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Been a while since I updated any info. I'm currently heavily immersed in the complexities of looking for a flat to move into which is... interesting. Daytime telly has suddenly become essential viewing
as that is all they ever talk about. On the art side things are planned if not yet properly scheduled. Three varied and interesting projects are not yet signed for sure but include a major picture restoration for a BBC documentary - which is something new to me, a retro poster of porn actress Mary Millington, and possibly a plethora of classic Doctor Who related pieces. I like this variety - keeps things interesting.

Besides that, my life drawing classes (untutored but organised by me) are starting to really pick up and are getting well attended - well enough at least to run without a loss and be a nice relaxing evening amongst artists and friends.

And really that's about it. Everything is looking Ok right now. But we'll see what the next month or so brings.
  • Listening to: Mike Oldfield - Crises
  • Reading: Photoshop CS4 book
  • Watching: The Keys of Marinus
  • Playing: Don't play games
  • Eating: Jacket potato
  • Drinking: Tea - as always
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011  Professional
How sad is it that the prospect of new classic Who art is more exciting to me than a retro porn poster? Looking forward to all of it though, of course. ;)
fresian-cat Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
Well. That's our appetites well and truly whetted. :nod:

Can't wait to see the treasures the next few months will bring...

Oh. And apparently Doctor Who is back on too
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April 5, 2011