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Published: July 27, 2006
One step off the road, now lost
A cold wind swept in that day
A figure unknown to my eyes
Went southward with nothing to say

The house lays out before me not mellow
But grand with brickwork of grey
The vines that touch up the edges
Wrapped with white ribbon for the day

The willows don bells made of silver
Their tinging heard with every breeze
Bench seating scattered throughout the meadow
For strollers to rest when they please

My feet follow a path round the garden
Kept in by a moss brown green
The groundmasters’ labors of seasons
These delights await to be seen

My dress flows, I walk through the florals
This garment selected for this day
The children’s laughter off in the distance
My feet flow forward without delay

Around a corner I come to the courtyard
High up stretch the walls of this home
If I had lived a moment in life different
These walls could be my own

With clouded mind I make to the bussle
The crowd of guests roaming round
Presents for two on the tables
The silver bell trees sound

The banners of the poles caught high in the wind
A harp player plays a tune
The sun is almost at midday
The fasting of hands after-noon

My eyes wander not aimlessly
For they do seek out a face
One that is a love long lost
Instead they come to rest on lace

Her dress is knitted beautifully
With beads and rare white seashells
The shells were a gift from her sister
Who fashioned them into bells

Sown into her dress they are radiant
Shimmering they catch the midday sun
She meets her lover halfway to the altar
Their life together has begun

My heart races as the ceremony begins
I pray to keep myself calm and checked
After all it is only my fault that is not me
A lesson I can never forget

So solid is my mind in concentration
That the vows are complete in no time
I snap out of my daydream of regrets
To hear “man and wife”

I stand with the rest tossing flowers
With smiles and cheers of good will
The groom raises his hands for silence
And the crowd begins to still

“My friends and kin from afar
I welcome you into my home
And with the blessing of the stars
I no longer live here alone
Please make welcome to your hearts this flower
That God has given to my life
For I hope only that she blossom forever
My lovely beautiful wife”

In this moment I leave from the party
No merry making for this heart tonight
For I watched him from afar, and said nothing
Take no chance in the dark, know no light.
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This was inspired by a dream I had where I was singing a lullaby to a baby. The lullaby was about a lost chance at love.

So, when I woke up I wrote down what I thought I sang to the little one.
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That's bloody brilliant. *favs*
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