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A handsome boy by Harowaja A handsome boy :iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 0 I'll show you where by Harowaja I'll show you where :iconharowaja:Harowaja 3 2 Akeila by Harowaja Akeila :iconharowaja:Harowaja 3 2 A cold night by Harowaja A cold night :iconharowaja:Harowaja 3 6 How to care for small pups by Harowaja How to care for small pups :iconharowaja:Harowaja 4 4
Malicious Creatures
A quiet and shy jingle filled the dark woods.
It reflected on the hard surfaces of the trees, got caught in the green leaves of those trees and was beaten and run over by the loud sounds of rushing water.
But through all those loud noises, Stru’enas could hear it.
Quietly but something told him the source was near.
He stayed quietly and listened. Looking for the direction it came from.
Until he could already see it.
A small Dove with Crimson fur like him and a small lavender collar.
A small golden bell was sewed to the collar, almost like with cats just larger.
Her fur was overly fluffy and her tail was incredibly short.
He had not seen a short tailed Kukuri in a long time !
But what disturbed the cute image of the short tailed were her wide eyes, filled with fear.
She ran towards with him with enormous speed and it saddened Stru’enas.
It saddened him to see this wonderful Dove in fear.
So he puffed up his chest and rose his gaze towards whatever was scaring her.
With his s
:iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 5
Even More Derps by Harowaja Even More Derps :iconharowaja:Harowaja 1 0 Sunrise by Harowaja Sunrise :iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 3 More Derpiness by Harowaja More Derpiness :iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 0 Derp by Harowaja Derp :iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 5 ... and now it's all blue ? by Harowaja ... and now it's all blue ? :iconharowaja:Harowaja 2 7 Everything Black by Harowaja Everything Black :iconharowaja:Harowaja 8 10
In company of the stars
The small white dots were dancing in the night, the wind moving them from left to right and back.
Their shine reflected on the short fur of the two Kukuri underneath it.
One of them was as small as a dog and the other was a little bit larger, but still not at the height of an average Kukuri.
They were cuddling close on the small cliff, their feet touching the cold grass.
The small fireflies surrounding them were impossible to not notice.
Their behinds were shining bright in the darkness the moon had brought with him.
Their light reminded the small raptor like creatures of a few of their kin.
The few rare ones with luminescent dots scattered across their fur.
But those dots never danced as free and lightly as these fireflies did.
Their dance was never filled with energy.
It was static and not dynamic like nature was able to make the fireflies.
Loki sat there quietly.
His breaths lifting his chest in a regular rhythm, almost in sync with Midas’ breath.
His heart following a differe
:iconharowaja:Harowaja 1 1
True heroes
It had been a hard time. Very hard to be exact.
One of my hardest times most likely.
Sure losing something was always hard, more even if it was something dear.
But losing your ability to see the world around you sure feels like your life has ended.
Like there is no reason to continue.
There after all is no way you will every be able to see anything again.
The light that reflects on the surface of a lake when the sun shines.
The beautiful a sunrise or a sunset causes.
The gorgeous butterflies that swarm here in the summers and drink the sweet nectar from flowers around here.
It was all gone in just a moment.
And I couldn’t handle it, I really couldn’t.
I was contemplating to end this life.
What was it worth after all without being able to see my surroundings.
The wonders of nature that I loved so much.
But a dear friend of mine helped me.
I met James in a cafe, just before the accident.
I had went there with Ilais to meet up with her then crush Tyrant.
Sure I was the third w
:iconharowaja:Harowaja 1 1
A large Companion
It was a strange sight.
Two incredibly small Kukuri, both comfortably seated on the red back of a huge Raven Prairie.
The Prairies horns were long and curved, and reached way over the heads of the two miniatures.
The miniatures didn’t have horns as curved and long as Beo, quite the opposite.
The smaller one, Loki, had large horns for his size, but still they were only like toothpicks for the hug Kukuri.
And the other darker Miniature, Eumenidas or Midas as he was called back on the streets of his hometown, had just a single small Rhino horn which seemed as sharp as a razor blade.
After all he would need it to protect himself and his two younger, but still taller, sisters.
As the odd trio quickly crossed the busy streets of a barely known city somewhere in a country called Germany, Midas was slowly drifting away and losing himself to his thoughts.
His thoughts wandered everywhere.
In one moment they were with his two sisters, if they were alright, if they were getting enough food
:iconharowaja:Harowaja 1 18
Hello there ~ by Harowaja Hello there ~ :iconharowaja:Harowaja 3 5


