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For IPT Assessment Task [link]

Model: ~YoshiNoya
Photographer: me
Editting: me
The BEAUTIFUL BASS: ~social-scene and her custom made bass guitar for her short arms ;)

Yes I do realise it is a bass but I'm calling it the guitar nevertheless because I still firmly believe that a bass IS STILL A GUITAR.

Constructive crit appreciated


Autumn 07

EDIT** 17-06-07
I decided to rename this "bass". Don't ask me why. I don't know. Updated version, re-photoshopped.

EDIT** 17-07-08
I don't know which people requested it but it's a print now.
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Apr 18, 2007, 11:39:25 AM
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I see this is Samick bass as I mine ,but is this a Corsair one?
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Girl+Bass=Perfection I just love female bassists they are cute and hot (generally)
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It looks exactly like mine, except mine is red and white, not black and white.
Awesome picture!
Your model is beautiful, and I love the background of images. <3
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It's not Fender i think, i never see Fender have a headstock like that (o.O) ... and she's look pretty with two my favourite musician [Quinn Allman and MCR] on her background (^^)v
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yeah its not a fender, plus the cutaway bits are too sharp.
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I'm thinking it's a fender, it looks like mine.
Beautiful picture!
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im going to say fender p-bass?
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The photo is cool so the bass and the girl holding it!!!! BASS 4EVER <3 ^_^
damn, your hot and you play bass. Thats heaven
Hot chick. Playing bass. O.M.G!!!@!! Now THATS awesome!!!!!!
she is very pretty and posed really good i also like the choice of backround. love it
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I love it !!!
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I like her Bass, it is soooo short though, not that that is a bad thing.
I don't think the background is too busy, it seems to fit.
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Thanks dear, and yeah, it feels even shorter in real life, haha.
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I'm wanting to get a guitar, but my fingers a silly and little and I can't stretch them, so I'm looking at getting a shortened one :)
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Wow, Nice shot !! :D
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I can't find anything wrong with this photo. Colors. Expression. Everything is perfect.

P.S. Female bass players are incredibly sexy(I hope thats not creepy lol)
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basses are guitars, thats why bass is short for BASS GUITAR
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not all basses are guitars :)
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i don't believe you
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