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The ground is below me
Now above me
This coffin I built
With my own hands

Filled with emotion
I fail to stand
The ocean sways
This vessel built by me

I can feel my soul falling
That look in his eyes
Where is my courage
Now he asks questions of me

Grabbing for soil
My hands become dirty
Lies upon lies
Does he suspect?

Prudence loses
Patience the victor
A visit from cupid
They say is how it began

I tear at my cheeks
I pound on my chest
I scrape at the Earth
This battle is lost

How large is the heart
What are the soul’s limits?
Again he asks questions
Where do I begin?

All your questions
A torment so pure
My mouth opens
And all I can say

I lost my breath when I saw you
I lost my thoughts when you spoke
I lost my chance now she has you
I lost all that is love tonight
What happens when you don't take that moment to express your feelings.

*smiles* It goes right by you.
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July 27, 2006
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