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My Bio
I have a bachelor's in marine biology and am laying siege to the university system until they let me back in for my masters and doctorate. One day I will continue the mighty quest my Viking ancestors began, and I will find and study the giant squid.

I'm regularly told that I missed my calling by going into science, and that I should probably sew and design clothing instead (I don't get to sew as many of my designs as I'd like, but I have a bunch of sketches that will one day make it). I've been sewing forever, it seems, but I only started cosplay a few years ago due to a joke and peer pressure. It was a good decision.

When I have time that's not used by sewing or sleeping, I enjoy writing fantasy (and reading and gaming, of course!), and ML for NaNoWriMo.

Cosplay.com account here: www.cosplay.com/member/226569/

Favourite Movies
HTTYD, LotR, Dr. Horrible, many more
Favourite TV Shows
Supernatural, Banner of the Stars, Big Bang Theory, Fringe... I'll stop listing now.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pat Benatar, Shiny golden god (aka David Bowie), The Decemberists, The Protomen, Nightwish... if it's rock, I probably like it
Favourite Books
Most of them (as long as they're sci-fi or fantasy or just exceptionally good)
Favourite Writers
OSC, Pat Rothfuss, Tad Williams
Favourite Games
JRPGs... various .hack and FF for now
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 (But yearning for a PS3)
Tools of the Trade
Any working sewing machine I can find
Other Interests
Books (fantasy, sci-fi), games, anime, sewing, general nerd-ness, cephalopods
But I did give it the old college try. I've been fighting allergies off and on, but we finally identified a troublesome mystery trigger so that will help. It's also super common and everywhere, which helps less, but I at least know to watch out for it. My fatigue, it turns out, acts up over the winter, though it's not too terribly bad, I will have to learn to make adjustments in winter. And now I'm getting over Lyme Disease, because every time I come to Pennsylvania I have to contract something new. We're treating aggressively and hopefully it won't be chronic, but I'm only a few days past the worst of the initial bout and I'm still super sl
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Aaaaand Back.

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So.... I vanished. It was a thing. I have an allergy that we thought had been identified. Turns out, it wasn't identified. We discovered this upon the appearance of a severe allergic reaction, when I had been avoiding the suspected trigger. We've narrowed it down again. Something green, where I live, wants to kill me. This would be less of an issue if I didn't love being outside. I spent most of my summer under the strongly sedative influence of a lot of antihistamines. Since then, I've been marathoning costumes that should have been done months ago. And then I had a great Otakon and have a few choice Korra pictures to post, but I also got c
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Fun times

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Korra! This Saturday! korranation.com! April 14th for the non-internetting. Also, I'm playing with a super awesome new technique. It's marketed to be used for mostly home decor/textile art projects, but I think I can do a lot with it for garments. I have a couple test swatches going right now, we'll see how they turn out.
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I just found you and am super excited about it, haha! My friend and I met you at Otakon2012. I was also dressed as Korra, while my friend was dressed as Fire Nation Aang. I'm not sure if you remember us or not, but just letting you know that you guys were awesome and super fun to talk to! :)

Are you planning on attending next Otakon?
I do remember you guys! Sitting around and talking to all of the other fans was pretty much my favorite part of the convention. ^_^

Sadly, neither me or my Mako can make this Otakon. Life got in the way, and I'll be in Washington state for my sister's wedding. Hopefully next year, though!
Hi, I have to say something >////< I love the cosplay outfit (Teru) you did for ~Xiomara05's!
Is soo awesome!!! I wish i could do that T^T

(Sorry basic inglish T^T)
I would really like to compliment you on the work you did on ~Xiomara05's cosplay outfit for Teru, it looks A-MA-ZING.
I really love all the details and my god I wish I could do that OwO
How long did you take to make the outfit? And how long have you been seweing before you could achieve such beauty OwO?!
Thank you! I honestly lost track of the hours that I put into it, but I tend to work pretty quickly on the detailing that is so heavy on that. As for how long I've been sewing, I lost track of that, too. ^_^ Mom taught me how when I was very young (and straight to a machine), and I just kept at it. At this point, probably between 15 and 20 years, with the bulk of that doing costuming (though no cosplay till I was a bit older, sadly) and gowns.
Thanks for the watch ;w;
*suddenly notices your journal claims to be drinking tea* O.O Awesome. ^^