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I think there might only be a dozen pics out of the 236 currently up (!) that have been left unaltered from the old site. I rescanned practically everything, and some of it therefore had to be recomposited. There's definately a lot of new Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee stuff in the Dr Who galleries. Eg the old Carnival of Monsters pic was split up to make 3 new pics, one of which still isn't up and the other is now The Three Doctors.

I've still got a lot that will go up as regular updates, maybe 60 pics - Draconians, Irongrons fallen Star, helicopter colliding with the heat barrier and the like. Plus other film posters and stuff.

Ideally I'll fill the gaps so that, particularly for the DW 60s stuff you'll be able to click through from one story to the next with a synopsis of what's going on. I think the text helps to set the scene so that it not just a portfolio but a potted history of Doctor Who and an epic story in itself.

I'm pondering whether to put nudes and life drawings up there, but they might be better off on devientART. There are already some fairly fruity images mixed in to the non Who galleries.
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Submitted on
April 21, 2010