 500 watchers yet, but it's close enough :icondancingplz:
And I just can't wait
So I'm making a free raffle~
Rules are simple, to join the raffle you need to:
~Be watcher (new watchers welcome!)
~Fav this journal
Everyone will get one ticket, so I won't be answering to your comments uwu
I will randomly pick three winners from all comments
For each winner I will draw a bust like this~

Raffle end: 22.09
Thank you all for all support! <3
:iconkageyumi:Kageyumi 31 35
OPEN Mini semi-raffle: help me choose and win art
Hi everyone :wave:
So.... I should probably explain my title :dummy: 
I have realised I do not have any examples of digital chibi art to my commissions so this is the idea 
I want to make 4 characters where 3 of them are my own - help me choose and you get a ticket to the raffle of the last slot :dummy: 
The raffle will only happen if we get at least 7 participants ^v^
The winner will be chosen with 
How to enter
Be a watcher (new watchers are welcome as always Fox emoji - cuddle )
Fave this journal (so I can see how many approximately wants to enter) 
Share this journal 
Choose three characters from this folder you want to see me draw 
Comment below where you describe all you've done ^V^ 
If you want extra tickets you can
Give one person a compliment (you are welcome to tag them as well <3) (max 3 - 1 ticket each)
Tell me something about y
:iconthebadgerfoxdraws:thebadgerfoxdraws 18 111
4000+ Watchers ART Raffle! [until october 20th]

✦ I just hit 4000 followers here, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
This is just a huge support for my creativity and motivation to draw, even if I have not been active here for a while!
Okok I'm not a verbose person, just thank you!
:iconpapcryplz: :iconpapcryplz: :iconpapcryplz: 
[Prizes | Rules]
This time there will be two winners, each will get a fullbody drawing from me! 
(with a transparent/one-color background or with super simple background)
+ This raffle are for watchers only! | New watchers are welcomed ofc!
+ It will work through tickets (numbers) and the winners will be found through
+ Limit one entry per person! (no side accounts!)
+ I will not draw: Mecha | Furry | Extrime NSFW (ecchi is ok)
+ Reference images must be visual and clear, pls

[How to enter]

This is the first time I do a raffle with t
:icon24hrs-coma:24hrs-coma 251 483
600 watchers raffle! [CLOSED]
Lucky winner is 17!

IT IS HAPPENING, WHOA. 600 watchers! THANK YOU! It means a lot!
To celebrate and thanks you for sticking by, let's make a raffle with art or custom adopts to win!

 Need to be my watcher. New watchers are welcome (just don't unwatch me after this raffle, it's rude and misses the point of the raffle, which is to thanks my watchers/supporters)
 Need to share it in a new journal/poll/status
 Comment under this journal and link the journal/poll/status you've made
 No need to tag people but would be appreciated, because if there will be more people joining the raffle, additional reward will be added as well!
:iconkitsunka:Kitsunka 19 63
Halloween Giveaway: OPEN
Soo it's still September but uhh yeah im posting this now!
So for now, I will be picking 3 users who will get a free drawing from me <3
(There IS a possibility that I will be picking more than 3 lucky users, but we'll see)
it will be a surprise on what it will be heh, so yeah!
If you want to qualify, fill the form!
Character name:
Character refs:
Some stuff I need to keep in mind when drawing your character:
Some things you like about my OC, Zoe/Jelara: (min. of 1)
I will be posting the art of the lucky users on Oct. 31 ! (+8:00 GMT)

- Be a watcher ! (New watchers are welcome uwu)
- Don't unwatch me after this is over
- Don't force me to do your chara
- Don't unwatch me or get mad at me if I don't pick yours
- I will be drawing your OC in either halloween colors, or in a spooky theme : 0
- No bribing !
- Max. 1 character uwu
- Eve
:iconkuroemii:Kuroemii 5 7
Sketch page - Sonya by KotaVa Sketch page - Sonya :iconkotava:KotaVa 227 38
70+ Watchers Raffle (open)
Hello my sweeties!! <3
Icon - Thai's nya 

Well, thank you all for watching me! ^^
I'm not very good with words, but I'm really happy for all of this!
You can see the list of participants here:
The raffle will end in 10/31/2018!!

Be my watcher!
New watchers are always welcome! But please don't unwatch me after the raffle, if that happens you will be put on my blacklist!
Add this journal as your favourites!
New watchers are always welcome! But please don't unwatch me after the raffle, if that happens you will be put on my blacklist!
Share this journal!
You can share in new journals only! Link the journal in your comment so I can check!!

Doing these obligatory requirements, you will receive 1 ticket!


Tag 2 friends
:iconfafiix:Fafiix 28 56
~ 500+ watchers art raffle ~ OPEN ~ ADD 3st PLACE
Do you ever think that i will be have 500 watchers? Me neither XD
That's so cool, awwwwww X3
I am incredibly grateful to each of you, for your comments, favs , supports ! ~
You are all so wonderful and I love all of you so much! >33333<
I draw not so much and I'm sorry, but maybe when I'm more productive, you will also become even more! *u*
Oh, it's so exciting, huh :> Thank you for staying with me! ^^
So, I thought it was time to make a raffle. Our family is growing and I need to pamper you С:
Since the school year has already begun, I will make only 2 prizes.

