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Attack of the Cybermen

From the 1986 Doctor Who story Attack of the Cybermen starring Colin Baker.

To be perfectly frank this was my 'copy Alister Pearson' period, a fruitless task as his work is peerless. However it nearly got me work on the VHS releases back in the early 1990s.
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That's a good likeness of the characters.  I am into Doctor Who myself.
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This is awesome! I like the use of darkness as that series was quite dark 
Flying-Tiger-Comics's avatar
If Big Finish don't hire you, they are ultra chumps. Great work.
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These are the Cybermen I wish they had kept using in the series.  They were both beautiful, futuristic, and efficient in design.  The current versions are well designed, but they're too clunky -- they even make a show of it when ever they appear "Clunk; clunk, clunk!"
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This is brilliant. I especially love the two stealth Cybermen on either side. Five stars.
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Bloomin brilliant great work
A truly dredful story, great art though.
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Using the 9th Doctor's words: FANTASTIC!
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Well it works for me!
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No word of a lie, I thought this was an Alister Pearson cover! Colin especially is 'textbook'. However I'm glad you've found your own personal style...
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