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A handsome boy
and a total flirt
I love him <3

And this time it's the right Kuku xD
So sorry for the mix up ;-; <3

This should add up to 26 FP for Nimonik 2596

Nimonik belongs to Nekioka 
I'll show you where
And the second WBTT for kasaru2911 <3

II - The Importance of Supper
It's important to learn where your food comes from.
° Draw or write your Kukuri's parent teaching their pup how to hunt for carnivores, showing the best eating place for herbivores, or either for an omnivore.
° A parent or guardian must be visible in the picture.
Kalla 3612 showing her daughter, Dane 5669, where to go if she ever needs to gather Kittenkisses <3

Kalla belongs to KebabPekoniRulla
Dane belongs to kasaru2911 


I don't know if the shading is enough to count
but it should be 16 FP
( 22 if the shading counts <3 )

I am sorry for being so extremely late
I decided to redo it again as I was still not happy with it ;-;
And then I added a few more FP as an apology and because Akeila is so cute ;v;

Edit: There was a mix up xD
You now have a few extra FP of Akeila x3 <3

Akeila belongs to @/SuliriARPG
A cold night
Traditional Enamored for a split between me and xXCheshireSinXx

Really hope this counts ;v; I put way too much in time in the monochrome colors xD…

Jiang Hai belongs to Eraili 
How to care for small pups
yes, back rubs are nice for small pups

Dane quickly noticed that the small Ell really enjoyed being petted, almost like a small dog <3

XIV - Play Nice with Others
You can’t usually get too far in life without some kind of social skills. Whether you’re interacting with your loaf or a potential mate, it pays off to know how to behave with others.
° Draw or write about one of the first times your Kukuri encountered strangers, and how they responded. Were they a natural charmer? Did things begin tense but smooth out with time? Or was it a total disaster?
° A parent or guardian must be visible in the picture.
The Kukuri :
Dane 5669
- belongs to kasaru2911

Kalla 3612
- belongs to KebabPekoniRulla

and including my small pup for a few FP <3 Hope your are okay with it c:


Harowaja's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
( The beautiful Profile Picture was drawn by @/FichtiiDraws x3 )

Hi I am Eva ^w^
I am 16 years old and live in Germany :D
Other than german, I can speak English and the basics of french and italian ^^;
I'll teach myself greek though...
Cause literally most of my family is greek x'D
( Because my grandfather is greek ^^ and the german family members just have less huge families xD )

I am always open to meeting new people, even though I can be socially awkward at some times xD
So feel free to comment or note me ^w^

Imma listen a few of my obsessions, maybe we have some in common ^^;
My latest obsessions are Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who ^w^
I just finished :
Season 12 of Supernatural ( still crying on the inside ... )
Season 2 of Sherlock
( still working on Season 1 of Doctor Who ^^; )

Anyways x3
This is just my ARPG Account ^^
( So I will be on here more often :'D )

I am kinda obsessed with ARPGs ^^;
My main ones are :

Then there are a few which am currently joining xD
Not gonna name them, cause I will probably not update this bio very often xD

Well anyways
Have fun ^^
And if you have any questions, just ask me ^w^
You can always ask for split breedings, slots or genos
If I have some I will try to set up a little shop for you x3

Owner of Ilais Badass Mate: Brescotta
( the evil pairing shall rise owo )

My main Account:


Harowaja has started a donation pool!
190 / 1,000
Mainly for paying for YCHs, Commisions, etc. ^w^

But donations are greatly appreciated c:

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