Most likely, I'll make another one raffle after that, because you're so adorable! :^з^:
~~ Let's start? ~~
For your entry, you need:
- Be my watcher (new are welcome) +1 ticket
Don't do this, if you just want a drawing, I really need active watchers!
:iconkotava:KotaVa 77 224
500++ watchers raffle! closed
Ahhh this one took me a while to make but it's finally here!!
Hello and welcome to yet another art raffle!
This time I'm celebrating passing the 500 watcher milestone!
I'm amazed that there's so many of you here already and I'm very grateful for each and every one of you! You give me a lot of support and motivation and I want to thank you for that by hosting this raffle!
Winners will be chosen randomly through!
Raffle ends 14.09.2018!
(yay, my birthday!)
To join you have to:
♥ be a watcher!
new watchers are welcome but please don't unwatch me after the raffle, this will mean an instant ban from all future events of this sort hosted by me.
♥ favorite this journal post!
♥ make a new journal/poll advertising this raffle!
♥ reply to the "entries here" comment!
These steps will grant you 1 ticket!
To get additional tickets you can:
♥ tag up to three friends! (+1 per friend)
♥ share a cute picture of a rodent! (+1)
You can
:iconyukiokocchi:Yukiokocchi 56 134
+400 Watchers Raffle ! [OPEN]
Thank you very much for being so many to watch me Bunny Emoji-07 (Emoji Cry) [V1] 
I don't post regularly but you are always here ! 
For thank you, I organise a raffle (it's been a while ) 
Free To Use Sunflower Divider Free To Use Sunflower Divider Free To Use Sunflower Divider 
To Enter
                            Small Sunflower Bullet - Laguna  Be a watcher (new watchers are welcome, but don't follow me for free art plz ;w; )  
                            Small Sunflower Bullet - Laguna  Create a poll / a journal or a status linking to this journal. (+1)
:iconniniwine:Niniwine 49 120
raffle! : )
hi kids! welcome to my raffle.
it's a simple one. i just got a new tablet so my art is very... off. right now. i haven't drawn in months and my style has taken the fall for it, so my 
work is pretty shitty right now. sorry. but i can offer you colored designs!! woo!
want to enter? all you have to do is favorite this journal, make a journal/poll/activity post about my raffle containing this journal (bonus points if you do all three)
and comment that you did so! with proof. i have trust issues.
and please be WATCHING ME! that's important too
i'll reply with a number. i will randomly generate 3 numbers
the 1st number (theoretically first place) will get 3 custom designs
2nd number (theoretically second place) will get 2 custom designs
3rd will get 1 custom design, and so on.
examples of my work are below! i usually use the p2u lines seen below by aleskay , but if you want any lines specific that you
:iconsugarwraiths:sugarwraiths 14 27
100pts FINAL giveaway! (CLOSED) and goodbye guys!


 hallow / thank you 
And now for the FINAL giveaway, August 2018 Giveaway!
Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp       
:iconemocx:emocx 157 93
SHADING TUTORIAL V.2 by oncha SHADING TUTORIAL V.2 :icononcha:oncha 1,742 22 C| 200 by K-A0S C| 200 :iconk-a0s:K-A0S 79 2
*Free Icon/Emote* Molang (Sparkling) 
hello all you babes and cats!
so jokes on me, i didn't get the chance to draw a character for my monthly watcher adopt raffle...
so i guess you guys get to benefit?
instead of raffling to adopt a character, you'll be raffling for me to draw your character!

Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider 
sparkles emoji WHAT THE WINNER WILL GET:sparkles emoji 
a full body of your character of your choice
fullbody example:
sparkles emoji  RAFFLE ENDS AUGUST 1ST 12:00 AM EDT+ 
:iconsukotai:sukotai 19 48
3K Watchers Raffle! [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
Thank you to everyone who joined! This raffle is officially closed~ 
1st Place Winner goes to~
 - > :iconlilygumdrop:
2nd Place Winner goes to~
 - > :iconpinktabico:
Congratulations to the winners and hopefully I'll see you all in the next raffle haha
OH MY GOODNESS! I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 3K this year haha
thank you guys for sticking around and liking my art
I enjoy reading all your comments and talking to you guys it's just surreal ~ 
We family yo
BT21 - KOYA emoticon cute - bt21 koala heart 
NOW IT'S RAFFLE TIME ONCE AGAIN~ You guys know the drill already :3c
Fullbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)   
1000 Points
2nd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at 100 Participants
Halfbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)500 Points
3rd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at
:iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 145 346



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Answers will be posted on my profile and on Twitter


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I love to write, read and draw. I love animals, Doctor who, Pokemon and, of corse, anime. My favorite anime is Black Butler and Hetalia. I also cosplay at conventions such as Fanime, Furthur Confusion, BLFC, Anthrocon and more


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of course~!
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lighthouse-arts Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Student General Artist
Which adopts did you pick from the adopt batch 
(if not, you can have one chibi and one fox)
Easter Basket Assorted Adopts [OPEN] by JynxWilde  
Harpaw8 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
The white haired girl and the orange fox, how do I download my files? :)
lighthouse-arts Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Student General Artist
Ill send them to you.
Which white haired one
Harpaw8 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
top left corner
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