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when that brilliant light escapes you
will you see your soul transpire?
when the strings of spacetime overlap
will you visit me for awhile?

can you remember the smell of the air that night?
dead leaves lined the gutter, we stood under the streetlight.
on both our faces, wrote lies of confusion
in both our minds, we knew no illusions
we knew truth then, as we know it now
but can you still smell the scent of autumn anyhow?

2 decades later and i still drown in envy
looking up past the streetlight, you looked down at me.
a nervous smile crossed those unaged lips
a burst of light and that's where my mind slips
we know truth now, as we knew it then
but can you still remember how to make the light bend?

are you in the group of people i meet when i sleep?
when we're brought there again, like a promise to keep.
i look through their lights to make out their faces
but i can never get their glow to stay in their places
and i'm learning truths now, that i didn't know i knew then
but i'm left wondering if you are there when i am learning them

am i the only one who knew you? and knew you existed?
am i the only one to follow the glow, when others resisted?
am i the only one to watch you go? and be left here behind?
am i the only one to sit and watch, and wait for the time
when the brilliant light escapes you, and i'll see your soul transpire
when the strings of timespace overlap, will you visit me awhile?
it needed to be revisited.

get it?
harlita Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
shit. it just happened again.

hahah oh god dammit.
SachioD Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
I like this, I really do.
moejo Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
this gave me such a goosebump and the oddest deja-vu. It felt like an unwritten scene from the Sandman. and anything that gives that feel is ace in my book
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