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by ED3765

Ya the color choice is perfect! So honest to the original NARUTO character (Although they never show up their underwear on screen XD). ...



HaroldSama's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
People's Republic of China

Hi folk! Commission opens again!

  Mostly, I do art concerning about "Damsels In Distress". Take a tour to my Gallery first, you will find my theme, style and level. If you like my art and want an elaborate one especially for you, commission me! ;) (Wink) 


  For line art without color:
  $ 15 for each character
  $ 15 for an elaborate scene/background

  For full color version:
  $ 30 for each character
  $ 30 for an elaborate scene/background

  For example:
   Commission_Officer Lexi by HaroldSama is $ 15 (Line art, 1 character)
   Intruder in Officers' Office by HaroldSama is $ 45 (Line art, 2 characters, elaborate background. Random males always belong to the background)
   Commission_Aino the Maid by HaroldSama is $ 60 (Full color, 1 character, elaborate background)
   Commission_Horror Domination by HaroldSama is $ 60 (Full color, 2 characters, with background but not elaborate enough. Every female whether tied or not counts a character)
   Commission_Lois and Cat Woman by HaroldSama is $ 90 (Full color, 2 characters, with elaborate background)

  Size: normally between 1000 * 1000 to 3000 * 3000 pixels.


  1. No wholly furry, insects, tentacles, vore... too dysmorphic things. CURSE YOU! 
  2. No manly man in bondage. (Girly boys are OK, Tomboys are welcome! :D (Big Grin)
  3. I also do non-DID work, the pricing principle is the same. :) (Smile)  
  4. I may reject some commissions for other reasons, but don't worry, I will mostly do. Wink/Razz 

  So, Ask me!

  If you would like to commission, comment, note, hit me on my back, any ways you can get in touch with me is OK!  :happybounce: 

  You are required to offer the following information while commissioning:

  1. Character(s):
  2. With Color? (Y/N):
  3. With Background? (Y/N):
  4. Descriptions/References(The more detailed the better, for those not mentioned, I'll make my own choices):
  5. Your Email Address:
  6. Am I authorized to upload the commission to my gallery when finish (
if not, a 10% copyright transfer fee is required)? (Y/N):
  7. Am I authorized to reveal your ID as the commissioner (will show up on the slots and my uploads)? (Y/N):

  Once we achieve a deal, I'll put you on the waiting list.

  PS. Please do not ask for more than 1 commission in a row =P (Razz) (Just leave opportunities to others) 


  I'll sent you a Paypal payment link to your email once I feel available to do your commission. I will start the commission once I confirm my receiving your payment. So Please notice me and keep the receipt when you finish payment. Clap 

  For colored commission, You will receive a lineart first for you to check whether I am doing what you expect and I will revise until you are satisfied. then I'll start coloring. :) (Smile) Besides, you can always request a progress from me.

  :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: commission, commission!


  Round 1:

  1-(Anonymous) - completed- Commission_Lucky Money
  2-:iconlittleshiro-kun: - completed- Commission_Damian Star
  3-:iconbondage-addicted: - completed- Commission_Horror Domination
  4-(Anonymous) - completed- (Pic hidden)
  5-(Anonymous) - completed- (Pic hidden)
  6-:iconkurosoko: - completed- Commission_Aino's Dust
  7-:iconkurosoko: - completed- Commission_Falling Flowers
  8-(Anonymous) - complete- Commission_A Man should Be of Self Help
  9-:iconkurosoko: - completed- Commission_M and M
  10-:iconbondage-addicted: - completed- Commission_Dana Again
  11-:iconkurosoko: - complete- Commission_Aino the Maid
  12-:iconnabselhinari: - complete- Commission_Female Archer
  13-:iconjacobjon3000: - complete- Commission_Lois and Cat Woman
  14-:iconfuryhero: - complete- Commission_Officer Lexi
  15-:iconthered1: - complete- Commission_The Closet

  Round 2:

  1-:iconwalttakki: -complete- Commission_Makoto
  2-:iconthered1: -complete- Commission_The Photographer
  3-:iconkurosoko: -complete- Commission_Setsuna Meioh
  4-:iconsenojrevets: -complete- Commission_Dungeon
  5-:iconharu-no-mangetsu: -complete- Commission_Mewmmph!
  6-:iconthered1: -complete- Commission_The Obsolete Restaurant
  7-(Anonymous) -complete- Commission_The Beach

  Round 3:

  1.:iconthered1: -complete- The Uninvited Guest
  2.:iconharu-no-mangetsu: -complete- Commission_Hitomi
  3.:icontaker395: -complete- Commission_Girls in Red
  4.:iconkurosoko: -complete- Commission_The Ransack
  5.:iconadventure42: -complete- Commission_Escape Tactician
  6.:icontestnotreal: -complete- Commission_Rina Abe

  PS: I'm going to NYU to study game design this September, I can see how busy I'll be, so I'm not sure whether I can still do commission after that :( Still 6 slots for this round. First come first serve! La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 

If my next folder will be FEH Girls DiD, which series should it be? 

44 deviants said Fate (Corrin, Azura, Felicia, Mikoto, Kagero, Hinoka, Setsuna, Oboro, Sakura, Hana, Peri, Camilla, Selena, Beruka, Elise, Effie, Charlotte, Flora, Kana, Rhajat, Ophelia, Soleil, Nina)
35 deviants said Awaken (Robin, Lissa, Sumia, Maribelle, Cordelia, Olivia, Tharja, Aversa, Cherche, Tiki, Nowi, Lucina, Morgan, Noire)
17 deviants said FEH Origin (Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Fjorm, Gunnthra, Ylgr, Laegjarn, Laevatein, Eir, Loki)
11 deviants said Blazing Blade (Lyn, Serra, Rebecca, Priscilla, Florina, Karla, Ninian, Ursula, Nino)
9 deviants said Echos (Faye, Clair, Celica, Mae, Genny, Mathilda, Delthea, Sonya)
6 deviants said Mystery (Caeda, Linde, Minerva, Maria, Palla, Catria, Est, Sheena, Tiki, Katarina, Clarisse, Athena)
6 deviants said Binding Blade (Lilina, Gwendolyn, Cecilia, Clarine, Shanna, Fir, Sophia, Fae)
6 deviants said Sacred Stone (Eirika, Lute, Tana, Amelia, Marisa, L'Arachel, Myrrh)
5 deviants said Radiance (Titania, Mist, Mia, Elincia, Nephenee, Sanaki, Micaiah, Leanne, Nailah)
4 deviants said Genealogy (Tailtiu, Ethlyn, Ayra, Lachesis, Deirdre, Silvia, Julia, Lene, Ishtar, Nanna, Olwen)



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distractthemonster Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018
Thank you so much for the watch! I am extremly honored! 
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