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Korra Boots

Korra's boots. What can I say? I love me some homemade boots.

This is only my third pair of boots, and the first pair that wasn't lace-up. Despite this major difference, I felt more confident about it (which I realize may not inspire confidence if you're familiar with my boot tutorial...).

I ordered a piece of pigskin suede from Tandy Leather. Thing about leather is you order by X number of square feet, and they bill and sell the closest they have. I order 9 square feet, for both the boots and butt cape. When I get the package, which I delayed my departure to my Otakon staging area to get (an omission in the address made it take a week and change, rather than Tandy's usual few days--not their fault, mine or my computer's, I've not been able to narrow it down further), I drop what I'm doing and tear it open.

There's not enough suede.

They gave me the closest, which was seven square feet and change. I could make the boots OR the butt-cape, but not both. In the depths of despair, I set about frantically trying to find a solution, figuring I'd be picking cheap fake-suede up from Jo-Ann's the next day for my butt-cape. Lo and behold, my roommate gives me an advance on a commission he wants, so I can just swing by a Tandy and get another small thing of suede. Problem solved.

Back to business: How did I make these?

I patterned them using the steps outlined in my tutorial ([link]). And yes, I had to reference it, it's been awhile since I made boots. To make the pattern fit over my foot, I put on thick socks and then put a lace-up leather boot that I've had since high school over those. We did the tape casting over that boot, making it fat and slouchy (but they stay on perfectly, through boot magic!). I did the mock-up out of canvas, and used the inverse of the same pattern on remainders of the bunny fur jacket used for my butt-cape to line the entire inside of these boots. They. Are. So. Comfy. And hot. Which will be nice in winter, not at Otakon.

I used craft foam for the sole, but I should have sprung for a higher quality EVA. The rough sidewalks chewed it away (giving me a good look at just how much I collapse my arches... ^_^;; ). I plan on tearing off what's left and adding either a rubber sole or a dismantled flip-flop. While at that, I'm going to fix some twisting that cropped up on the left boot vamp, and make the brown tips on the toes just a bit more pronounced. These are worn with custom insoles, which kept my feet 100% happy. I did not have achy feet whatsoever at the end of con, which means that my bad knees were also happier than usual.

The suede is dyed with normal leather dyes; not a thing you're supposed to do, but I had two days before Otakon and no other options. It worked out, in this particular case, but I don't recommend it if you're trying to perfectly preserve the texture. And not kidding on the time thing. I was so down to the wire, I dyed the dark brown pieces while I ate lunch at a rest stop in Virginia (nice rest stop, too, lots of shaded picnic tables and grills).

Note: I was unsure of where to put this, seeing as they're costume, but they're also leathercraft, and I do plan on wearing them once winter comes round, but are they accessories, yadda yadda blahface... Anyway, if I should move it, just let me know and I will (but I figured that costumery was the safer option, even if it's not my top choice).
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OH YES... thick socks inside those hot boots, I Love It...:)