Pestilence, my friend

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Published: July 27, 2006
I'm sorry if it seems
You're going to be alone

I'm sorry if your dreams
Are something she's outgrown

I'm sorry if your hopes
Are full of endless greed

I'm sorry that your lies
Turn into hurtful deeds

But you did this on your own
You didn't need a hand
To help you lay them down
To help you make a stand

To bring you out of lies
To destroy this deceit
To open up their eyes
To the way you have to be

You are the demon
You are rare poison
You are love abstinent
Pestilence, my friend

I'm sorry if the ties
Weren't strong enough to bind

I'm sorry if her cries
Couldn't roll back time

I've tried to help you out
To give you hope to change

But I've had to turn around
Walk away from the deranged

Cause you went crazy on your own
You didn't need a hand
To degrade another love
A wasted second chance

You gave empty words once more
You begged upon your knees
You burned your skin and tore
Your flesh just to appease

The taunting demon
Your selfish poison
Your love made abstinent
Pestilence, my friend

I'm sorry I can't breathe
These last breaths for you

I'm sorry I can't beat
Your last heartbeats for you

I'm sorry she won't hold
Your head close anymore

I'm sorry that you chose
The stains you always wore

This deal was made on your own
You didn't need a hand
To sign the contract with
That terrifying man

That lives beneath your skin
That drives that burning greed
That swims deep within
Nurturing dead seeds

You are your taunting demon
You are your own poison
You'll die alone again
Pestilence, my friend
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I can't love him anymore..

but - he is still my friend.
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Um.. update - yeah, shortly after writing that... I realized I didn't care about him anymore.

LOL. Wow, hadn't thought about it until I just wrote that.

Isn't it great to succeed thru shit like that?

heh.. like anyone's going to read this anyways.